Elon Musk Confirms “Significant Improvements Possible Via OTA Update” For Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot



Significant Improvements Possible OTA

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla’s next big over-the-air update (8.0) for the Model S and X will likely include improvements to the Autopilot system.

But ahead of that update (and likely to make sure what Tesla CEO Elon Musk promises is actually possible) Tesla held a conference call with Bosch (manufacturer of the radar sensors used in the S & X) to determine if improvement in Autopilot are possible with the current hardware.

The answer? Yes…“significant improvements” are possible simply via an OTA update to the vehicles, meaning no new hardware is required at this time to improve Autopilot.

We’re certain that future Tesla’s will ship with improved sensors and other new Autopilot-related equipment, but at least we now know that the Teslas on the road can still be improved in Autopilot functionality via a software update.

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Sure it is possible … Scrap the unfortunate and ambitious name “Autopilot” and keep developing from there.

It seems to me they are just playing a game …. teleconference with Bosh over whether improvement is possible … yeah, OK.

We should also scrap that ambiguous name of automobile while we are at it. That will fix everything…
Nothing auto about it, right?

“pilot” is defined as:

: a person who flies an airplane, helicopter, etc.

: a person who steers or guides a ship into and out of a port or in dangerous waters


Since I’m pretty sure cars are neither boats nor airplanes, I’m also sure the term is misapplied, but so is “turbo”, as in “turboshake”, having nothing to do with turbochargers.

The correct term would be “autodriver”.

Autopilot on an airplane automatically controls heading, altitude, and sometimes yaw and throttle. It does not (yet) avoid obstacles.

Thus as misapplied to cars, Tesla and others have more than met the definition of “autopilot”.

Why you don’t watch why airplanes accidents happen and you can educate yourself about the human errors that were corrected and make air travel the safest way of transportation. Airplanes autopilot as other member wrote “guide the plane, does not land or take away pilot responsibility”

Airplanes in flight operate in a very different environment than automobiles on highways. We have full time air traffic controllers whose sole job is to maintain flight safety. As part of this, they map every single flight and monitor its progress, assigning different altitude levels to different planes in the same region of the sky to ensure no collision or even near-miss happens. While one certainly can’t dispute that Tesla Autopilot/AutoSteer (Beta) is at least as capable as a typical airplane’s autopilot, at the same time it is safe for a pilot in many or perhaps most flying conditions (other than takeoffs and landings) to operate the plane for extended periods of time, hands-free and feet-free, using an autopilot. Cars typically operate in a much more dangerous environment, and it’s quite normal for them to move at high speed in close proximity to many other vehicles; mere feet away from other cars in heavy traffic. While trained pilots may not think that the term “autopilot” implies Tesla cars can operate safely in such conditions, I think it is perfectly natural for the average person to think the term “autopilot”, when applied to a car, implies a much safer operation than… Read more »

……like a fine wine …

Well mxs, unlike the laggard incumbent OEMs, Tesla does do regular free improvements to its many software systems within their cars including for AP.

As a bonus, they do all of these via OTA, this while the laggard incumbent OEMs…play games.

Tesla does that because they have a history of releasing incomplete features that haven’t been tested properly before release. Autopilot, vampire drain, etc., all needed more testing before release.

VW released their cars with incomplete emissions controls and are only now getting around to updating those.

Ha, they would have done this regardless, this is the nature of software.

My last two cars, from Nissan and GM have had software bugs(and lots of UX issues) with little hope of getting a fix and definitely not OTA. So, no, the legacy manufacturers do not release high quality software in their cars.

taser54 said:

“Tesla does that because they have a history of releasing incomplete features that haven’t been tested properly before release. Autopilot, vampire drain, etc., all needed more testing before release.”

You can reasonably argue that every recall of every car is a case where more testing should have been done before a car was sold to the public.

Is Tesla’s history of recalls any worse than any other auto maker’s, taking into consideration the number of cars sold? That’s not a rhetorical question; I don’t know the answer.

But demanding that every car be tested thoroughly enough that there would never be any recalls, would put every auto maker out of business, immediately. Certainly not just Tesla Motors!

Very good Tesla. Tesla sold 485 units of Model-S in China and just launched Model-X.

Chinese bought 34,612 Electric & Plugin private vehicles in 2016-June.

Chinese bought 44,000 Electric & Plugin vehicles (private & public like buses & trucks) in 2016-June.

Wow, what a growth.



Just give me a simple EV that I can drive myself , with a good highway cruise control system with brake sensing ability, that is all most people want/need !

No adaptive cruise control? C’mon, ….. are you sure?

Are you sure that’s “all you need”?


Yeah, not this EV driver either. In fact, I will no purchase another vehicle that does not have Level 3 autonomous drive. I am hoping the Model III will achieve this by 2018. Such models may always lack the hardware for Level 4, who knows, but no more vehicles without this technology.

autopilot improves safety on the roads, and we can all do with more of that.

Plus one

Will the reclusive Elon Wonka have seemingly magical Firmware Treats to announce at his amazing new GigaFactory Opening?

You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Glass Elevator…