Elon Musk On The Colbert Report – Video


Tesla CEO Elon Musk on The Colbert Report

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on The Colbert Report

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk appeared on The Colbert Report last week.  And to say that it was not Mr. Musk’s typical interview would be an understatement!

Here are a couple of points worth mentioning from the video:

  1. The next major version of Model S software update will allow the owner to name his or her car. Elon Musk’s Model S is called Old Faithful.
  2. Stephen Colbert just so happens to own a Tesla Model S and it’s obvious from the interview that he loves it.

There’s ample SpaceX discussion and even some talk of wireless charging too.

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So… no Tesla Jetpack 🙁

Now I think electric jet would be great, but why the vertical take-off and landing, doesn’t that make it a lot harder?

It does for non electric sytems but it is not that hard when youi electrify because short duration power boosts are easy to achieve.

THe trouble I see with a jetpack is that if it were anything like rocket thrust coming out, it would burn your ass and legs. If it were just air… I still don’t see how it would work simply from an issue of balance.

I suppose you could work around that problem with some asbestos pants, but your neighbors might not be happy:

WIFE: “Welcome home honey … your friend David stopped over earlier.”

HUSBAND: “Yeah, I noticed his rocket-pack’s burn-crater on the lawn.”


“With enemies like that who needs friends?”

Very well said, Mr Musk, very well said! 😉

That was a strange video.
I thought Colbert played the right-wing nutjob.

Shouldn’t he have been ridiculing everything great about Elon, exaggrrating the way the right-wingers usually do it?

That is generally how he shows how great environmental and logically things are.

Colbert is very smart, and his interview with Elon illustrates that. It was entertaining and politically neutral. I suspect his neutral political-stance with Elon stems from the fact that he will be taking over for Letterman soon. Although Colbert is a left wing “nutjob” (to use your parlance), he knows that his popularity and success depend on his ability to entertain people … all people, not just the left. That was once Letterman’s focus too, but now David cares more about politics than entertainment, so he mostly comes across as an angry frustrated liberal. Angry frustrated people are generally not very entertaining, and that would partially explain Letterman’s now terrible ratings.

Elon yet again rephrased that he is dreaming on all electric supersonic airplane. I think that his reasoning is sound although I would like dismiss few ideas.

First of all I would abandon vertical take-off and landing. We have plenty of airfields VTOL is not yet urgent. It is of course longer term goal, and as priusmaniac put it, VTOL is simpler with electric jets than traditional jet engines.

Electric jet engine could still have a kerosene burning hybrid mode, but without inefficient gas turbine. This could assist with take-off of heavy battery airplane. The cruising of electric jet is incredibly efficient in all electric mode because electric jet can cruise at much higher altitude, perhaps at 50 km, and therefore there is almost no air drag and airplane can achieve about mach five or six, before heating due to friction gets too intensive even for electric jet.

I think that the biggest problem with electric aircraft is that the power density of electric motors is not good enough. It is perhaps required for superconducting electric motors, and I have no idea how realistic this kind motor is from engineering point of view.