Elon Musk Buys James Bond Lotus Submarine; Will Put Tesla Tech Inside to Make It a Working Amphibious Vehicle (w/video)


James Bond Lotus Espirit Submarine

James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine

Recently, the famous James Bond submarine that appeared in “The Spy Who Loved Me” was purchased at auction by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

Doesn't Work Like This Right Now...But Musk Will Make Sure It Soon Does

Doesn’t Work Like This Right Now…But Musk Will Make Sure It Soon Does

For $866,000 (or $920,167 according to some reports), Musk got a functioning sub.  Actually, it’s little more than a white Lotus Epirit with some fins glued on that’s capable of moving underwater.

Right now, if deployed in the water, Musk’s sub would reportedly function as a wet sub (meaning the driver would require a breathing apparatus).

Basically, it’s a movie prop and nothing more.  Heck, it can’t even transform from car to sub, as it appears to do in the movie.  And it will not move by itself on the pavement.

As Musk told the press:

“I was disappointed to learn that it can’t actually transform.  What I’m going to do is upgrade it with a Tesla electric powertrain and try to make it transform for real.”

Musk plans to fit the submarine with an electric Tesla motor and battery pack to make the Lotus a real-deal amphibious vehicle.

Obviously, Musk will have to dip into his own pocketbook to do this, but money is not a problem for one of America’s richest entrepreneurs.

Will Musk be able to make it work for real?  Has there ever been a project that he’s set his mind to that hasn’t come up aces?

Of note: This particular Lotus submarine was last purchased in 1989 for $100.  It was at a blind storage container auction in Long Island where this piece of memorabilia fetched only $100.  The lucky bidder handed it off to RM Auctions, who sold it on his or her behalf for the aforementioned $866,000 to Elon Musk.  RM Auctions handled restoration of the prized Lotus.

Video (below) of 007 submarine car coming up for auction:

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Source: CNN Money and Daily Mail

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Time for some cheeky fun. 1. fire risk will be lower 2. range anxiety will be higher 3. GM has again squandered a chance for leadership 4. Fisker already did it.

Well done.

The Fisker remark wins!

Wow! Great job for the guy who bought it at auction for $100 and sold it for

Seems non-Musk-like for him not to know details that huge – like it’s pretty obvious if
you’ve seen the movie that stunt cars were dumped into the water and the sub isn’t
shown converting to a sub….Hmmm….Elon working too many hours to do a tiny bit
of research, or just has so much money – he doesn’t care, needs a project?

He might as well spend another $1,000,000 creating a pressurized cabin with all
that entails.

My wife just heard the story and said, “Just think of all the poor kids he could’ve
helped with the 800 grand and the money it’ll take to finish the project?”….Well,
yes, but it’s good to be a billionaire, I suppose. We can help others and still have
our little flourishes

Everyone underestimates the power or perception. This is another win for Elon. He will easily get 2 million worth of publicity out of this fanciful story. He is an absolute master of perception. This story is waaayyy from over. Don’t expect miracles out of this movie prop but expect to see it again. Bank on it.

tell your wife to ask that question to millions of people that spend millions on worthless things not just elon… but ask your wife this…. what is she doing to help save the future of humanity? realize what elon has done and is doing for the world, he is allowed to have some fun and do as he pleases … that donate to charity saying is one of the lamest ones in the book the fact that people criticize someones big spendings yet they aren’t even donating!!!! like really smh

Pretty sure the wife having his child is doing a great deal for humanity.

Now who owns an “amphibian”, Mr. Musk? :p

Well done sir! 🙂

Is this going to be the Model Y? 🙂

Maybe a model “B” for Bond or perhaps model “L” for Lotus or model “A” for amphibious

That is a too easy challenge.

At present I am fascinated by the cloud nine from Buckminster Fuller. I would like to do it for real. A 3000 m diameter sphere floating in mid air just by 10°C hotter air Inside then outside.
Next, of course there is a next, I would like to make one for Venus and have it for real.

If Elon is not careful; he could meet his fate playing Houdini with his new toy. Next thing you know; he’ll be going over Niagara Falls in a barrel or trying to jump the Grand Canyon with a Model S.

How about those photos of the Model X production line? I’ll be really surprised if it’s on sale next year. If he can’t get more batteries to build more Model S’s per month; what batteries is he going to use to make model X’s?

Will it be until the model E comes out for the press to catch on to Tesla models S, E, and X? He’s a funny guy.

Playing Houdini with a sub electric car? Why would that be?
You make resistant watertight doors, add breathable air tanks, add some lest to a car body that will need to be completely revised for resistance and water tightness, you add an extra controlled buoyancy system, a propeller, a Tesla battery, some moving fins and there you go. There is nothing magic just some work to engineer it right. There is not even a real challenge here.
Actually there would be more fun in the marketing since such a car could actually sell for real to a certain number of people that today have to take a ferry to reach their home on an island. In which case it makes sense. Of course as a sub, it would give more fun then as an amphibian vehicle, especially on Necker Island, in Cairns or Hawaii.
You can also go incognito from Calais to Dover, if you watch out for the above oil tankers and container boats propellers.
Eventually you could also join an underwater habitat trough an air bell or perhaps existing submerged caves. Watch out for the rocks though.

Yes, I found some challenge, not in the car but in the possible options. One of them is an underwater internet connection, that is interesting stuff, or an onboard oxygen production unit since electric power is present, although that one is already more obvious and actually existing on subs or the ex space shuttle. There is some challenge in underwater station keeping since you can’t rely on gps. Hum, there could be some fun after all.

This is to keep his stock price rolling…