Elon Musk: AWD Tesla Model S is Coming


AWD Would Be a Bonus in the Snow

AWD Would Be a Bonus in the Snow

There’s been rumors for some time now that Tesla Motors is secretly working on an AWD version of the Model S.

Over in Europe, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed those rumors to be true.

As Musk stated, an AWD version of the Model S will be made available, perhaps when the Tesla Model X launches.

The Model X, as we all know, will come only in AWD.  There won’t be a RWD version of the Model X offered.

When Tesla works out the difficulties associated with fitting AWD to the Model X, then it’s natural that the automaker will offer it on the Model S since the two vehicle share platforms.

Model X production will start in low volumes by the end of 2014.  Look for volume production of the Model X to begin in April 2015.

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I preffer Front WD only

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

FWD in a Tesla is stupid.

FWD only gets you traction advantages when there’s a heavy lump on top of it to provide grip in slippery conditions. In a Tesla, the heavy lump is in the middle, which doesn’t confer advantage to either axle for traction. Also, FWD’s packaging advantage doesn’t apply to a vehicle with no driveshaft.

FWD presents a number of disadvantages regardless of underlying drivetrain, such as pronounced understeer, torque steer, and tire overloading (asking the front tires to both accelerate and steer).

RWD should be the standard for all purpose-built EVs.

It does present a real advantage for more regen however, because most of the brake power comes in the front. This can influence the range somewhat which is always a positive extra.

It is possible to electronically disable the rear engine. So you can have front wheel drive in S/X/E.

Sorry Eric, but I didn’t find this statement (about 4wd model s) from Elon Musk in any video or in official statement from Teslamotors.

Check the recent video from Oslo.

In wheel hub motors, anyone?

In general.. Every ounce of extra unsprung weight is detrimental to suspension control and ride quality.

Will this push the weight over 5000lbs? What is the total available Hp? Will this car be even quicker? Would be nice to hot 0-60 in under 3 seconds. The current M5 and E63 are as quick as 3.5 Seconds!

Actually, not.

Here’s one reference:


There have been other discussions (I think here on iEVs) about it as well.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Unsprung weight detriments can be tuned out for the most part.

Still, I’d prefer to see electric motors inboard with short shafts, if only to avoid wear from shock and vibration. Get the motors compact enough (like the Spark EV’s) and put one on each side of the ‘Watermelon’, facing out, with the drive electronics in between.

In-wheel motors are probably more expensive as they use permanent magnets.

What are the gained benefits beyond a second motor driving the front wheels? Don’t see how they can be nearly enough to justify extra cost.

AWD with EV is nothing what you have used with IC cars. It is far more responsive and it provides lots more torque. Even negative torque is possible with certain configurations. Also regenerative braking is more efficient.

The best thing is that the added cost is very small, because electric motors are relatively cheap.

Here is the video that demonstrates electric vehicle AWD in detail:

They can be geared differently.
The low gear motor starts off, contributing less with high speed as the high gear motor takes over.
This could improve efficiency and allow a higher top speed.

4WD with 4 motors – great for offroad.