Elon Musk Award Of The Week – Named Businessperson Of The Year By Fortune

NOV 22 2013 BY JAY COLE 14

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been chosen by Fortune as its “Businessperson of the Year.”

Elon Musk (seen here at SpaceX) Takes On All Comers For Any Award

Elon Musk (seen here at SpaceX) Takes On All Comers For Any Award

Now don’t get us wrong, Mr. Musk deserves all the credit for winning this award – he is the co-founder of PayPal, he took both Tesla and SpaceX right to the edge of oblivion before bringing them both back to become leaders in their respective industries, and he is the Chairman of SolarCity on the side…to use up those free moments in his day.

…but he literally wins one of these every week, and it is getting more and more difficult to move around verbs and adjectives to describe the man in a new light.

This week his victory of “Businessperson of the Year” was a triumph over the “Activist Investor” (a generic grouping of big money players) and Ma Huateng (Co-founder and CEO of Tencent).

As far as we can tell all awards are now basically made up of Elon Musk vs. everyone else in the world – all with the same result.  So we will let Adam Lashinsky, who writes for Fortune, explain the choice for us:

“It is no Secret that Elon Musk is a triple threat: The co-founder of PayPal has gone on to disrupt aeronautics with Space Exploration Technologies, known as SpaceX; shake up the auto business with Tesla Motors; and retool the energy sector with SolarCity. (He is CEO of the first two companies and chairman and largest shareholder of the third.) But 2013 was an especially notable year for Musk, as investors and consumers wholeheartedly embraced his ideas and vision.

Another Day, Another Award

Another Day, Another Award

After a rocky start a decade ago, Tesla has emerged to become the world’s most prominent maker of all-electric cars. Revenue at Tesla is up more than 12-fold for the first three quarters of the year, and the company is on track to top $2 billion in sales in 2013. The stock is up more than fourfold year to date, and that’s after giving back some gains when recent vehicle sales missed some analysts’ estimates. (A series of troubling car battery fires has not helped.)

And just as SpaceX has helped reignite interest in space exploration, Musk’s plans for a “hyperloop” between San Francisco and Los Angeles got Americans buzzing about ultra-high-speed transit when Musk released his design plans in August. Musk’s creations have already made him tremendously wealthy — Bloomberg Wealth says he is worth $7.7 billion — but it is his audacity and tenacity that make him Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year.”

If you are curious here is the rest of the list:

  1. Hugh Jackman Is Not Impressed

    Hugh Jackman Reportedly Not Impressed With Musk Beat Down

    Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Also Chairman at SolarCity

  2. The Activist Investor
  3. Ma Huateng – Co-founder and CEO of Tencent
  4. Angela Ahrendts – CEO of Burberry
  5. (tied) Jeff Bewkes -CEO of Time Warner and Reed Hastings – CEO of Netflix –
  6. Jeff Bezos – Founder/CEO of Amazon
  7. Akio Toyoda – CEO of Toyota
  8. Larry Page – Co-founder/CEO of Google
  9. Warren Buffett – Chairman/CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  10. Marissa Mayer – CEO of Yahoo


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Elon Musk for President of the United States! 😉

An impossibility, but you know he would have a strong vision for sustainable energy / transportation policies, and NASA would be doing cool manned missions again.

That would be historic, since Musk (an African Immigrant) would be our second African American President.

Maybe he could author the “Affordable Electric Vehicle Act” … aka “Muskcare”. It wouldn’t actually reduce the price of EVs any (in fact it would increase their prices), but that’s OK since everyone would be mandated to buy one, else pay a fine.


Yeah, that kind of risk-sharing never works out. Hahahahaha….

And now excuse me… I need to go pay my auto insurance. I’m sure glad there are laws making everyone do the same. And, deep down, so are you.

Wrong on several counts.

State mandates are sometimes OK, but federal mandates are generally bad.

Auto insurance is mandated only by one’s choice to drive a car, not as a condition of living.

And despite your mandates, I’m still required to buy “uninsured motorist” coverage to compensate those who choses to ignore your mandates.

In general, I prefer personal-accountability and freedom over mandates.

I can just imagine the complaints from the left if things were reversed. Hopefully the next republican president will mandate the purchase of guns, ammo, bibles, gasoline, pickups, the Fox News channel, and Sarah Palin action figures! 😉

Well said !

It is good to put into calendar date February 11th 2014. This is the planned launch date for next Falcon 9 + Dragon flight into International Space Station. It is notable flight, because Falcon 9 rocket will have then for the first time landing legs installed. And if SpaceX succeeds in returning the first stage to the launch pad, It might revolutionize space travel. Rapid reusability of space rocket could cut down the launch cost by two orders of magnitude. And this means that if SpaceX succeeds to return the first stage, then Elon Musk and SpaceX has complete monopoly over spaceflights. And Elon Musk will probably become a richest and most influential person on Earth — and on Mars.

This may be a bad thing. Big Oil may be able to manipulate him if he is put way up on a pedestal like this?? (sneaky ego). I hope not though!

Elon Musk will eat Big Oil for a lunch!

I sure hope so.

How do they have 11 people in their top 10 list?

Also, Marissa Mayer probably deserves to be a little higher on the list. Breathing life into Yahoo! might be harder than launching rockets into space.

Another interesting candidate – Jeff Bezos – the founder/CEO of Amazon. Isn’t Amazon one of the world’s largest long-established highly-capitalized for-profit companies to never earn a profit? It’s stock recently soared on reports it lost less money than expected last quarter. Definitely a candidate for business person of the year.

There is something interesting I find about Elon Musk and that is how he takes something like space travel or EV’s and raises them above people’s expectations along with providing competent and intelligent leadership with them while everyone else who is more powerful and has more resources plays stupid or the I don’t want to do that attitude or this is still the 1960’s. A example is in the 1960’s and 1970’s NASA had the Saturn Rocket that could take people to the Moon. Now this same rocket which is right now our only rocket is sitting inside of a museum at NASA. The Space Shuttle and all the things they built or it along with the whole NASA complex now sit as a ether a museum or getting grown over. Now at least with Elon Musk he at least is able to provide leadership and get together a lot of good space engineers and is now working on his own heavily lift rocket which he says would be able to take people back to the moon in the future. He and his time is also working on a self landing rocket which is very cool. Without him building his… Read more »

I’m a big fan of Elon Musk and Tesla, but I can’t believe he approved that Tony Stark-ish cover shot. It’s almost satirical.

This is what I am talking about! He’s the best but he has to be careful!!!