Elon Musk To Reveal Master Password On “The Simpsons”


Elon Musk To Appear On The Simpsons

Elon Musk To Appear On The Simpsons

The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean has confirmed that Elon Musk will play himself in an upcoming episode in which Mr. Burns tries to kill the Tesla CEO.

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The Simpsons Executive Producer Tweets

The Simpsons episode featuring Elon Musk is titled “The Musk Who Fell to Earth.”  We’ve learned that Mr. Burns somehow manages to lose all of his money to the Tesla CEO and that Musk will be prominently featured in the episode.

For Elon Musk, this is the second time he’s been featured in some form on The Simpsons.  Previously, Musk’s name was applied to a fragrance line called ASK Body Spray.

Elon Musk Cologne

Elon Musk Cologne

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7 responses to "Elon Musk To Reveal Master Password On “The Simpsons”"
  1. kdawg says:

    This ought to be interesting after how they portrayed Ed Begley Jr.

    1. MTN Ranger says:

      Electric cars sponsored by the “gasoline producers of America”

      1. kdawg says:

        LOL, I remember that episode. I also like the one where Homer gets to design a car from scratch and it’s horrible. Reminds me of all the quibbles people have in the blogs on what a car *should* be.

      2. Just_Chris says:

        LOL, so close to the truth it hurts.

        I have never understood why guys get up set when people think they are gay. The gay stereo-type is a well dressed, well groomed, good looking man with lots of female friends and a good sense of humor. I think I am more likely to buy an electric car if ties me to that particular set of attributes but then I am quite used to not being normal.

  2. Anon says:

    Excellent Smithers, excellent. 😉

  3. Cavaron says:

    I bet his master password will be something like “12345”.

    1. Priusmaniac says:

      oR RATHER 54321LIFTOFF!