Elon Musk Answers Questions Related To Tesla Model S & X Autopilot Firmware 7.0, Discusses Upcoming UI Upgrade


7.0 Coming Later This Week

7.0 Coming Later This Week

On Saturday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal that a widespread release of firmware 7.0 will happen this Thursday (October 15).

Of course, this revelation led to tons of questions, some of which Musk answered on Twitter.

Here’s what transpired:

Elon Musk Answers Firmware 7.0 Questions

Elon Musk Answers More Firmware 7.0 Questions

Elon Musk Answers MoreFirmware 7.0 Questions

Elon Musk Answers Firmware 7.0 Questions

Additionally, Elon cleared the air in regards to S versus autopilot features.  According to Musk, the autopilot cameras, sensors and software are identical between the two cars, meaning they’ll both have the same autopilot functionality.  The only difference is in the user interface, which for the X shows the operation of its unique doors.

Oh, and for those wondering if you’ll be able to summon the S or X with the app after the firmware 7.0 update, Elon Musk says “Yes.”

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Does the Model S or X allow users to customize the UI? For example, change colors, backgrounds, move/add/delete buttons, etc.?

According to the discussion thread linked below, the answer is “No”.

But since the screen includes a web browser, you could set up a web page to display anything you wanted. It just won’t be connected to the Model S’s controls

However — just guessing here — I imagine that an app could be set up for a custom webpage to display (or perhaps just mirror) Model S controls which can be accessed via a Bluetooth connection.


Software version 7.0 will include the ability to “summon” the car, which I presume means it will self-drive itself from its parking spot to where the driver is, but the ability to do the reverse — drive itself from where the driver exits to the parking spot — will have to wait for version 7.1?

Color me confused, because it seems like these two things would require the exact same functionality, just reversing the order of execution.

I’m guessing the car is good at determining the best way to get from where it is to where you are, but telling it to go to an unknown location and find a parking spot may be the issue.

I have been presuming that it’s a matter of pushing a button to tell the car to “record” the driving pattern to get from one place to another, and to be able to tell the car at a later time or date to retrace the steps it took with a human driver in control.

If I’m right, then in either case you’d have to drive from point A to B, or from B to A, for the car to be able to know where to go. And in that case, it shouldn’t matter if you’re sending it to its parking place, or summoning its return.

Having the car find its own way would require a much larger degree of autonomy, and I doubt Tesla’s “Autopilot” is capable of that.

But again, we’ll have to wait to see what actual users report to find out details of how it actually works.

I think it’s easier to tell a car to navigate to a particular point (where the user’s cell phone is located) vs. making it choose from an infinite possibility of parking places.

Requiring the car to find its own parking space in, for example, a mall parking lot, would require the car to be able to recognize and correctly respond to all the possible signs regulating who can’t park where.

While I can believe they might be able to get the sensor system to reliably detect handicapped stall signage and/or handicapped symbols painted on the asphalt, there is no way that they can possibly get the car to recognize all signage. For example, a sign that says “Parking only for Fancy Nail Salon”. Heck, I’ve even seen a sign that said “Reserved for Expectant Mothers”.

This is just one of multiple reasons why I think that the auto-park and “summoning” features will only be able to make the car retrace the route previously taken by a human driver, going from point A to B, or from point B back to A.

If summoning works as advertised, it will be a truly distinguishing feature, and worth every penny. If it’s only enabled on private property, it’s less valuable depending on policy of various malls, etc., but still likely to be very, very cool.

It would be hard to imagine that Tesla would intend for “summoning” to include travel on public roads, at this early stage of self-driving. I seriously doubt that would be legal, even if Tesla would accept the liability. Certainly we can expect that in the future, but not yet.

I rather expect there will be all kinds of warnings about how restricted the use is, and almost certainly the user will have to confirm (by pressing buttons on the interface) that the car won’t be driving on any public road in its course from parking spot to where the driver is waiting.

Tesla bills the summon ability as a private property thing. IIRC, this is consistent with how they’ve billed it since day 1.


“On private property, Model S will even pull out of the garage and meet you at the curb.”

I wonder if that means “anyone’s private property” or simply “your personal garage.”

I would think that it would work within a parking lot, such as at a mall, since that is considered private property.

If said Tesla owner owns that specific mall and all the liabilities that go with that mall.

Three Electrics asked:

“I wonder if that means ‘anyone’s private property’ or simply ‘your personal garage’.”

I’ve been wondering that, too. Is the “Autopilot” reliable enough to maneuver the car in a parking lot for a large shopping mall? Or is it intended to be restricted to just driving to the garage/carport at the owner’s home? If you let the valet at an upscale restaurant park the car, can you then “summon” the car to pick you up at the door?

In any case, my guess is the decision will be made by the driver, and will likely come down to whether or not the driver is willing to accept liability for any accidents the car may be involved with, when it’s out of his direct control. If my guess is right, Tesla will have a “user’s agreement” limiting Tesla’s responsibility in case of any accident occurring when the car is moving under the control of Autopilot.

Great!! NOW how about getting more Model X examples “out the door” already!!

Or get that door out of the Model X. 😉


Pretty sure v7.0 autopilot parking refers to auto parallel parking, like some other cars have already. Elon clearly tweeted v7.1 will be the “summoning” type of autopilot parking.