Elon Musk Answers – “Do You Think Tesla Will Become The Largest Car Manufacturer In The World?”


Elon Musk Answers

Elon Musk Answers

Elon Musk in Oslo, Norway on February 1, 2014 gets asked if he thinks Tesla Motors will become the largest automaker in the world.

His answer, after a chuckle or two, including again a laugh at the BMW i3, is that Tesla Motors’ goal is to make the world’s most compelling electric vehicles and that at some point in time, Tesla could make millions of electric vehicles per year.

Of course, that’s years or perhaps even a decade away, but Tesla’s goal is not to be satisfied with sales as they stand at the current level today, but rather to continue to push for more.

Or, as Musk says, Tesla Model S sales are currently what he calls puny.  The goal is to be BIGGER.  WAY BIGGER.  Like maybe millions per year.


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Elon laughed at the I3.. I wonder what he would say if you asked him to recommend a plug-in car for those that cannot afford a Tesla.

Wait for the model E like I’m doing.


Really, and keep burning gas for another 3 years? Why not get an EV now and in three years the Model E should be out. That’s what I did with my i3 and it’s been great. Tesla is great and all but there are some great EVs available today. But of course they all look bad when you compare it to the concept of a car that will only be built 3 years from now.

No, they all look bad compared to a car that’s built today.

Then the I-Miev would be the the cheappest possibility, i3 is to cheap for range not more like Leaf….

Looking at cost per kWh, the cheapest would actually be the Smart ED. Also cheaper then the iMiev is the Leaf, Model S85, and the Spark EV.

Here’s my chart (last column) (more data can be found at kdawg.com on the compare tab)

Looks like the rightmost column got chopped off. Here’s the data:
Car Price/kWh
BMW i3 (no RE) $1,539
BMW i3 (with RE)$1,714
BMW i8 $18,616
Cadillac ELR $4,091
Spark EV $914
Chevrolet Volt $1,617
Fiat 500e $1,013
C-Max Energi $3,838
Focus EV $1,203
Fusion Energi $4,072
Accord PHEV $5,378
HondaFit EV $1,456
i-MiEV $968
Nissan Leaf $888
Smart ED $710
Tesla Model S60 $1,110
Tesla Model S85 $866
Toyota PiP $6,248
Toyota Rav4 EV $1,012

Your LEAF price is for an S without upgrades, but the iMiev has QC.

I used the base prices for all the vehicles.

kdawg.com displays as a white page (no content) on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome under Mac OS X 10.9.

Your chart shows the weight of the rest-of-world i-MiEV model. The North American model weighs 2579 lbs.

I use Chrome on a PC. Not a web-programmer so no idea why it’s not working on your Mac. I just did some searching for the weights, and will update the iMiEV.

Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle –
“Take Your Gas And Shove It!,
Ain’t Buying Much No More…”
My Chevy Volt Stats:


-2 Years robust suburban w/ some cross state driving.

28,715 Miles driven-

97% EV

640 Mpg ( Miles driven vs gas used ) + Bout a buck a day electric.

“…Unplug a lamp, plug in my car,
things gonna be allright!”


Thomas J. Thias
The Amazing Chevy Volt EREV – Facts Guy



ps. Elon Musk, Rocket Man, ROCKS!

@GM @ChevyVolt @Cadillac @ElonMusk @TeslaMotors @BMWi @TheAllianceRN
@NissanLEAF @mtbarra @GMDudeinNA @InSideEvs

Stop posting Volt MPG numbers without taking into account electricity used. You’re posting misleading information.

Not to mention if you’re getting “640 MPG”, you should have purchased an EV, not a PHEV.

Why hate?

Volt average more EV miles than LEAF… What is your problem?

one of the ugliest cars i’ve ever seen

I mean i3 is to expensive :-), especially with some extras

What is more interesting is if they can become the worlds largest globaly selling manufacturer of 100% electric cars and for how long they could hold that title.
It’s a new market and as long as they can be market leader or thereabout they have a great chance at becoming one of the big boys in total.

It’s a long way to go to even beat small brands in sales, but who knows how it will be in 10 years. =)