Elon Musk Agrees, 20″ Wheels For Tesla Model 3, Then Deletes Tweet

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3 at its original debut (March 2016) with 20-inch Sport wheels

Perhaps the Tesla Model 3 will eventually come with the option of 20-inch Sport wheels?

The current Model 3 (long range, single motor) comes standard with 18-inch Aero wheels. The only other option is to spend $1,500 to upgrade to 19-inch Sport wheels (although, as another option, you can easily remove the Aero cap). Some people believed that earlier Model 3’s may have had 20-inch wheels, but we have no proof of this. According to Teslarati, 20-inch wheels were on the car at its official reveal in March of 2016 (as shown above).

Since then, the only 20-inch wheels out there would be those that people (likely Tesla employees) have put on their cars after the fact. Ryan McCaffrey, who’s known in Tesla circles for being the guy that hosts Ride the Lightning (an unofficial Tesla podcast), has seen such tires and is enamored with them. He was able to connect with CEO Elon Musk in a recent Tweet asking if 20-inch Sport wheels are coming. Musk didn’t answer that question, but he agreed that they look better on the car.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 19-inch Sport wheel


Not long after Musk’s response, he deleted the Tweet. This could have happened for many different reasons. Maybe 20-inch Sport wheels are supposed to be a surprise? Perhaps they’re never going to be an option? Musk is busy and didn’t want to deal with the floodgate or eventual replies?

It’s highly likely that at some point there will be a 20-inch Sport wheel option for the Model 3. As Teslarati points out, the prototype wore 235/35/ZR20 tires. It would make perfect sense for these tires to ride on 20-inch rims in the dual-motor, performance spec Model 3. If that’s the case, one would think that Tesla would be smart to offer them as an upgrade on any trim once that day comes. Until then, it probably makes more sense for the automaker to entice people to opt for the 19s.

Source: Teslarati

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Another Euro point of view

Out of topic but Tesla’s providers in Taiwan just disclosed they are ramping up production to allow Tesla to 5000 model 3/week production in the short term. Stock is likely going up sharply today.

Yeah I read the article on Electrek too good news. Can’t wait to see the numbers produced in December my last guess was 2000. I hope Teslas beats my guess.

Did somebody recently go long TSLA? It’s already up ~8% on the week.

Actually Jim Chanos talked about shorting Tesla again. So after so much money has been lost selling short when Chanos speaks investors my consider it a buy signal.

Another Euro point of view


Probably not, there is no reason for the recent M3 delays or the imminent ramp-up to influence the stock much. The price of TSLA is based on expectations for the company for the next decade, not on meaningless details….

20″ wheels are popular, but not everyone wants the biggest rims that can be fitted to a car. I’d like to see a 16″ or 17″ choice to put winter tires on, but of course there are fitment issues going down as well as up. IMHO, the aftermarket manufacturers can fill both of these desires with far more variety than Tesla.

I think the 19 inch sport wheels they went with look far better than the 20s they showed. Awesome design.

Looks terrible. That brake gap is embarrassing! What next, a fart can?

How about some nice 16″ or 17″ wheels instead? You know, for better performance, ride, range and lower tire remplacement costs? Smaller wheels/tires are lighter, reducing unsprung weight and rotational inertia. Better handling, better braking, better steering feel.

I’d like to have smaller wheels as well. Don’t care about the look: just want the efficiency and lower cost.

+1 for resons stated plus I think huge rims and tiny sidewall tires look as redicolous as the ride they provide…

Not another tweet delete!
Musk’y keep doing this, to his faithful followers?

With today’s build options totaling $60K, I can see future options such as dual motors, wheels, etc kicking up the price to $70K.

Bet they’ll cook up some reason not to build the base $35K model or delay it as long as possible.

The base model won’t exist for a couple years. And then, ya got years of inflation to kick the price up to $40k base.

Nobody will buy a base Tesla is my prediction, so, it won’t exist in real life.

Wrong! lots of M3 customers are price sensitive, I predict a lot of base model sales, I personally only want the larger battery, I don’t need it, I just want it and am willing to pay the $9K extra. As for wheels I do like the 19″ but will probably stick with the aeros for more range…

I agree with Loboc.
The base $35K model is unprofitable. Tesla will delay and delay that version in the hopes that demand will be shifted to the more optioned models. So it’s likely it’ll never show up.

So are you saying that when Tesla predicts that the base 35k version is coming in “early 2018”, they are lying?

This is what is going to happen: Tesla will continue producing and selling the more expensive models until they reach a limit close to 199.999 cars in the US, then it will slow deliveries for the rest of the quarter in which that happens, but will increase production. During that time they will keep accumulating Model 3 base. Once the next quarter starts (hopefully April) they will massively deliver the accumulated cars so they pass the 200.000 mark early in the quarter. The credit will also be available for the next quarter and then will start phasing out at q4 (50%). By then, if the company has done things right, they should have cleared at least the first day reservations (125.000) all of them qualifying for credit.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

GM refuses to build the Ampera-e because it’s not profitable.
Shouldn’t they get chastised too for not selling a low volume/low profit product???

It’s called business. Would you dedicate manufacturing and keep selling low profit widgets when you can sell much higher volume higher profit widgets?

How stupid does someone have to be to say dropping a low profit / low volume product is a negative decision when you can benefit more from the other.

GM is irrelevant.

Most likely scenario, marketing told him to delete it so that people continue to pay for the 19s currently available now…

The wheel news I’m still wrapping my head around is how/why Porsche put 275 rubber **up front**, on its Sport Turismo?

I think they need a 20″ wheel option for the Model S, not Model 3.