Elon Musk: After 344 Million Miles, There Has Been No “Serious Permanent Injury” Or Death In A Tesla Model S


This Model S Looks a Bit Beat Up, But The Occupants Weren't Seriously Injured

This Model S Looks a Bit Beat Up, But The Occupants Weren’t Seriously Injured

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long stated that safety is Tesla’s primary concern.  In fact, Musk says that the track record for safety of the Tesla Model S is “certainly one of our proudest achievements.”

So, what’s that track record for Model S safety look like?

Well, according to Musk, Tesla Model S owners have covered well over 344 million miles.  Though there’s been dozens (maybe even hundreds) of wrecked Model S sedans, none of the occupants suffered from “serious permanent injury” or worse yet death in any of the accidents involving a Model S.

That’s a track record for safety to be proud of, even though it’ll undoubtedly change at some point in the future.

We personally believe safety to be paramount in designing an automobile, so props to Tesla for making the safest vehicle in the world.

Tesla Model S NHTSA Score

Tesla Model S NHTSA Score

Source: Detroit Free Press

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I wonder if that crash is into the Lure seafood restaurant right here where I live in Camarillo?

A question that comes to mind is, “Why was a 71 year old driving a high performance car with 3 other people in it?

Why do 81 year olds do it?

Because they’ll try until they discover can’t or shouldn’t.

I’d like to know more details on this. How many accidents involved junking the car? What was the worst injury? How many were single car accidents? How many multiple car accidents involving Teslas resulted in deaths or permanent injury (in the other car or bystanders)?

Stupid drivers…

High Torque cars could benefit from front obstical sensors and autobraking.

The Lure restaurant, and look they caught something.

They would have to prove that to me somehow. I don’t believe the barely year-old ~25,000 Tesla fleet can be anywhere near 344 million miles. That is an average of 13,760 miles per car! I call BS.

It works out. Total *worldwide* sales of Roadsters and Model S are over 37000. It’s about 9000 miles per car.

Why is 13700 miles in a year seems perfectly possible to me. Newer cars are driven more miles than average and the Model S perhaps even more because it is so cheap to drive.

Why always assume someone is lying?

@Like_Budda I’ve got over 14k miles on mine and I travel a lot so I don’t get to drive it as much as I would like. I know plenty of people that have over 20k miles on theirs. Many Model S drivers look for excuses to drive–I know I do.

“I call B.S.” What the hell does that mean? Based on what? Who made you the truth umpire here? What do you mean by “barley year old Tesla fleet”? You must have just came out of of a deep sleep or lived in a cave for the past couple of year because Teslas have been in production for several years now.

Despite your manifesto, the facts don’t back you up but they do back up Tesla’s claim. In fact, the number you posted that is required that you say is not possible is the number that studies confirm, which is 13,436.


Knowing that there has been no “Serious Permanent Injury” Or Death in a Tesla Model S:

If not allowed to buy a Model S in my State (for a family member – wife, son or daughter) through a Tesla Store, can I sue the State if a family member is killed or permanently injured in the car the Model S would have replaced?

I foresee interesting times ahead.


Your lawsuit would not survive summary judgment.

How does the same statistics apply for any other particular models?

How about MB S-Class? Volvo S60, Volvo S90?

Volt? LEAF? FFE?

Can Honda claim the same with FitEV?

This is annoying part of Tesla that they use very populistic and misleading rhetorics. In real life we should compare Model S into comparable new premium performance cars from German manufacturers.

Even more ridiculous were the past fire incidents of Model S, where Tesla made statistical conclusion from three incidents! It is just utterly ridiculous to make statistificially meaningful conclusions from such a small sample.

And as we have seen, there has not been new fires since 2013 so it is quite likely that those were mostly freak accidents. Therefore Tesla’s statistical claims about the fire frequency of Model S were nonsense. Therefore actual fire frequency is much lower what Tesla claimed.

344 million miles? So far the Volt has 500 million miles according to the official chevrolet volt facebook page, but Tesla may catch up soon since I think only a couple 1000 Volts are being sold a months.