Elon Musk #1 Most Influencial Man On AskMen.Com’s Top 49 List

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Elon Musk "Most Influencial Man" According To AskMen (photo via BBC)

Elon Musk “Most Influencial Man” According To AskMen (photo via BBC)

Let’s preface this list by saying that being #1 on a AskMen.com’s top 49 Most Influencial Men list is not like being the Time Man Of The Year (Drake made the top 10 according to AskMen), but it is a survey of a lot of American men – and they seem to at least recognize who Elon Musk and Tesla is…so that is something.

Parallels To Iron Man?

Parallels To Iron Man?

Here is what AskMen.com has to say introducing Elon Musk at #1

“Much has been said about Elon Musk being the inspiration for the film version Tony Stark, the billionaire entrepreneur/industrialist/playboy who quips inappropriately with Gwyneth Paltrow in an Iron Man suit. Truth be told, the opposite is infinitely more likely: that Elon Musk, nestled somewhere in his native South Africa, reading well-used comic books, was inspired himself by the exploits of Iron Man, a character as unlikely and preposterously successful as anyone else in the Marvel Universe. And somewhere along the lines, he learned a thing or two about being a superhero.

Only, in Musk’s case, it might not be fiction — he might actually be a superhero.”

You can read the entire synopsis of the Tesla CEO’s influence on the world here (it’s quite lengthy)

Elon Musk at SpaceX

Elon Musk at SpaceX

Other “Men Of Influence” of note on the list:

  • 41. Kanye West
  • 38. Christiano Ronaldo
  • 25. Pope Francis
  • 24. Floyd Mayweather (we imagine his recent when over Saul Alvarez just edged him past the Pope)
  • 21. LeBron James
  • 17. Barack Obama
  • 16. Hugh Jackman (talons are badass – one-ups the President)
  • 11. Vladimir Putin
  • 10. Jimmy Fallon (now AskMen.com is just messing with us)
  • 6. Drake
  • 5. Nelson Mandela (pleased we are sure about placing over Drake)
  • 3. Bryan Cranston (I have nothing on this one)
  • 2. Jason Collins (first openly gay athletic for anyone who does not recognize the name)
  • 1. Elon Musk

Full list and explanations can be found here

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Elton’s luster has worn off quickly for most people who live in the real world.

Speak for yourself. When one invokes the word “luster”, one is not contemplating very deeply beneath the surface… Any lasting impression of worthiness, is built from actual substance, not mere glamour.


You have to ask yourself, which of these will you remember twenty years from now. In that case, chances are it is Elon Musk. Second to me is Barack Obama. Now before everyone starts throwing stones, influence can be both good and/or bad. And good or bad we probably will be feeling the effects of Obamacare twenty years from now. But #3 is definitely Jimmy Fallon. Cmon! have you ever seen his Jim Morrison “Reading Rainbow”?

Never heard of Jimmy Fallon. According to the video he seems to be a singer … and good drinker. Is that of influence?

Wow Priusmaniac. He is a late night comedian. Imitating 1960s Jim Morrison. Jim was a singer and a good drinker.

LOL @ 41. Kanye West.

Credibility & integrity right out the window !!!

ummm 2. Jason Collins

absolutely no credibility, dude been in the NBA 10 years and has sucked ** then “comes out” and gets all this praise for being gay and he still sucks ass at basketball, not an influence in any way

and Kanye makes incredible music