‘Elon Dump Trump’ Campaign Gets Millionaire Backer


Elon Dump Trump bumper sticker

Elon Dump Trump bumper sticker

People are still uncomfortable with Elon Musk’s connection to President Donald Trump. On person in particular, tech investor Doug Derwin, thinks the ties between the Tesla and SpaceX CEO and the truth-challenged leader of the free world are worth spending $2 million to try and end. Derwin has put up a website and billboards around Silicon Valley with a simple message: Elon dump Trump.

Musk, of course, has been participating in Trump’s economic advisory board, which has generated a fair amount of heat. Musk has said that it’s better to engage with Trump than ignore him, but Derwin is not convinced. Here’s the main pitch from the Dump Trump website:

Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur and technology industry leader. But even Elon Musk can be wrong. And he is very wrong on Donald Trump. Elon Musk has become one of Trump’s most prominent supporters, despite the fact that Trump’s policies directly contradict Musk’s core values, core values shared by Tesla customers and employees. Help us convince Elon to do the right thing. Help us convince him to resign from Donald Trump’s business councils. Help us convince him to take the Hat Tweet Challenge and become a leader of the opposition to Donald Trump’s climate change policies. If he does we’ll donate $1 million to charity.

His billboards have a simpler message: “Elon: Please Dump Trump.” Online, Derwin has gotten Tesla owners and people on the Model 3 waitlist to speak out against Musk’s association with the President. Here’s one example and you can find more here:

According to Bloomberg, Derwin is the managing director of Triage Ventures, and has invested in “numerous successful technology companies,” like Xros, Intertrust Technologies, and Pliant Technology. He told Bloomberg that he had placed an order for a new Tesla, but cancelled it and wrote a $150,000 check to the ACLU when he saw Musk cozying up to Trump. We have asked Tesla for a comment, but the company has not given any statements to other media outlets about this issue.

Source: Elon Dump Trump, Mercury News, Bloomberg , Bloomberg

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Please keep your political ideas to yourself.

“truth-challenged leader of the free world”

True or not, this is not a site I come to for political commentary.

I agree

Bad idea

1. EVs are political. Especially in the US. Maybe you don’t *want them to be political, but it’s probably a good idea to notice reality. So even though InsideEVs is not a politically-focused site, given that politics keeps meddling and affecting EV affairs, it is bound to cover them as part of its mission. 2. In particular, many people who drive EVs in right-leaning regions, in particular Leafs, report being tailgated and otherwise harassed on the road in a dangerous manner, solely because of political animus to EVs and what they represent. Again, EVs are political around here. You’d prefer those people to be gagged, because it makes you uncomfortable. Smooth, that. 3. Elon Musk is the most prominent EV figure in the world. He has been very vocal about the CO2 crisis, global warming, and Tesla’s role in addressing them. 4. By contrast, the new regime in DC denies global warming (at least the Pr*sident and his EPA chief do), or at best refuse to do anything about it. Moreover, they threaten to kill CARB’s autonomy in setting state regulations. In case you haven’t noticed, CARB regulations (which are also related to politics, of course) have been the bedrock… Read more »

Agree completely. The affect of politics on EV’s is staring us all in the face. Those sensitive to the topic on this website, probably voted for the person who is stepping all over EPA regulations that support EV’s.

Though I am a little uncomfortable with Elon for cuddling up to tRump, an old saying comes to mind, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” If Elon keeps close to tRump, at least Elon can keep giving his highly respected viewpoint to an unbelievably incompetent administration.

EVs don’t need to be political, but to the extent that they are, you are part of the problem. Trump was voted in largely because of the overbearing arrogance of a small but loud group of intolerant liberals like yourself. Let me demonstrate by pasting a few quotes from your own post…

“it’s probably a good idea to notice reality”
“You’d prefer those people to be gagged, because it makes you uncomfortable. Smooth, that.”
“Nuff said.”

At some point in the past decade, this new loud group decided that the best way convince other people of their viewpoints was to call them stupid until they agreed. If this actually worked, it would be called Stockholm syndrome. That technique doesn’t actually work, but dialog does. Fortunately for us, Elon Musk knows that. Also, fortunately for us, President Trump values his input.

To be clear, I don’t mean to offend liberals. I consider myself to be a moderate/liberal, and most liberals I know are fine people. It’s just the people like Assaf who are ruining it for everyone and it’s people like Assaf who got Trump elected.

“..If this actually worked, it would be called Stockholm syndrome.”

No, it wouldn’t.

From the very first paragraph of the link you sent:

“Generally speaking, Stockholm syndrome consists of “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”

You should probably read webpages before posting links to them.

Aha, you mean the relation between Trump and Musk.
So, who is the captor and who is the captive then?

I you’re trolling me, in which case you did a good job, but just in case you’re being serious, I was talking about calling people stupid and then expecting them to agree with you and vote for your favored candidate.

But if you trolling me, I commend you. It was very subtle. 🙂

Whoops, let me type that again. The commenting system strips out angle braces which I use for emphasis.

I [think] you’re trolling me, in which case you did a good job, but just in case you’re being serious, I was talking about calling people stupid and then expecting them to agree with you and vote for your favored candidate.

But if you [were] trolling me, I commend you. It was very subtle. 🙂

Calling people stupid when they don’t see it your way is of course not very effective to reach an agreement, but that is rarely the goal in politics where power is based on polarisation.

“To be clear, I don’t mean to offend liberals.”

To be clear, that’s exactly your intent, whether that intent is actually conscious or merely subconscious.

And the idea that “liberals” are responsible for the election of El Trumpo… is actually laugh-out-loud funny. I think it’s safe to say that of those who actually voted for El Trumpo, those who self-identify as “liberal” are only a tiny percentage.

But your assertion there, so very obviously untrue and so distant from reality, is the sort of bubble-world, “alternative fact” thinking we’ve come to expect from the voters El Trumpo appealed to; the kind of fact-free, alt-reality thinking El Trumpo himself engages in and promotes.

PUsh, I think that the nomination of Trump by the GOP was a reaction on the part of the conservatives to the weak, feckless candidates that the mainstream GOP kept putting out there (Jeb Bush was even worse than Mitt Romney) for the conservatives to accept and unify behind. I think the main reason Trump got the support he did was because previous, acceptable, GOP candidates didn’t punch back against the attempts of liberals to denounce conservative positions as being out of order.

Are you against abortion at any point or at any age of the female? You are a neanderthal!

Are you against crippling the economy by enacting huge carbon taxes to limit the slight increase in world temps due to anthropogenic carbon emissions? You are a luddite and anti-science!

Do you think males should use the mens bathroom and females should use the womens bathroom, despite what made up gender role you may “identify” as? You are a monster and we will punish you by boycotting the state you live in.

Have you published a book that disagrees with the liberal agenda? The libs will shout you down, scream NAZI at you and assault you as you flee the venue.

Trump didn’t get elected because of liberal arrogance. There is plenty of conservative arrogance. Trump won because Hillary chose to ignore working class voters from industrial states, visiting Wisconsin​ zero times, for example. She did this because the Clintons are beholden to Wall Street, as is nearly the entire GOP and half of the Democrats. She was a proponent of TPP till late in the campaign cycle.
The whole “liberals are arrogant” thing is pushed by the most arrogant conservative media. The truth is that everybody on TV is arrogant, but confirmation bias makes you just see liberal arrogance.

Anyway, I fully support Musk doing what he is doing. Derwin is a lawyer and confuses declarations with deeds. It takes 1,500 cars to support a gas station in this country. Musk is, at current production rates, killing a gas station every five days. How many has Derwin killed?

LOL, what planet are you from?

If you are a legitimate business of any sort, you will work with the governing body that sets the rules and regulations.

Who are you to tell a business leader to cease cooperation with the policy makers?

Gosh, the liberals today have really gone off the deep end telling people what they must do. It’s free speech as long as it’s what you want to hear, right?

So if you’re an IRS agent and you don’t like Trump’s tax policies, you go write your own? Or you apply your own policy when you audit someone?

So if you’re a business owner and you don’t like the e-Verify rule, perhaps thinking it unfairly discriminates against illegal immigrants, you’d hire anyone? Then scream if you get caught?

Yup. So far as I know, the phrase ’nuff said originated with, or at least was popularized by, Marvel Comics in the sixties and seventies. (Wikipedia agrees, for whatever that’s worth.) What kind of “alternative fact” is it to assert that’s a mark of “liberal” activism?

That’s a typo. I think they meant “truth-challenged leader of Tesla.” Birds of a feather.

Ugh. Lame.

Editors here should take a lesson from the Boston Globe’s tragic decline. After a decade’s drone by smug uber-lefties during the death of print media, New England’s “Paper of Record” lost literally ALL of its $1b+ valuation, ultimately being sold for less than the cost of the building in which it lived:


Complete failure. Failure to resonate with the mainstream. Failure to monetize eyeballs. Failure of advertising revenue. Death spiral here in Boston. Kinda sad, really.

The Boston Herald, more centrist, is fine.

Stick to cars, guys. Stick to cars. You’re very good at cars.

Lame? Hahahaha.

You know what the dictionary definition of Lame is?

Critiquing a newspaper like the Boston Globe, while linking to an article by the New York Friggin’ Post 🙂

@Assaf, facts are facts.

The Globe, worth literally nothing, was purchased for the cost of just its building and land in South Boston. The only thing of value in print was its (non political) sports section. Fittingly, the rump of the Boston Globe was purchased by the Boston Red Sox owners, who have an obvious interest in the sports sections’ health.

The numbers are the numbers, and they were published everywhere.

Since you seem flummoxed by the NY Post, here’s the same story in the Wall Street Journal:


Right. So now it’s somehow “political commentary” to state basic facts. You say so yourself by saying you don’t even care if it’s true or not!

True political commentary goes way beyond simply stating facts. And not even Trump believes his own lies.

You, in effect, are the one being political by telling IEVs not to mention that your president is a pathological liar.

America’s messed up. It’s just a pity for the rest of us you’re still so powerful. In many ways China is looking like a far better leader, despite its obvious shortcomings.

If you don’t like it don’t come here,
we do not cater to you.

I agree. Sebastian Blanco wrote this article with an established political bias. As others have highlighted and I also – “the truth-challenged leader of the free world” – lost it for me. No matter what political affiliation Musk has – and I believe it’s plain that Musk is no Republican, as one of the world’s loudest voices against global climate change – It seems very savvy for him to stay close to Trump and his advisory council. Much more can be done by reflecting a rising American company in tech, energy and transportation spaces that is fully American and growing in influence. Some partisans see red and see negative. Not looking far into the future is a big mistake. I point out that social media and Tweets make a difference these days. Interact with Republicans in Congress rather than vent, call names and protest in the streets. I’ve interacted with local and federal Republicans and guess what? – Many feel the way you do about clean air and a very expensive and limited energy production future that pollutes our world! Trick is understanding politics, the world in which they live in. Better to be inside the system and working for… Read more »

“Look to the ones who loved the selection for the Supreme Court years before president..”

hmm.. this has a familiar ring to it.. gimme a minute..

Elon Musk is a Trump collaborator, plain and simple. If he gets what he wants, he will continue to collaborate. If not, he will quit. Elon’s primary interests are Elon’s primary interests.

Is he?

In what way is he collaborating with Trump then? What’s their common agenda?

If you’ve noticed, Trump isn’t the kind of guy you persuade by reason, and certainly not by telling him off or attacking him. Witness his three U-turns in foreign policy in the span of a week, which all seem to result from listening to another guy than he used to do, and it seems to me he’s more easily influenced than many children. So it’s smart to speak to him as if you think he’s clever. Of course you never know what he’ll be thinking in five minutes, but that’s the case whatever you do.

“What’s their common agenda?”

Bring manufacturing to US. Tesla is not only innovative, but it is making products in US that’s the envy of the world. This is probably what Dump really wants, not assembling iPhones in sweat shops in US like they do in China.

Four Electrics,

and IMO Elon is doing the right thing now by collaborating. We want Tesla to be successful. It is Tesla’s best interest right now to collaborate.

I disagree with Derwin’s campaign.

I agree, George. It is better to to have Elon be inside the tent pi**ing out that on the outside pi**ing in.
Elon is working Trump in the same way Trump is working the people and businesses around him and his administration.
Elon is a “player”, and I think he is a better “player” than Trump, which is saying a lot.
Elon can shape Trump policies if he is on the inside and he can not do so from the outside.

Convincing Elon to “dump” Trump would be a fools play. I think Elon is a lot smarter than the people that are whining about his contact with Trump.

The other thing is that Elon is not “collaborating” with Trump. He is on an advisory council and I am sure Elon will do his best to advise Trump on the benefits of lower pollution etc, he is not blindly supporting everything Trump does!

This. Being on the board doesn’t mean Elon is a Trump backer. It means he gets to talk facts and possibilities to the President of the US. That is an important role for anyone.

Four Electrics posted FUD:

“Elon Musk is a Trump collaborator, plain and simple.”

And of course, we have no reason to doubt that’s your honest opinion, do we? It’s not like you’re a serial Tesla basher who frequently repeats anti-Tesla FUD and Big Lies. It’s not like you pretend to own a Tesla Model X only because it gives you further excuses to regurgitate Tesla bashing complaints copied from others.

Oh, wait…

People need to lighten up.

I’m sure Mr. Musk is “keeping his friends close . . . . . “

So true! I don’t understand these liberal idiots who want to turn blind eye to Dump. Keeping tabs on him and “advising” him is lot better than have Dump go off on his own in completely moronic ways (or more so than usual).

Using the term “liberal idiots” while the Trump regime is in power must cause a small amount of cognitive dissonance. 😀

The phrase you might be looking for is: “conservative idiots” or conservtards. 😉

Your implication being liberals can’t be idiots or that all conservatives are ‘tards? Wrong on both accounts. I seem to see more liberal idiots than convervatards these days. Dump really brought out the loonies in liberal camp. The guy in this article is a perfect example.

I like to think that we are not ALL idiots.

Abraham Lincoln was entirely correct to say “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Those who voted for El Trumpo are certainly in that first group; those who still support him, even after seeing how inept he is at leadership (not to mention his utter lack of honesty or principles), are among the second group.

El Trumpo’s declining popularity is a confirmation of the third phrase in what Lincoln said.

Push, Trump didn’t fool me at all before I voted for him. I think he is a bully and a boor, and he will be a poor president. But he will be better for America than a Hillary presidency, which would have been a disaster.

Thinking that Trump voters are stupid or evil is not thinking the problem out to its full extent. Trump got nominated and then elected because people hate politicians. PUre and simple.

I am not an idiot and I own two electric cars and my conservative son owns two Teslas. Calling us stupid and idiots is just nasty. If we are so stupid why do we make well into six figures. I don’t call liberal people idiots. Keep the polotics out of electric cars please. At the very least stop the name calling

I call idiots that regardless of politics. It just happens the guy in this article is a liberal. Whether you like it or not, liberals can be idiots, and if you think no liberal can be an idiot, you just might be, too.

I never said ALL liberals are idiots. But if you’re a liberal who wants Musk to disassociate with Dump, you are an idiot. That describes the guy in this article.

What a pointless waste of money! I hope it is his own at least. Who does this moron think he is trying to tell Elon what he can or cannot do?!


what? Just because this person does not agree with the president does not mean that person should push everyone to refuse to even deal with the president in any form. I know everyone is entitled to their own view. I guess the gun toting conservatives should have resisted Obama… this is just crazy. What is wrong with trying to work things out?

A moron with too much money. Is he going to replace all those NASA contracts that Elon risks losing if he get political?

A smart businessman keeps politics out of business.

Pollution from the world ocean tanker traffic is 100 times worst than any bad decision by the EPA, and what is this guy doing about that?

I like to see what lifestye he lives? How many gasser cars? How big of a house? How much jet travel a year?

No, no, no. This a great man. You can tell, he owns a Tesla, has a bumper sticker, can make terrible videos in the rain and is a citizen of “Portola Valley”. He also has millions, so that means he’s smart just like our president. Elon will wilt in the face of his billboards and videos.

Just like PT Barnum said- “There’s a douche bag born every second.”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Another “Snowflake”.

This is proof that not everyone deserves a trophy at the end of game season.

Seems like he could have actually done something valuable with the 2 million dollars he is spending on this.

The reality is that Trump absolutely can be steered by people he talks to. If Trump only hears from the right-wing bubble, we will parrot the right-wing bubble. But if Elon can get 10 minutes with him, he can steer him in the right direction.

Pretending that you can get Trump to do what you want by giving him the finger is magical thinking. Trump will just go on a tweet rage. Musk is doing it right by trying to work from the inside.

On, the, nose.


$2 million probably could have bought a lot of “Catheter Cowboy” ads.

*laugh* Maybe Elon can do a guest appearance in one of those ads!

Dump Doug Derwin

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Boycott Doug Derwin

I think Doug is owned by fossil fuel industry lol. Doug you should’ve bought $2 million worth of Tesla products you moron…if you wanna make EVs successful buy products from the only real world ev manufacturer…Doug your a schmuck lol

> Pr*sident

Are you like 12? It’s absurd and so laughable the lengths you guys go to.

So are all those who favor Elon having nothing to do with the Donald Trump, the President of the United States, who was freely and fairly elected by the people of the United States going to give SpaceX the money it will lose from NASA?

In response to Ass*f post above.

*selected by electoral college after getting a minority of the votes.

Fixed that for you.

Didn’t like filibusters also, and so had the filibuster rules change, and now wanting it back. LOL!

Presidents come, and go, but companies need to be able to steer through the storms these temporary ‘managers’ of the country can create.
Mr Musk is doing just that.

So all those diesel burning mobile billboards aren’t contributing to global billboards.

What an asshat.

I personally think it’s a great thing that someone who is as environmentally conscious as Elon (because let’s face it,it’s in his financial best interest as well) cozies up to Trump.

Haha, global warming I meant 😀

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol……we need an edit feature.

Good one! Global bilboarding? I hate them too…

Hey, that will be a future advertising trend: enormous gossamer “global billboards” thousands of miles across, which can be seen by everyone as they orbit the Earth! 😉

I think the EVangelists need to realize that EVs are finally becoming strong enough economically, financially and in performance so that they can take over the market without needing to be a “religion” or even a “green” goal. The same can be said of solar panels. Musk is well aware of this and is intelligently advising Trump on the changes coming in America’s power systems. And despite the Leftist’s propaganda campaign, Trump is a very intelligent business man who listens to his advisers and makes smart decisions based on facts. That is how he got rich, and that is how he will improve nearly every part of the government system.

“Trump is a very intelligent business man who listens to his advisers and makes smart decisions based on facts.”

Do they actually let you walk around without a keeper?

“That is how he got rich…”

Hmmm, no, he got that from his daddy. But he ran all those businesses into bankruptcy, and lost all that real estate, without any help from his family.

“…and that is how he will improve nearly every part of the government system.”

Looking at what he’s done and attempted (but failed, fortunately) so far, this is a use of the term “improve” with which I am not familiar. 🙄

That is not true. Donald Trump discovered trap doors in our economic system that allow opportunities to make great riches. This happened to be our bankruptcy system. I felt as you do after reading his book, and for many years. It was after I realized this system works for everyman – not just Trump. He had guts enough to take those decisions to benefit his company. If it’s fair – it’s not “stupid” nor “dishonest”. You may not want to hear that, but it’s the truth. He admits that he took advantage of those rules. If they were not there – I believe he is smart and savvy enough to make the best of whatever rules were in place at the time. This is a sign of a very good decision maker, not a cheat nor a liar. He did what was best for his company. Remember his companies includes thousands of employees whose livelihoods depend on his decisions and the chances he took and decided not to take. This world is made of leaders and people who do not lead. We ( America ) needs people who know the game (s), of which politics is one very big and… Read more »

You don’t have any option or ability to influence a society if you stay in a cave.

DUMP DOUG LOL…because he’s a moron who wasted $2 million

How is it that people who are so stupid as to automatically assume that being on an Advisory Committee, means that Elon agrees with everything Trump does, manages to be smart enough to get rich?

Is a political move from Elon, Trump is ignorant and idiot but still is our president. Keep your enemies closer.

So our president is an idiot, but he chose not to be a lawyer, but a billionaire. He is not a politician, but a successful man in business.

I suppose you subscribe to the “silver spoon” philosophy. That doesn’t hold water.

How is it that folks hate other folks who have succeeded in this economy and in it’s many disparate evolutions?

My ears automatically shut off when people begin calling names instead of making sense with facts and detail.

Boycott Tesla if you feel this way.

Boohoo, my hero Elon dares to relate to a President I didn’t vote for.

Never mind, that Jeff Bezo’s who is very left wing, had no problems with meeting and working with Trump also.

What does Jeff Bezo’s have in common with Elon, they both have rocket companies that want contracts with NASA.

Contracts that are worth 100’s of millions to potential billions of dollars over time.

Basically this guy is asking for Elon to bankrupt or at the very least majorly downsize his rocket company, at Jeff Bezo’s gain, and the other rocket companies vying for NASA contracts.

Elon is no dummy. He is not going to do anything to jeopardize SpaceX.

How come he is not spending millions to convince Jeff Bezo’s not to work with Trump organization? I guess, he’s not worthy of hero worship, like Elon is.

Think about this: If Elon leaves the President’s CEO advice panel, another CEO will replace him, and one that is probably not friendly to EVs, solar power, or anything cool.

Elon has a opportunity to influence a US president on a regular basis. He would be a fool to give that up.


Nailed it

It is impossible to comment on this topic without it getting political. I despise the current POTUS. Elon being picked as an adviser was a real head scratcher. It seems that every appointee of this administration is in direct opposition or conflict to the actual department that they head, true Elon is not running any department but his selection was an interesting one. He can’t be ignored to his visibility could he say no? Sure, but what would be at risk? Right now is a very tenuous time for Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX. More importantly what is Elon’s goal. It isn’t necessarily making money, that is simply the fuel to achieve the real goal which is to help transition to a better, cleaner energy system which will in turn help humanity. The enormity of the undertaking is really beyond comprehension. Then add to that all of the people how depend on him. It’s the same reason I don’t have a passenger when I ride a motorcycle, if I crash and hurt myself that is one thing but if I do something that hurt someone else I couldn’t live with that. In his case he may have to deal with… Read more »

“People are still uncomfortable with Elon Musk’s connection to…”

…the current President.

Yeah, I’m rather uncomfortable with it. But I’m also pragmatic enough to realize that there is no way the founder and CEO of SpaceX can afford not to “play nice” with the current administration.

We can talk all day about how bad it is, and wring our hands about it, but the reality is that SpaceX’s principle source of funding, and its #1 customer, is the U.S. Government. So there is no way it would benefit Elon to cut ties with El Trumpo and his oil-igarchy cabinet so long as they’re in charge of government policy regarding NASA and the space program.

You wanna convince Elon to cut ties with the Trumpsters? First convince him to give up his involvement with SpaceX. Now, what are the chances that’s gonna happen? As they say: “Slim and none, and Slim just left town.”

One creative way to speak to Republicans about energy is – national security.

You see – if you don’t connect with global climate change – change the language you communicate with.

Another angle, and THE angle I speak to Republicans and Democrats alike is – CLEAN AIR. You see, consensus building means finding something we all have in common. Many of us have children and we all have relatives we love.

Speak in such a way as to build consensus.Clean air is something we all can rally around. Megacities are choking on dirty air. One major cause is the infernal combustion engine.

What politician cannot run on a clean air platform? He/she will win over votes – and act as though it’s their idea…This is a very effective way to get things moving in political circles.

In other words – if your Republican guy thinks he is the clean air candidate – then that makes their foe the “I don’t care about clean air for our children to breathe” candidate.

Using your noggin’ to get what we want dept.

Brilliant, I deal with Republicans all the time since I live in Florida and if I mention global warming they get angry but if I mention clean air they ask questions about my Leaf.

Good one guys! No doubt, clean air is an excellent debate point, and the main reason why I support EV’s so much.

This is the most asinine thing one could imagine. You don’t like what Trump is doing, I understand that. However, Elon could influence him in a positive manner. Instead you want to remove this positive influence from Trump?