ELMOFO Radical SR8 Electric Racer Tears Up The Track – Video


Let Me Just P{ass These Slow ICE Racers Right Away

Let Me Just Pass These Slow ICE Racers Right Away

“A wild ride with Garth Walden at the wheel for the first official CAMS sanctioned race meeting for an Electric Vehicle. The instant torque can make this car a bit of a handful on tight track sections…particularly with cooler tyres.”

“The ELMOFO Radical is the only electric powered vehicle in a field of petrol powered cars in Race 1 of Round 1 of the NSW SuperSports State Championships.”

States the video descriptions.

Some ELMOFO specs include:

  • 416 horsepower electric motor
  • 442 ft-lbs of torque

The video description continues:

“The car performed great during practice, qualified 3rd (of 7) in it’s class and was positioned 5th (of 9) on the grid for the start. The 2 front runners are super-light and fast Stohr racers which are in a different class to the Radicals.”

“The torque of the electric drive enabled Garth to wheel spin his way to the front of the Radical field which he led for the whole race until the last 150m where a technical issue caused a sudden power drop and let 2 cars pass just before the finish line.”

It’s especially entertaining to see ELMOFO zip past most of the field within the first few seconds of the race.  The joys of instant electric power.

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I’m suprised of the noise this car makes, much closer to a engine than i would have imagined.

Unlike the electric motors in our cars, this one is not optimized to be as silent as possible 🙂

Also, the louder a motor is the less efficient it is as well. Conservation of energy laws come into play here. We all know of the energy used to move the motor, then there is energy lost to heat. Another one is the energy lost to noise, the energy to make that noise has to come from somewhere.

Most of the noise is probably gear noise. Straight cut gears are typically used in motor sports applications and they are much noisier than the helical cut gears found in typical gearboxes.

The gauge in the center of his instrument panel looks to be a SoC gauge. It wasn’t “full” when he started and it seems to me that he simply ran out of energy and his BMS started cutting back.

The 2 racers out in front left him in the dust. He also seemed to have a hard time with the steering wheel. Unless that is normal for racing cars like this. No wonder those guys always look beat after a race.

Anyone else notice the powerlines above during the race. i thought that was a nice touch. 🙂

“The 2 front runners are super-light and fast Stohr racers which are in a different class to the Radicals.”

:)love it. It does look like a bit of a point and squirt racer at the moment. Is the weight/handling causing this?

Interesting the comment above about the sound being similar to ‘normal’. I noticed the same with the Mugen Shinden San in the TT Zero event at IoM. Given some EV racers sound terrible, it’s good to know that some designers can somehow produce race vehicles that stir the pulse.