Ellen DeGeneres Becomes Latest Celeb To Give Props To Tesla (w/videos)


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3


You know how politicians like to tuck their pet projects onto the end of irrelevant bills at the 11th hour, to sneak it past us? Ellen did the same thing here with this Tesla plug, tacking it onto the end of a filibuster about Mississippi. Blink and you’ll miss it. Skip to 3:18 here.

Here’s Colbert’s soliloquy from a while back:

And Oprah too:

Oprah In A Tesla

Oprah In A Tesla

Jon Favreau on Jimmy Kimmel:

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Saw John Stossel, on Fox, talking up autopilot, last night. Who’d have thought?

And all despite teslas policy to not give free stuff to anyone for the sake of PR. Even Bjorne Nyland, the videoblogger from Norway who visited for the model 3 event and had hoped to get a free model S vacation vehicle out of tesla for the two weeks after the event, and who has a large following of him describing his experiences in his 2013 P85 model s and won a free model X via the referal program that he will take delivery of in Norway was bouncing off the policy of no trial vehicle for more than 48 hours. He was actually two clicks away from renting a fossil car when Neil from http://www.acsl.us offered him to use his black model X 90D for free for the vacation. Find his videos of what he loved and what he didn’t like on YouTube…

I’m sure a lot of hard-right conservatives are growling and saying “Oh, look at those Hollywood leftists pushing this greenie-weenie technology! Harumph!”

Yeah . . . they are. GOOD! There is nothing wrong with promoting technology that will help clean the air, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and reduce the problem of climate change.

And even if you are a jackhole that doesn’t care about any of that, THEY JUST ARE REALLY GREAT CARS. Ask consumer reports.

Education is a Liberal Agenda. 😉

Those socialists confiscating tax dollars for schools, what about the “market” system?

Reality has a left wing bias.

Spec, nearly half the people on GM-Volt dot com are conservatives. Electric car fans sit on both sides of the aisle.
The GOP has tried to make electric cars the enemy, but conservatives kind of like the idea of a car that uses All American electricity to power itself vs. that of an old fashioned gas powered car that relies on Jihadi Juice.

There are some but half? I seriously doubt that. There’s a reason half the evs in the country are in California….and not in the red central valley.

There should be many more due energy independence, national security, trade deficit, etc. But no.

There is a lot of knee-jerk rejection. Look at Texas, they have huge amounts of wind turbines and they are making massive amounts of money by selling natural gas, yet they are part of the anti CPP lawsuit even though they are profiting off the CPP! They will cut off their nose to spite their face.

Since the Volt doesn’t count as an EV, I think you will find more owners left of center own true EVs.

One of my friends is a rabid trump supporter. But he is also a super tesla fan and a firm believer in solar and wind.

Trump= America First.

Socialists don’t get it, and establishment career lawyer/politicians are:

A) Not trustworthy

B) Beholden to the entities that fund their campaigns

Trump is self-winding his own campaign so far. Hillary takes millions from Wall Street, and has the integrity of an ambulance-chasing, mesothemiola attorney. Ted Cruz took $20,000,000 from the Johnson Brothers in the Iowa caucus alone (the Johnson brothers made their billions in the Oklahoma tracking industry).

Last presidential election, Obama spent $1.2 billion, Romney – $1.4billion. Who among us thinks that isn’t criminally insane?

Let’s all do our fact-checking.


*Johnson brothers made their billions in the fracking industry.

– I’m not fond of auto-correct on phones.

Oh….tuck their pet projects..oops read that wrong.