Eli ZERO Urban Electric Car Debuts At CES: A NEV Arriving in 2017 From ~$10,000


Eli Zero, Image Credit: Eli

Eli ZERO, Image Credit: Eli

The Eli ZERO premiered this week at CES in Las Vegas, among other plug-in vehicles from Baidu, Faraday Future, LeEco, and others.

Eli ZERO, Image Credit: Eli

It looks a lot like a Renault Twizy. Some may call it competition with the Smart ForTwo ED, because it seems a bit more “car-like” than the less sophisticated and less structural Twizy.

Update:  stats and pics from live release

Eli’s press release reads:

We believe Eli introduces an advanced, yet simple product that will fundamentally shift how we engage with urban fabrics. Smaller, simpler and friendlier, Eli ZERO is the ultimate two seater mobility device for agile daily movement. Eli ZERO reimagines the NEV and addresses the dynamic transportation demands of modern cities and towns by offering a versatile driving solution for both urban and suburban neighborhoods.”

The two set EV is powered by a tiny 4 kWh battery (48V) that gives the city plug-in a 23 mph stop speed – meaning it is strictly a “neighborhood electric vehicle” or NEV.

Proportionally the Eli is 225cm long, 138cm wide and 155cm high, with a weight closing in on 350 kg.

Eli Zero arrives in late 2017 from about $10,000

Eli Zero arrives in late 2017 from about $10,000

Yet with all that said, the electric range estimate given is really wide, with the company saying between 40 and 75 miles; given the 4 kWh capacity and the sure-to-be-north of 1,000 lbs weight with a passenger or two, we think travelling 40 miles is fairly ambitious.

Features of the Zero include full A/C and heating system, Bluetooth, USB and decent audio system.  The Eli Zero is expected to arrive near the end of 2017, with a price of around $10,000.

Eli Zero Instrument Cluster

Eli Zero Instrument Cluster

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The speedometer only goes up to 80kph so it is not highway capabale so there is no reason to have that kind of range…

The size of that car might be lucky to fit 15kWh in it. 140km range Tops!

Eli ZERO released/stats out/article updated

4 kWh battery/25 mph top speed/ ~40-70 miles range

/whun wah

So good for your kid to go to high school and back, but not much else

Nope, don’t want my kid to get hit by her friend’s soccer mom driving in a SUV or minivan.

Ok… no, that’s just bad out.

The Twizy with 6.1kWh usable battery, you have ~85km of range in the city. But ~75km of range in the city and some road around the city (60-75km/h).
Even Renault, tells to their clients the range is about 80km.

Perhaps that’s the odometer, not range remaining…

It looks like the odometer is under the 289, however the image isn’t good enough to be sure.

Under the 289 there is only Chinese scripture.

Confucius say … man who drive like hell, bound to get there.

They should get NY Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning to endorse their BEV. Old McManning bought an EV, Eli, Eli, Oh. . .

And on this farm he had a golf cart…

Looks like a mode of transport for a gated community, retirement community, or resort rental.

Would be perfect for cities in the northeast.

Would be perfect for the golf course on a rainy day 😐

I don’t see how this would work in any city where all the main roads are 35mph speed limit and people tend to drive 40-45.

the battery symbol contradicts the red maker (if it indicates the range). The symbol indicates SOC almost 75%.

With a top speed of 23mph it is worthless everywhere.

Which New Yorkers drive 25mph?

I was in Finsbury in North London in the UK this summer, and they have a 20 mph limit, and I don’t think they are the only area. Gotta get used to it!

More like 28.9 not 289. That would provide roughly 60 kilometers of range and that makes more sense for a city car.

A few years ago, before I bought my FFE, I was really into electric bicycles and I was looking really hard at electric velomobiles. There are a lot of advantages to low speed urban vehicles, like not having to have a drivers license to drive them and not having to buy insurance for them. Unfortunately roads are not designed for them, so although there can be a lot of benefits to them they can be very dangerous on roads with cars.

Electric velomobiles run upwards of $10k so the price is not unreasonable. I would think that for some people, especially people in very congested cities, this type of vehicle would be just right for them. I quit riding my electric bicycles when I bought my FFE because my FFE competes much better on public roads and I don’t think I’ll be in the market for a low speed urban vehicle ever again.

That may be the case in Texas, but in NY State, both a license and insurance are required. I checked into the GEM around a decade ago and found the insurance on the car was much more than a normal EV.

It is cheaper to drive a highway capable vehicle here.

Rather lease a Fiat 500e for zero down $49 per month.

Or buy a 2 year old 500e for ~$5k.


Where do you put the golf clubs?

you’d have to get the optional tow hitch, towing capacity is a maximum of 2 bags, 28 clubs and 6 balls.

You can use it as a golf cart, but you can’t carry balls in it.


How the fuuk can they put in as little as 4kWh in a 10k usd car when a kWh is around 200usd today?

Only ac and some electronics will surely use at least 1kW and traveling at 25 mph will probably need 3kW so then the car will only go 25 miles.

And why the lazy top speed? In Europe 15 year olds can drive at maximum 28 mph. They should at least fix that.

I just don’t see the point when you can buy a used Nissan Leaf for less money, and is more useful.

I looked into NEVs a few years back and the problem is, there is almost nowhere you can drive them if you ilve in the suburbs like I do. And while it might be “legal” to drive 23 miles per hour on a 40 mph street…. you aren’t going to make any friends doing that!

I like the form factor and looks. Like the Twizy it’s quite cool, and unlike the Twizy it actually protects you from bad weather, which is quite practical in many parts of the world.

But the tiny battery and extremely limited performance 😀 is a big let-down. If it had at least 10 kWh and could do 40 mph it’d at least be a useable city car, but like this I can’t really imagine anyone not just wanting, but needing, more.

Agreed. I like the design much better than the Twizy, but the range and performance vs price, is horrid.

Who makes this car and where do they intend to sell it?. The article gives the price in $ but everything else is metric so it’s clearly not aimed at the US. Also is it legal to sell a car with a top speed of 50MPH as anything other than a golf cart?

“Also is it legal to sell a car with a top speed of 50MPH as anything other than a golf cart?”

Definitely. Google “neighborhood electric vehicle”. In the USA, they can be licensed to drive on public roads, and can travel at a top speed between — depending on the State — 25 MPH and (if I recall correctly) 35 MPH. (Oddly enough, this type of vehicle is more restricted in Canada.)

Don’t think of it as, legally, a “car”. Think of it as as an electric scooter with four wheels.

This car is stupid. With a 4kwh battery it will degrade to EOL within 40K miles. Let’s assume 40mi of range, which is way high, that’s 100 charge cycles for 4000mi and 1000 charge cycles for 40K miles. So basically it will be EOL by 40K miles. Ok so the pack is only 4kwh and cheaper to replace, still not that cheap. It will still cost you at least $2K to replace a pack, so that makes the maintenance costs pretty astronomical, or at least comparable to an ICE car.

Looks way too much like a Twizy for my taste, and good to see this will be limited to low speeds.

Is it too much to hope that at least the cabin is waterproof? In the Twizy, even the versions with full doors aren’t.

These are for getting around the Gigafactory!

QUOTE=meaning it is strictly a “neighborhood electric vehicle” or NEV.

It’s a two seat Twizzy!