Electromagnetic Fields Found Not To Be A Safety Issue For Electric Vehicles


Not that we ever believed that electromagnetic fields were a safety problem associated with electric vehicles, but it’s still comforting to have a full-blown study prove that electromagnetic fields aren’t an issue to be concerned with in regards to EVs.

As Green Car Congress writes:

“The EU-funded study EM Safety, led by SINTEF, has found that neither electric-powered cars—nor those powered by hydrogen or gasoline—expose passengers to higher electromagnetic fields than those recommended in international standards. Field intensity is actually well below the recommended value. The study, involving SINTEF and nine other European companies and research institutes, is currently the most comprehensive ever carried out in this field.”

In brief, the results of the study show that:

“The highest values in 7 electric cars under test were measured near the floor, close to the battery itself and when starting the cars. In all cases, exposure to magnetic fields is lower than 20% of the limiting value recommended by the ICNIRP.  Measurements taken at head-height are less than 2% of the same limiting value.”

“In the case of gasoline and diesel powered cars, exposure was measured at around 10% of the limiting value.”

All of the tested vehicles fall below defined limiting values of acceptable exposure to magnetic fields, as laid out by The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Kari Schjølberg-Henriksen, a physicist at SINTEF, concludes the following:

“There is absolutely no cause for concern. The difference between this research and similar earlier work is that we have taken into account what contributes to the magnetic fields. The rotation of the wheels themselves generates considerable magnetic fields, irrespective of vehicle type.”

So, it seems you should be more concerned by the magnetic fields created by rotating wheels then by the magnetic fields that electric vehicle specific components may generate.

Source: Green Car Congress

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There has been plenty of people measuring this showing that there is no need to worry.

But what they also measured was that close to fast chargers you have a significant electromagnetic field if you stand to close to it. But I doubt that anyone wants to stand for a long time less than 1 m away from a fast charger anyway.

So what I would like to see is a study of fast chargers and super chargers being tested to see which levels they are at and what effect that might have.

Glad to read about this study. I would imagine anyone wanting to transition to an electric car will feel more confident sitting on top of a very large battery during a long commute.

In other words, EVs have about 2x the EMF of ICE cars, but that’s OK because that’s much lower than ancient standards. Nevermind the weak association with childhood leukemia and some forms of brain cancer.

I’ve measured many EVs personally and the LEAF comes out on top–no more EMFs than an ICE car. Tesla has very high EMF, but only when accelerating.

Cell phones held against your head, are far more of a health concern than EVs.

Especially if you do so while driving.

I would suggest a concern with the wireless EV charging schemes both inside the cabin of the car and adjacent to it when charging.
In the first half of the 20th Century, Radar techs used to warm their hands in the radiation of high power radar sets (In front of the big dish antennas)But, we discovered that in 1960’s there was a pronounced cancer threat and we were taught to shield our eyes because the radar would heat up the eyes and give cataracts in the lenses of the technicians eyes. So I am concerned about Quick Wireless Charging…

I was stuck in traffic for over half an hour on Thursday right next to a truck carrying three big casks with radioactive and corrosive signs all over them (neither is good, the combination is especially freaky). Regardless of how the traffic crawled my Volt always ended with my head right next to those casks – rather diabolical. Then I realized there was another truck with the same markings without a trailer following the truck with the casks, possibly as a spare.

What we don’t know can hurt us so it is good to know.

There are two types of EMF radiation, ionizing (strong enough to pull electrons in the conductive band) and non-ionizing. The frequency of the radiation wave determines the amount of energy (Plank’s relation E=hv). The frequency of the waves (and harmonics) of the inverter (below a MHz) are far below what is needed to ionize matter (PHz), you would need UV light or higher.

The other issue is with the intensity of the magnetic field. If a 7 tesla MRI machine is safe, then a $70k+ Tesla producing magnetic fields in micro teslas is certainly safe. 🙂

i thought this was an article about emp’s disabling evs and cars like those fnf things