Electrifying Mini Superleggera Vision Concept: Real World Photos

MAY 29 2014 BY STAFF 9

At the 2014 Concourse d’Elegance at Villa d’Este, MINI unveiled a new concept, Superleggera Vision.

This exclusive interpretation of an open-top two-seater was created by MINI and Touring Superleggera, the tradition-steeped design and coach building house based in Milan. The MINI Superleggera™ Vision is on the one hand a classic roadster, a compact and agile two-seater, expressing the most minimalist and emotional style of motoring; and on the other hand its electric drivetrain gives the car distinctly modern driving dynamics.

Mini Superleggera Vision

Mini Superleggera Vision (via hyyperlic.com)

In collaboration with MINI, Touring Superleggera™ has designed and built an elaborately crafted, unique model which blends the tradition of classic coachwork construction with the MINI’s authentic British styling to create timeless aesthetic appeal.

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Mini Superleggera Vision

Mini Superleggera Vision (via Hyyperlic.com)

Here are the highlights with full details at this link:

  • Modern Britishness meets Italian flair: the iconic design of MINI meets elegant, athletic beauty – interpreted in contemporary style.
  • Classic Italian body construction and hand-shaped metal sheeting give the MINI SuperleggeraTM Vision a unique emotional appeal.
  • Both on the inside and outside, the form is reduced to the maximum extent so as to achieve a clear focus on the distinctive driving experience.
  • The interior reflects traditional coachwork construction in terms of materials and styling, combined with the icons of MINI interior design.
  • High-end materials such as leather, aluminium and black chrome highlight the clear aesthetics of the interior.
Mini Superleggera Vision

Mini Superleggera Vision (via Hyyperlic.com)

More images here: Hypperlic via BMWBLOG

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They need to build this. Use the drivetrain from the i3. Provide an option for a bigger battery though.

Needs a nosecone. Fake grills on an EV come off as disingenuous.

It is kind of a tough call. If you lose the grill then you lose some of the retro styling.

But then again, a nosecone would provide some space-age beauty and slightly better aerodynamics.

Why don’t care companies provide more options for stuff like this? Make grill or nose cone standard and provide the other as an option for a few hundred bucks. Seems like an easy way to make some extra money.

I think the grill is just glass – it only looks like grill.

Two quick-and-very-dirty mockups without the grille. (The best I can do on a Windows PC with Gimp and no drawing tablet in 5 minutes…)



Nice mockups!! Thanks for posting those. 🙂

I like the clean, Porsche-like front best.

The Europeans are stylistic geniuses imho!
I like the fin.

I guess one would buy it for its look because there was no mention of range. Did I miss that info?


I advise someone to make a shameless copy for an EV kit car.