Electrify America Charger Leaves Electric Car Driver Stranded: Video

SEP 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 125

Electrify America launched 15 fast charging stations, but are they operational yet?

Electrify America presents on its website a map and list with 15 ultra-fast charging stations (out of nearly 500 planned by the end of June 2019) that are already installed.

Doing some research on progress, we come across a new video entitled “Electrify America High Speed Chargers don’t work” with a Nissan LEAF driver who complains that he was left stranded in Breax Bridge Louisiana as the Electrify America station wasn’t working.

The biggest problem is that the driver says that he called Electrify America ahead and was encouraged to visit the station as it’s ready for charging. Hopefully, it’s just one of the early kinks and network will become reliable.

Luckily, the driver was able to connect to the outlet at Walmart, but that was a long wait to recharge at just over 2 kW.

“The got me stranded in Breax Bridge Louisiana and offer no compensation. I called ahead and they lied to me and told me that the charger was working. When I got here, it wasn’t. So now I’m stuck here for 24 hours trickle charging at Walmart.”

We look forward to hearing from you about Electrify America stations nearby. Feel free to leave a comment on whether or not you experienced any issues.

Electrify America Charging stations

  1. Gulfport Premium Outlets(10000 Factory Shops Blvd, Gulfport, MS, 39503)
  2. Brughs Mill Country Store(345 Brughs Mill Rd, Fincastle, VA, 24090)
  3. Chicopee Marketplace(591 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA, 01020)
  4. Reston HQ(2003 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA, 20191)
  5. Walmart Supercenter 1065(2400 N Hervey St, Hope, AR, 71801)
  6. Farrar Place(920 Hillsboro Blvd, Manchester, TN, 37355)
  7. Stratford Square(411 Barnum Ave Cutoff, Stratford, CT, 06615)
  8. Walmart Supercenter 91(205 Deaderick Rd, Forrest City, AR, 72335)
  9. T & T Country Store(40 Washington St W, Huntington, OR, 97907)
  10. Walmart Supercenter 1214(115 W Willow St, Colby, KS, 67701)
  11. Walmart Supercenter 664(4301 Vine St, Hays, KS, 67601)
  12. Casey’s Lebanon MO(669 West Elm St, Lebanon, MO, 65536)
  13. Walmart Supercenter 402(1932 Rees St, Breaux Bridge, LA, 70517)
  14. Willowbrook Commons(61 East Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN, 37211)
  15. Walmart Supercenter 3835(5588 Little Debbie Pkwy, Ooltewah, TN, 37363)

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“and they lied to me” – VW Dieselgate strikes again!

This Breax Bridge Louisiana Electrify America charger hopefully gets its issues resolved quickly.

The Tesla SCN may be what “those in the know” will rely on, when it comes to road trip reliability and conEVnience!

Use the PlugShare App next time, to get realtime updates, from actual users. The Breaux Bridge EA charger isn’t EVen listed yet, go figure.

Also EA chargers at Walmart nearby in Sulphur, LA., that are listed, are not up and running yet either – according to current PlugShare status report.

It is listed as operational, notice the negative comments (from the same user I presume). However, it is just going online in the last few days, not sure I would trust it yet).

As a plus side, they are opening about 1 or 2 charging stations of multiple chargers a week. They show 15 or do open stations right now.

My bad, your right, it IS listed on PlugShare, it’s just not Free, like the Sulphur Springs, LA., Walmart chargers. My PlugShare App filter is stuck on FREE Chargers!

“One, in Breaux Bridge, is complete, according to the contractor. Another in Sulphur will be finished by the fall, Electrify America spokesman Mike Moran said. The firm is in real estate discussions for another, yet-to-be announced location.

Eddie Haynes, owner of JEH Solar, said Electrify America hired his firm to install the Breaux Bridge charging station. That location, at a Walmart on Rees Street, features six dispensers capable of charging 12 cars at a time.”

It’s in, just not ON yet!

Why not use the closest Nissan Dealership? They have always let me charge for free.

Free fast charging is only available to certain year Leafs, I have forgotten which. They did once let me use it as a favor, another dealer wouldn’t. otherwise its only Level 2.

Probably also not a coincidence that the https://www.electrifyamerica.com/locations is unusable for browsing around your area, at least on the mac , both in safari and firefox.

Yeah, it’s been unusable since the beginning. Not sure why they can’t figure out how to make it work.

When it launched, you could actually zoom in with the +/- keyboard keys, but they took that functionality down about 48 hours after launching the site. Doesn’t appear to be a way to trick the site to do it anymore. I asked them about it at one point and the response:
“Thank you for your interest in Electrify America. As more details become available regarding our sites, updates such as the zoom function, will be available on our website at https://www.electrifyamerica.com.”

I don’t understand the benefit of them not publishing where they are hoping to put sites.. it already says they’re ~15 miles or so approximate, but that’s plenty enough to see where one might be able to take CCS supported trips within the next couple years…

I always assumed it was so real estate speculators wouldn’t be trying to cash in on sites EA was looking at.

Not so much “those in the know” but “those in the club”. EA supports all EVs, including Tesla. The SCN supports no EVs outside of Tesla.

Not reliable support for CHAdeMO vehicles since only one per site.

I know! 😱😳😭

And Anyone can fly a Plane, but I’d prefer a Qualified Pilot! Flying is like a Walled Garden! Only Pilots allowed!

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Claiming that they “lied to me” strikes me as the overly-dramatic wailings of someone who has the mentality of a child. More than likely the people on the other end of the line had been misinformed about the status of the charging station.

It will probably take them longer than it took to electrify rural America.

a bit extreme – like saying “for profit corporation should not be involved in fueling cars…”

The problem with for profit corporations charging cars is the lack of profit when charging cars. Even gasoline is a low margin product and is made up with convenience stores high margin snacks and soft drinks. Chargers need to be at some kind of convenience stores to make them profitable.

You are right Tim which is odd more convenience stores are not racing to add EV charging spots. EV drivers will spend a little be more time charging then a gas car would filling so you would think the convenience store would be dying to get us EV drivers in. I often drive between NJ and VT and along my route is a Tesla Super Charger that is in a Quick Check parking lot. I always grab a meal, snack or drink when I stop there. Until I owned a Model 3 that store was never visited by me and my family.

Hear hear. I think when we see more EVs on the road (more demand), a lot of places will get it. Another anecdote – I traveled from upstate NY to VA beach this summer and along my route, are some ChargePoint QCs at Royal Farms convenience stores. I never would have stopped there, but since they had a charger that’s where I ate lunch.

I have yet to find a Blink charger that worked. Then there was the only charger anywhere around San Jose International airport that CLOSES after business hours.

Seriously, as a Leaf owner, if you need to rely on public chargers, you are better off financially with a hybrid. Way less stress too.

There was a Blink charger at Johnson Controls HQ in Milwaukee, WI. It also did not work. I took that as an ill omen.

There is one working L2 Blink charger in the IKEA car park in Woodbridge, VA, but I do realize you may never benefit from it 🙂

I share the author’s outrage at being told chargers worked when they didn’t, but if this country is to ever develop a robust high speed charging infrastructure, then it is going to have to be a for-profit venture. Tesla has done a very good job of it, and their chargers aren’t free. The S and X have charging costs built-in to the price of the car and Model 3 users have to explicitly pay. My god, all of the gas stations in the country are for-profit and they work fine. There’s no reason a charging infrastructure for electric cars cannot be the same.

To be fair this charger just opened, so there are some growing pains to be expected.

The company said it was WORKING!

Negative votes when I tell the truth, must be for Trump.

Wait, do the downvotes inpact the president in some way? That would be awesome!!!!

If a single comment gets 100 neg votes, he gets impeached!

wait do I downvote that comment or upvote. I’m confused.

But… Trump is not from Georgia!

Impeached! Must be A Georgia Thing!

Some guy on the telephone said it was working. You never know if he was a technican or just a random receptionist staring at a list of “finished installations”.

Exactly, and likely it was only issue with CHAdeMO stall, CCS stalls might have been working.

Yes, they need to be for-profit; but it seems pretty clear that if you want to check to see if any are functioning, then it’s best to rely on crowd-sourced reporting on the PlugShare app or website. For-profit companies have little or no motive to tell you when their equipment is not working.

Every gas car needs to use gas stations, so gas stations are profitable. Most EVs rarely if ever use fast chargers, so despite being critically important to the success of EVs, fast chargers may never be profitable. This is why Tesla treats super chargers more like an advertising expense, recouping little more than operating expenses form the newest cars using super chargers.

Wasn’t it made by ABB? I have really terrible experience with ABB chargers 🙂

Wrong, its Signet. And I couldn’t disagree with you more about ABB.

ABB is good!

Fastned uses ABB and they always work.

Maybe it was an issue with the Owners of them, or the Installers, or Operators?

Yes, we do as well. We have 100 ABB units across Ontario and we continually have issues with them. About 12 of them are consistently not working and our support from ABB remains flaky at best.

That sucks..but why doesn’t he go to the nema 14-50 that is is 0.78 miles away on plugshare?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

He may not have a portable EVSE with him.
Die hards like myself carry an OpenEVSE 40A with plenty of adapters in the trunk……..lol

The New 2018 Leaf has it (EVSE) on board! Need to carry the appropriate charge cord length w/ adapters only.

“Standard in SL, and a option on the SV and S, will be a combo Level 1 + 2 charging cord. This will let you get a level 2 charge from a dryer outlet, say, without the need for installing a dedicated wall charger.”


Doesn’t necessarily mean he had it with him, does it? Just means it’s a standard accessory, if I understand correctly. I use my ICCB at home and only rarely take it with me.

Dryer outlet = 30A; wheras a Stove Outlet would be 50A (x 80% for the continuous load charging is rated as)!

The nema 14-50 would have been an excellent alternative, less than a mile away?

Only $3.oo per/hr. @ the RV park and Campground, it could have been a deal breaker!😉

I agree that Electrify America is really lagging in their promises. I really doubt they will have the 500 charging stations by July 2019. I doubt that there will be even 100. ChargePoint does much better in deploying new fast and slow charging stations. EVGo also does a good job, but they are expensive (at least they have a fixed price across all their stations) and don’t support cars without CCS or CHAdeMO.

They aren’t lagging at all, I am watching multiple 10 stall stations opening every week with 350 and 175 kw and lower power stalls. As long as these issues get worked out, and I am sure they will, they will be good. Not even many vehicles to use this network for a couple years (need 150 mile or more range CCS vehicles).

Theris is less then a year to deadline, and that’s less then 50 weeks and that’s more then 10 stations per week. Electrifiy America have to up their game.

But this story is a bit overblown. A bit of confusion is expected at the very beginning.

The 500 number is mostly for L2. I am pretty sure they only plan on 50 or so L3 stations (of like 4-10 stalls each) by 2019, which they are on track for (all those under construction sites on PlugShare).

I have no idea where the 500 number came from. According to EA, the first cycle (ending in 9 months) includes 300 highway sites and 650 MORE community sites, for a total of 950 sites.
Highway sites include a combination of 150kW and 350kW chargers. Community sites include a combination of 50kW and 150kW chargers. None of these sites are L2 only, although some may have L2 in addition.

Hmm, it seems the 500 number comes from the Audi press release. But that is at odds with the EA Plan.
“By July 2019, the Electrify America network will include nearly 500 fast-charging sites
complete or under development throughout 40 states and in 17 metropolitan areas. In
California, that includes 160 ultra-fast charging sites.”
The Lucid press release has the same exact wording as the Audi one. Now I am confused. Maybe of the 650 Community sites, 200 are fast-chargers and 450 are L2?

Sorry to keep replying to myself, but I think I’m getting it. According to EA:
“Community-based charging station sites will be built in workplaces, retail (shopping centers, restaurants, etc.), multifamily residential locations and municipal lots and garages, as well as high-speed community depots that will feature fast EV charging at speeds of up 150kW compared with today’s peak of 50kW.”

So it seems that some of the Community sites are fast-chargers and others are L2. Then given the Audi/Lucid press releases, I would assume that about 200 Community sites are fast-chargers and 450 are L2. That’s pretty exciting, IMO.

It seems these community chargers are completely overlooked both in the news (IEVs and elsewhere) and even on EA’s website. They don’t have a map of them, just the highway sites. Yet if you look at Plugshare, you can find them. It looks like Westchester County (greater NYC) already has one in Rye with 4x fast-chargers and another one under construction in New Rochelle with 6x fast-chargers. And then there is one in Buffalo with 4x fast-chargers, which is distinct from the highway site in Fredonia with 4x fast-chargers.

Yeah, there are two separate plans, split into two separate parts to consider here.

There’s the National plan, which involves more than 240 highway sites (with between 4-10 chargers at each) all of which will have 150-320kWh chargers and the 300 community sites, in towns and cities, some of which will have 150-325kWh chargers.

BUT there is also the separate California plan which will have at least 50 dedicated 150-320kWh sites and 350 community sites, some of which will be 150-320kWh.

As you say that means around 200 of the combines national and Californian community sites should have 150-320kWh chargers, which is great news.

It’s worth comparing to the supercharger network, which has around 600 supercharging sites in the US at the moment (although a greater number of total chargers). If all goes to plan EA’s charging network will be almost as substantial as the Supercharging network for roadtrips, which is good news – just in time for the E-Tron etc.

Exactly, 300 highway chargers is about 50 stations, which they are on track for.

I think we are talking about different things. EA clearly says 300 sites by June 2019. That means at least 1200 chargers, since they each have at least 4 chargers per site.
But if you are talking about by the end of calendar year 2018, 50 sites with 300 chargers seems likely at this point.
That’s a difference of 250 sites in 6 months. EA absolutely needs to pick up the pace to get there. Then again, if you think back 5 years ago, Tesla had a similar ramp rate in the first year of Supercharger deployment. So it’s entirely possible that EA will ramp up very quickly into the first half of 2019.

There’s a ramping up process. They started last year and it would take some to work out where to put them, negotiate with landowners, get permits, hire workers and get the equipment. There are currently 15 finished and 49 in progress, which is a lot more that last month. Basically it’s a ramping up process, with most chargers being built/completed in the last few months, not a steady stream throughout the two years.

True words. I totally get the desire for the best possible EV charging infrastructure right now, like yesterday – I want it badly too. But its a shame people don’t know more about how complex the site prep and bureaucracy is for electricity that the general public will have significant exposure to – like guys, they’re going to put 500 Amps into the hands of the general public, who can be dumb, thieving and reckless. Lets be careful about how we do this and ensure a brand new product that’s never been used before in public works properly. The last thing the industry needs is a rush job that screws up cars or arcs and kills people. All it takes is one stupid company to do it wrong. Not trying to FUD, but does Fox News really need the ammo?

Here is CNBC take on the deal. An article filled with lies, intentional or just bad reporting, along with completely ignominious conclusions. Another fine example of a hack job, when it comes to any story that relates to Tesla.
Btw a really bad day for legacy auto manufacturers. A perfect storm is coming.

the One in Stratford ct only has one CHAdeMO plug out of 16. They are not supported all the brands. What a load VW BS no doubt it will be out of service and going to be fixed soon

ALL EA sites only have 1 CHAdeMO. EA is treating CHAdeMO like a red headed stepchild.

It could have been worse,

it could have been a red headed stepchild,
in Louisiana,
in a Cajun Red Tintcoat,


As they should.

Well only the Nissan Alliance companies are using CHAdeMO in North America. Everybody else (sans Tesla) are using CCS.

You mean to say they support every non proprietary brand but Nissan…
I bought a Leaf a couple years ago and I fully support EAs decision to only have one CHAdeMO plug and truthfully they should have 0…
There should be a standard and the market has chosen CCS and Nissan should have switched when that became obvious a couple years ago…

The market has not chosen CCS, the Europeans did. China and Japan are already not on board.

Yep, the new Leaf should have been CCS. Cut your losses, Nissan.

This is like saying petro stations overnight need to stop serving diesel and only serving gasoline. Well what do owners of existing diesel vehicles go to fuel up?

Between 25-50% of electric vehicles in the US have CHAdeMO for DC charging.

Chademo is a dead-man-walking in the US. Smart of them not to waste many resources on it. Foolish of Nissan to keep including it on new Leafs.

I live and work in Eastern Ontario. Public charging in this area is so risky I’ve written it off. It was the reason I traded in my much loved 2016 Leaf on a 2018 while the incentives were still there. I was expecting a range gain of 33% but it’s at least 40%. This pretty well covers the bases for me. I don’t want a hybrid. If I want to take a long trip I’ll rent a gasser. Too bad.

I’ve got to disagree with everything this guy says at the end of the video. He claims that for-profit companies should not be operating electric vehicle chargers. And then he says go to the free chargers. Well, we have the opposite issue here in DF/W. The only ones that ever work are the for-profit ones by EVgo or Chargepoint. Most of the free stations do not work or they are always blocked because the companies do not enforce the parking situation.

Charge is free but ICEing the spot should be a very expensive towing.

He should take his own advise and go to free charges so we wont have to hear him complain about for profit companies…
Then we can hear him complain for the reasons you stated…

Free charging is no more reasonable than free gasoline. For EVs to be mainstream charging has to be one standard (or at least offer all standards at each charging station) with clear pricing. Proprietary charging systems make no more sense than vehicle brand specific gasoline stations. (Tesla as the first mover is an exception though it might make sense for them to make their chargers usable by others at a price that is profitable.)

I fear this dieselgate money will be much like the tobacco settlement. Vast amounts of cash frittered away on poor choices and administrative costs.

I think they are intentionally throwing money away. Why would they put their first chargers in TN, KS, AR? These aren’t exactly EV hotbeds. Nothing in the EV capital of the US, in CA, where it might actually be useful.

TN, KS, AR are where the chargers are needed for long-distance travel because no one else has put any there.

People need to drive through those states in EVs even if no one there owns EVs.

California has it’s own separate plan, distinct from the national plan. 50 California specific highway sites and 350 community sites. They all need to be finished or in process by mid 2019, just as the national network is.


Wait, so what exactly was the problem? Was the power off, did it refuse to release the connector, what happened? And there’s nothing wrong with a charger you have to pay for, you can’t expect businesses to supply complimentary charger access forever, the Supercharger network isn’t even free for all Tesla customers anymore.

There was a single non-functioning CHAdeMO connector; and 11 CCS Combo connectors.

Kind of sad that Electrify America did not include a second connector should the single one break, charger fail, or was being used.

An analogy would be building single roads. Any accident, or maintenance work would stop all traffic. No second lane, nor shoulder to allow traffic to pass a single point incident.

> “All the other chargers are free.”


I just looked at Breax Bridge Louisiana on PlugShare, there’s a BMW dealer close by Moss BMW with a ChargePoint station pretty close by, how low was this Leaf owner that he couldn’t hit a nearby Level 2 station?

Sounds like major user error.

What much does it cost to charge with Electrify America? Is it the same cost across the states??

$1 hookup fee and 30 cents per minute while charging and 40 cents per minute once charging is complete

I took a look at the station in Gulfport, Mississippi over the Labor Day weekend. The prices it showed was the $1 connection charge and a 35 cents per minute charging fee.


Depending on your charge rate and how much (total kWh) you charge those charges are somewhere between reasonable and really expensive. Most people will have no idea how much they are actually paying. To be mainstream, pricing really should be by the kWh (with a penalty for staying hooked up after charging is complete).

since the battery tappers at the end and 98-100% might take more than 1h, a charging fee by the minute is more appropiated encuraging leaving when you are nearly fully and not waiting forever.

98-100% taking one hour, charging only 1kWh – charing by the minute –> 18$ – charging by the kWh –> 0.3$. What shows true cost? The 18$ since you occupy a spot where another driver could charge with 40kW. If you charge by kwh a lot of money is drained for the station owner.

That’s a good price of $10 for 30 min fill up. In an ice you might have to pay $20-25 to fill an average car

I spend more on public chargers with my Leaf than if I just put gas in my F250.

This is a dirty little secret about EVs. I am ready to buy a hybrid next, it is cheaper to fuel than my home power.

You must have expensive electricity and cheap gas. Where I am, it costs twice as much to fuel a Prius as it does to charge my Bolt at home. On the road, it has cost me a similar to a Prius.
This summer I made a 580-mile road trip supported by public charging. It cost me $20 for public charging, plus $7 for the initial full charge at home. That’s 4.6 cents/mile. At $3/gallon, you’d have to get 64MPG in your Prius for the same cost.

Come on guys, these are nice looking chargers placed in convenient/strategic areas and it’s certainly the closest thing so far to a national network for those of us that can’t plug into those red and white ones everywhere. I’m also going to begrudgingly approve of the CCS bias because HD-DVD took too long to die… and that comes from a LEAF enthusiast.

I wish the 2019 Leaf would finally switch to CCS….

Interestingly China and Japan are going to codevelop the next fast charging standard and it is going to be based on Chademo instead. So unlikely, the market is many million EV large.

Yes, but automotive markets are highly regionalized; a standard made for China will never be a standard for North America for example – the cars are built in region for region. CHAdeMO is gasping for air in the North American and European markets, which I personally think is kind of sad, but blame Nissan for dragging their feet on pushing harder high power development (and frankly, the rest of the original Japanese-Korean CHAdeMO consortium for being slow to develop their own EVs). CCS is absolutely killing it in passenger, fleet, bus, truck development – almost anything that’s got a big battery inside has no use for CHAdeMO. Even Kia/Hyundai and Honda flipped over to CCS.

One of the reasons I bought into a 2018 Leaf was that I figured by the time a robust ultra fast charging network gots built out with plenty of cars in my price range that can use it, my Leaf would be worn out and I would be ready to upgrade. Right now I would be happy with a reliable network of interstate CHAdeMO chargers that would allow me to efficiently travel outside the cities. The EA network should do the job if they can just keep those chargers working.

Does EA plan to have an app for real-time charger status?

I have been told by EA representatives that the app is coming but no word on when.

Stop it

When I visited Audis eTron demo with electrify america claiming to have the first fast charging station in SF on 90 Broadway, it turned out that the etron was only able to use L2 chargers because american CCS is incompatible with the european CCS pin layout, and the demo car was european. Which would also be why we could not test drive it. And another reason given by an electrify america person was that the location actually does not get enough power for the charging station, and it it would be more of a proof-of-concept, but the L2 chargers would work. The rest of the etron experience was of similar strangeness, could not test drive it but was allowed to sit in it. More detail here: https://mrmichaelwill.wordpress.com/2018/09/19/audi-e-tron-event-september-19th-on-90-broadway-in-san-francisco-first-impressions/

Sounds like typucal VW bullshjt. All show no go.

There are a lot reports on PlugShare about EA chargers not working, especially the CHAdeMO chargers. I warned everyone from the beginning that Greenlots has a poor maintenance record and the EA systems they are managing would likely have the same issues. I think either the courts that are imposing the DieselGate penalties or Volkswagen itself are going to have to start turning the screws on Greenlots before these chargers will become reliable.

Maybe they should contact a company that does have a sucessfull DCFC network and either consult with them or have them deploy them. At this point we’ll be lucky to see 20% of the funds VW paid out go to EV charging infrastructure. The dirtbag politicians from state to state have ready earmarked large portions of their share to things that have nothing to do with EV transportation.

Yellow. Why the he’ll I need. Electric garbage truck. They stink already

One of the contractors EA is using is the same one that handles many Tesla Supercharger installs.

I used the first EA location in Chicopee, MA at the end of a 700 mile road trip earlier this month and it worked like a charm: no RFID card or app needed, just swipe a credit card and off you go. To be fair, there are several EVgo and Chevy back up options near that location, so it wasn’t completely comparable to this.

Nonetheless, EA has never claimed its system would be free and it has been clear from day one that only one Chademo connector is built into each location. Not great for Leaf owners, granted, but most others here are CCS and it keeps the Tesla adapter crew from taking up spots.

Good to hear you don’t need to sign up to their service, you can just use a Credit card straight into the machine. That’s what’s needed for a proper network, rather than having to have an account with the network.

EVGo technically is the same way. You can use a credit card at most (if not all) of their stations – no need to have an account with them. Of course, the rates are higher if you use credit much like a gas station with different prices for credit or cash.

I have visited Farrar Place(920 Hillsboro Blvd, Manchester, TN, 37355) three times. Here are my PlugShare comments:

August 1
“$1.00 + $0.30/min. Any credit card works. Plug-in; insert card, and; charging starts. Food Lion grocery store opens at 7 AM. Hardee’s is across 6 + 1 lanes. Dollar General opens at 7 AM.” I only tried station 01.

August 24
“Spent an hour with support including restarting of the stations, different credit cards and no luck. One test triggered a false “fast DC charger” error. They’ve promised to call when fixed. Returned home on REx.”

Sep 5, 2018
“Station 04 worked but has race condition: (1) plug-in; (2) credit card; (3) skip receipt, and (4) charging begins. Do all steps quickly. Station 1 diddled; Station 2 same; Station 3 new reader, and; Station 4 worked if quick enough.”

Clearly reliability is going to be a problem at Electrify America stations, as most locations appear to offer a single CHΛdeMO connection.

As you can see on Plugshare the Bleaux Bridge, LA station has 11 CCS1 connections/charging bays; but just a single 1 connection/bay for BEVs equipped with CHΛdeMO charging.

Walmart Supercenter
Breaux Bridge, LA

In can understand VW wanting to prompt CCS since that’s their preferred charging option. BUT at a minimum every Electrify America DC station needs to offer two redundant charging connection points / bays. Is offering 2 CHΛdeMO of the 12 bays too much to ask?

IMO: The judge overseeing the deployment of EV charging should mandate a minimum of two DC connectors of each type be deployed at each of the 2000 station locations in the US.

Not only is there only a single CHadeMO plug (like with all other EA sites to date), but that single CHAdeMO plug is paired with a CCS plug. So it is entirely possible for a Bolt or Egolf to be occupying that lone CHAdeMO station, leaving the poor Leaf owner with the overheating battery SOL. I really hope CHAdeMO dies in the US. Multiple charging standards are not optimal.

What an entitled wanker.

They sure Look Pretty !…They’re Installing Chargers as Promised . They did not say they would be Operational ! IT MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT TO DO BUSINESS OR TO BUY ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE MANUFACTURE ..

When you call a charging company about a location, the question to ask is “When was the last successful CCS charging session?” (Or in his case, ask about CHAdeMO)

If this person had done that he would have found out that nobody has ever charged successfully at that location. You live and learn.

I’ve been tracking EA quite closely on PlugShare. Their reliability seems to be getting better, but they’ve still got a long way to go.

As I understand it, they are not contracting with Greenlots for maintenance. They are just using some of Greenlots’ software. I truly hope that EA doesn’t eventually have the same terrible maintenance record that Greenlots has.

The southeast is littered with broken Greenlots chargers. As far as I can tell, they never get fixed.

My guess is EA will fail. You can’t make a company do the right thing if they don’t want to and few companies wants less to do with EVs then VW. I would have preferred their punishment to be a fine of 2 Billion that was spread between Tesla, Plugshare, EVgo and any other large charging networks the US has.

If you go to Plugshare, you can see that not a single person had checked in reporting a successful charge at that particular EA site. Some random EA employee may have told that Leaf owner the stations were operating, but to not do proper researching (such as checking out plugshare) and not scouting out fallback charging locations was just stupid.

What’s stupid is a company not knowing the condition of their equipment.

THIS is why I oppose low MPC vehicles. The owners will drive all over and expect to be able to charge in the daytime.
That is only going to drive up electricity costs.

This is why PlugShare has “Coming Soon” and “comment made before site officially marked open”. I get the sense he’s a new Leaf driver, was told about “No Charge to Charge”, and might have been told it applied everywhere, hence “all the others are free”. This is just the charging industry shaking itself down, working out the kinks, which will have to be done for the wider public. It’s also a lesson for EA that they need to completely perform their shakedown site testing with the site ribboned off. Only when a driver can literally drive up, swipe their card and have it work as designed should the site be considered open.

A new gas station was recently built near my house and had “Coming Soon” signs for the longest time while every pump was checked, every card reader tested, every power failure and ‘dumb’ fault checked. Sometimes, you can’t manage everything in front of a computer at a desk in a far off city.

Leave it to the n00bs to give EVs a bad name. Same with Dawn what’s her face and her 800 mile debacle road trip in a Bolt that was pretty much all self inflicted errors that made the Bolt look bad.

I’d have searched for the nearest NISSAN dealership where they should have a L2 charger and MAYBE ChaDeMo. Then I’d have gotten on plugshare.com to look for any other L2 charging options…

Mark Kane stated, “…Luckily, the driver was able to connect to the outlet at Walmart, but that was a long wait to recharge at just over 2 kW….”.

Mr. Kane obviously doesn’t realize that the charge rate, especially at the end of an extension cord – couldn’t possibly be more than 1,2 kw. So it was a L O N G E R wait than even Mr. Kane thinks it was.

Charge cable at EE chargers in Albany, OR are too short to use with my Bolt without parking sideways to the charger. Payment options fail on the only 350 kw charger. Finally got one to work.

There are like five level two chargers in the vicinity. Are none of them compatible/accessible/working?