Electrify America To Install Fast Chargers At 100-Plus Walmart Locations

APR 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

Walmart will be one of the key partners in Electrify America’s charging infrastructure project of more than 2,000 DC fast chargers.

Electrify America fast charging station

According to the press release, Electrify America will install fast charging stations at more than 100 Walmart locations across 34 states by June 2019.

It will be more than one-fifth of all 484 Electrify America’s fast charging stations planned in the first phase.

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Hundreds of DC fast charging stalls will make Walmart one of the biggest charging infrastructure hosts in the country.

Some of the stations are to be 350 kW chargers, but most of the metro locations will get 50 kW to 150 kW chargers and an additional AC L2 for plug-in hybrids and BEVs without DC charging inlet.

“The announcement is expected to make Walmart one of the leading electric vehicle charging station hosts in the U.S. retail sector. Through Electrify America’s focus on both future and present-day electric vehicles, Walmart customers will be able to access ultra-fast charging systems with the latest charging technology available.”

Mark McNabb, President and CEO of Electrify America said:

“The expansion of Walmart’s electric vehicle charging facilities with our ultra-fast charging systems will provide consumers with a quick and convenient way to charge their vehicles in the time it takes to make their Walmart purchases. EV owners need a convenient, reliable and fast turnaround in recharging their vehicles. Walmart is the perfect partner for Electrify America to bring electric charging services to EV owners who value their time.”

Mark Vanderhelm, Vice President of Energy for Walmart, Inc. said:

“Along with providing our customers with an enhanced shopping experience through added convenience, this initiative also allows us to contribute to the expansion of our nation’s EV charging station infrastructure. Providing this service is the right thing to do for our customers, our business, and the environment.”

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Great, WalMart. Just where I want to go in the middle of a long trip.

Have to think about people that don’t have access to home charging as well. This network ain’t just for road trippers.

There is some truth to this. But those people don’t need 350kW.

Don’t get me wrong – EA finding a host like WalMart is a good thing. It’s just not what I was hoping for. Hopefully the other 400+ locations will be more travel-friendly. Maybe their next announcement will be with someone like Love’s travel plazas…

Walmart is everywhere with the largest employer with 3 million employees in the US. There three stores nearby with 2 of those with EVgo fast Charger and one with level 2

It does sound attractive for long trips. The price for soda and snacks will be much less than at a 7-11. Of course, it’s mainly to make EV viable for apartment dwellers.

Nonetheless, only 100 for the entire USA sounds a bit disappointing. I wonder how many will be in my state?

what state you in

That was meant to be a general question. The answer will depend on which state you live in.

Some of the Walmart locations will be very convenient here in WA state.

More fast chargers is always great news!

Feel free to skip past them.

Feel free to skip past my point. Oh wait, you’ve already done that.

I’m glad they are putting in high speed chargers at Walmart. In that it’s not uncommon for me to stop at Walmart on a long trip and walk around for a half a hour.

I really hope our local Walmart gets one too.

Another thing Walmart are very easy to find at highway exit ramps.

I really think Target and Kroger should also step in and add chargers like these two.

Great news, but I wonder if the EvGo DCQC stations will remain at current Walmart locations.

Good, but not great, considering how many stores they have, it’s a pittance.

Currently only Tesla has in place a nation wide convenient and reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance EV trips.

The $$$ allocated towards the Electrify America project is sufficient in amoun that it could (and should) fund the buildout a nation wide fast charge network that is as good or better than Tesla’s.

I’m encouraged to see action being taken to buildout the Electrify America fast charge network but I’m also discouraged that it seems somewhat hodgepodge-ish instead of a clear aim to provide a convenient and reliable nation wide fast charge network along major highways… that is what is greatly needed for wider EV acceptance and for traditional car makers to be able to better compete against Tesla.

If EVs are going to get beyond the toys for the rich that they currently are (viewed as), they have to be useful to and usable by normal people. Since Walmart is nationwide and one of the most-visited stores by Americans on a weekly basis, this is an outstanding opportunity to accomplish exactly that. Additionally, many Walmart stores actually are conveniently located next to highways and major roads, so it certainly should also be usable as a long-distance network. And this is only 100 sites of the over 400 to be installed from the first $500mn of the $2bn. They still have three more cycles to go through.

It’s a good start. I think Walmart is great for 2018 and 2019, but as we start having 300 mile range EVs that fast charge at 150+ kW, we then need prime locations near highways. They should be both at shopping areas where there are at least 2-3 food options nearby, and at convenience stores and gas stations that are open 24/7 offering some food options and restroom facilities.

There is Subway and Restrooms in Walmart. Plus other foods

True, but it’s not quite like a convenience store location or such that actually caters to travelers.

The Walmart here has a Subway inside, a McDonalds, Jimmy Johns, and a Starbucks store connected to the parking lot.

A block away there is a pizza place, Target, a hamburg joint, a Shari’s restaurant a bunch of other shops.

It sets about two miles from on-ramp of a major state highway, and about five miles from interstate 5 and downtown.

There are some large of apartments complexes and condo’s within walking distance.

I’ve been trying to get Walmart to install some car charging stations there for over a year now.

@menorman said: “…many Walmart stores actually are conveniently located next to highways and major roads… this is only 100 sites of the over 400 to be installed from the first $500mn of the $2bn. They still have three more cycles to go through…”

If those 100 Wallmarts are:

1) Located along a logical fast charge major roads buildout.

2) 6 or more fast charge stalls per charge location.

3) There is method for driver to know in advance of driving to the charge location the status of occupied/available chargers.

And if the remainder 3 buildout cycles of Electrify America results in having a fast charge network competitive with this: https://www.tesla.com/supercharger

Then Electrify America will serve to provide a huge advantage for the traditional car makers entering the EV space and desiring to blunt Tesla’s increasingly rapid EV market share dominance. Otherwise Electrify America will service as an example why traditional car makers are too mired in legacy constructs to be competitive in the EV space.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This will work fine as long as the WalMart is next to a freeway.

Now for the “Build out”, sounds like the funding is there. I ~REALLY REALLY~ hope the funding for long term maintenance is there also.

As I recall they do have funding set aside for maintenance. That’s really a valid concern tho, considering that the Blink network for example hasn’t done well at all in maintenance.

A company like Wal-Mart should have enough money, I wish they would just foot the bill and install charging stations in all of their lots. Can you imagine what that would do for the EV charging infrastructure? Of course, they’re welcome to charge money to use the stations. They may eventually make it all back up and then some. It’d just be a decades-long investment.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

IMHO, putting AC L2 10-20KW EVSE’s at Malls (30+) or movie theaters or other area’s where you would spend 1 or more hour(s) at would help a ton more.

The key for this to work is to prevent those damn charge camping mofo’s by billing/charging 2x the total amount if they sit 30mins after fully charged, then 4x after the first hour……etc.
If V2G capable then drain the battery to 50% SOC after the first 1.5 hrs……………lol

I actually see the future of most public Level 2 to function largely for PHEVs.
DC fast charging will fulfil most public long range BEV charging, and I believe it will ultimately be the reliable available charge method, whereas now it’s not so much that way.
In other words, long range BEVs actually don’t need public Level 2 much. Because of their long range it’s
DC fast charging that is by far the most utilized public infrastructure. Tesla demonstrates this already.
Long range BEVs will use Level 2 when available to minimize time spent fast charging, but Level 2 will largely be a convenience for PHEV drivers to use, and not something they RELY upon since they don’t need to and it’s often not reliably available.

Poor ideas all the way around. L2 EVSE and onboard chargers should be exclusively segregated to work shift and overnight charging, as that’s exactly how the onboard charger is scaled: to recharge the battery overnight. All other public charging should be DCFC at whatever available input power that’s available, be it 15 kW, 25 kW, 50 kW, or 150 kW. And yes PHEVs and short distance EVs should be targeted with DCFC interfaces. The Chevy Spark DCFC is brilliant. A sub 100 mile range EV that can be recharged in 15-20 minutes is a perfect placement for that type of vehicle. Next all EV charge spots should first and foremost be targeted as parking spaces, no matter the dwell time. It’s a serious annoyance to have to come back to move an EV. It is equally annoying to have an available parking spot where opportunity charging cannot occur. At the very minimum each charging station should be able to support 4 parking spaces by having 1 charger, with 4 cables, on a pedastal at the intersection of 4 parking spaces. The new expectation is that each EV parks in a spot with the ability to recharge. But there should be… Read more »

Why are they doing this with Walmart? Why not do it at service areas on highways, or at shopping malls? Who knows where Walmarts are, along a trip route?

Because the state owns the rest areas and service plazas and are too slow to adopt to EV unless they want to tax them.

I think it is a great idea for some brands of EVs.

Walmart is available almost everywhere. Walmart also opens late which is a good thing for travelers. 30 minutes stop would also help Walmart since people might pick up cheap junks from Walmart while they wait.

Walmart is often near major roads or interstate and have a large/tall billboard signs that are often visible miles from the hwy. Of course, I am sure Walmart will probably use this as a chance to bring in more EV owners.

But I don’t see the appeal of luxury brands owners who would shop there. Brands such as Porsche/Audi/Mercedes/BMW would probably rather their owners stop by Macys parking lot than Walmart.

To avoid that Volkswagen was forced to do good and to dwell on the positive, it’s great to see fast chargers in more places. Period.

We need Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Rite Aid, Regal Cinemas…you name it…jumping on board. Corporations and local franchises can lure customers to their locale with charging opportunities. A major win-win. Just providing the real estate for a row of chargers is great. Funding the installation, maintenance and operation through a contractor the best thing.

We as the EV community can sit and wait for others to make our charging dreams come true, or we can take action and call the operators and owners of local franchises with parking lots and garages big enough to support a row of chargers, encouraging them to step up and gain a competitive advantage by installing them now.

Well said. Level 2 can definitely be installed by businesses, but DCFC is a bit different, partly because of its expense.

If electric car owners are serious about building out charging stations, then they should be willing to pay 25 bucks for vehicles without a DC charge port and 50 bucks a year for vehicles with a DC charge port in taxes to pay for the build out over the next ten years. Sunset the tax after ten years.

You have then have two pots of money. The 25 dollar pot goes for grants to install L2 chargers at employer and apartment locations through out the state. The 50 dollar pot goes for grants to install DC charger stations through out the state.

You will end up with more level 2 chargers the dcfc

This is great news. There are NO fast charge stations in Western New York State. Zippo Zero. We need them badly, I need them badly. I frequent our Walmart in Fredonia NY all the time. I live a distance from town also. I love my Chevy Bolt I sure hope we get them.