Electrify America Selects Contractors For Ultra Fast Chargers In U.S.

JUN 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Electrify America selected two design-build firms – Black & Veatch and SAI Group – for design, permitting and construction of ultra-fast charging stations across the nation.

Electrify America (a subsidiary of Volkswagen) is building 484 stations with more than 2,000 DC fast chargers in the U.S. as part of first $500 million, Cycle 1 post dieselgate fulfillment. Over 10 years, $2 billion to be spent on the projects supporting electrification.

Stations are expected to be installed or under development by June 2019.

The two companies contracted for the infrastructure rollout will build the stations in different states:

Electrify America fast charging station

Black & Veatch, which specializes in the deployment of energy, water, telecommunications, and smart city infrastructure, has been awarded the site design and construction of Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging stations in 24 states in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain, Central, Midwest, Southeast Central and Southeast regions. Black & Veatch will also construct sites in California, where the company maintains a regional office and has created thousands of jobs.

SAI Group, which has performed work in Alaska, Hawaii, and most states in the continental United States, has been awarded design-build responsibilities for Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging stations in 16 states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South-Central, and Southwest regions.”

“Black & Veatch and SAI Group will serve as the general construction contractors at each site, selecting and overseeing subcontractors as necessary, to complete the projects on time and on budget.”

Brendan Jones, chief operating officer of Electrify America said:

“Black & Veatch and SAI Group have exemplary safety records and a consistent history of completing complex projects. We’re confident that they are the right firms to help us construct a state-of-the-art fast charging network.”

Maryline Daviaud Lewett, director of business development for Black & Veatch’s Transformative Technologies business said:

“Electrify America has designed a high-power, national-scale EV charger network to promote clean transportation and enhance the adoption of electric cars across the United States. Our expertise in the engineering, permitting, and construction of DC fast charging infrastructure allows Electrify America to rapidly deploy this ground-breaking network providing EV owners with more zero-emission freedom and flexibility in less time.”

Marc Lamoureux, vice president, SAI Group said:

“We see electric vehicle evolution and specifically the EV charging infrastructure segment as a viable, long-term growth opportunity for our business. We believe it is a compatible segment to our existing development, engineering, procurement, and construction expertise. Our knowledge of complex network infrastructure is transferrable to EV infrastructure networks. We also see ourselves as a long term player in the EV space. We have been committed to helping EV-focused clients since 2010 and are tremendously excited to have Electrify America trust us with assisting them in this critical stage of their growth.”

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Unfortunately this article is an example of Inside EVs delayed news reporting!!
This news is almost 4 weeks old!! Comon!!

I am just happy that the real information gets out, better late then never…

Thanks, David. It’s not as if we are purposely trying to withhold information. There are only a few of us writing regularly and the list of stories to cover is long. We are generally very rarely ever late on BREAKING stories or articles that are becoming MAINSTREAM news, but that often means that these stories go on the back burner. We have hired a few new writers and are reorganizing how we approach getting stories out. Over the next few weeks, this should help immensely and you will all soon see that we will have more content every day and the publishing of “older” stories will start to become a thing of the past. Already, we are putting out a much larger number of stories each day. We’ve been forced to do it a certain way up until now, due to limited writers and resources, but we’re excited that that is changing now!

Sadly, the stories go out partly based on the amount of traffic and interest they receive. Otherwise, we’d just run a plethora of charging-related material that is coming in daily, but that wouldn’t allow us to stay afloat. I get at least 10-15 articles a day about charging and infrastructure. If we publish many articles that receive no views or traffic, that is frowned upon, our advertisers will pack their bags, and our management will wonder why we aren’t paying attention to the trends. An article like this gets almost no comments and very few views. It’s just not news to a vast majority of people (I know that’s not good to hear). While it is very important to you and to us as well, it’s just not a story that HITS. So, of course, we will always share it, but it tends to get bumped back repeatedly as more popular news comes in. This should change drastically as adoption increases. It’s just the truth of the matter right now. The news is all out there whether or not we publish it, and sometimes we just can’t choose to push these stories ahead of others. In our segment, and in… Read more »

I understand… you have a business just like I do… Gotta keep the revenue flowing first, then take care of the hobby stories. 🙂

Thanks for explaining this so openly. It a factor that myself and many readers probably have not been fully aware of. Also confirms that flame wars are sadly good for business. Trolls are useful after all I guess. Not sure I like this model but what else are we gonna do? Pledge drive anyone?

I wouldn’t worry too much. Things are looking good for IEV and the redesign is helping and we have much support. The future is bright with a few new writers and some extra help coming in, which means we can get more stories out and not have so much late or backlogged news. My job is to be as transparent as possible with our community. If people question something, I think they deserve a fair and honest answer. Like any business, there are things you MUST do to survive. In our case, this means running the usual Tesla-super-positive EVANNEX free posts each day, throwing in some drag races, eye candy, lists or slideshows that may not be the most EV-fan friendly, and covering “news” that all our rivals are covering, despite the fact that it may not really be hardcore newsworthy in a highly literal sense. But, since we put out some 14-20 stories a day, including weekends, while many others may cover 5-12 stories and none (or a few) on weekends, we can afford to put out some stories that get eyes, grab new users, generate clicks and interest in the site and the segment, and get picked up… Read more »

Thanks Steven for coming on here with the explanations. I can understand, and I’m certainly glad for what you guys do, and that you’re aware of things like my concern and are heading in the direction of having more writing help.

Thank you, Brandon. I’m always here and you know how to find me. I appreciate your support!

Yes, you are amazing.
FYI, you know I used to email Jay about article edits maybe 2-3 times a week, and even other stuff about fast charge infrastructure. He took a lot of time to do that, believe me.

Jay spent a lot of time, and being in his footsteps is an honor. I spend a great deal of time trying to edit articles and connect with people and make sure the site is as good as it can be. It’s forever a work in progress and I’m more and more proud every day. Thanks so much, Brandon!

You are amazing, too, and so is much of our incredible community here. WE appreciate you and our readers and commenters very much. Keep it up! It’s really a truly amazing thing Jay and you all have created. A legacy and just wow! Makes me happy and excited for the future.

Yeah, so cool. Inside EVs really is a great EV news source. So glad you’re exited to walk in Jay’s footsteps!
I humbly say that I probably helped edit well over a hundred articles in an almost 2 year period in 2016-2017 by emailing Jay corrections. So I do definitely feel like a part of the team, and having the opportunity to get three articles published tops it off! Thanks again for all your hard work, DEDICATION, and responsiveness!!

Thanks for this peak behind the scenes. Is Chaz Smith right about flame wars being good for business? I couldn’t help noticing that trolls are allowed to run rampant in the comment section, my hunch was that this made the blog less attractive to visit but is the contrary the case?

Not necessarily. We try to put out the fires without hindering debate or opinions. We actually do delete and moderate quite a few comments all the time. There’s a fine line and it’s not easy for sure.

If you think just putting out fires is worth your time….but why not just ban the usual pyromaniacs? The sort of opinions the usual haters/trolls venture and the ensuing debates don’t really have any value IMO.

There are many banned users. We don’t hesitate to ban people if we need to. If you could see the comments that aren’t getting through, you’d be much more shocked. But we’re not going to ban people that have different opinions about different companies or cars, or that debate one side or the other. If they are aimlessly attacking people, that’s a different story. Like I said, it’s a fine line and it’s a full-time job.

Hey, this is exactly the kind of news I like to stay on top of, and this was the first time I had heard this. Thanks for posting, better late than never.

I’ve heard that Black and Veatch did a bunch of Tesla’s installations, so that bodes well for EA – these guys know what they’re doing!