Electrify America: Over 20 Stations Installed, Including First In Oregon

OCT 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 44

Electrify America installed over 20 ultra-fast charging stations

Since late August, the number of Electrify America ultra-fast charging stations increased from 10 to 21.

Volkswagen’s subsidiary installed its first station on the West Coast in Huntington in Eastern Oregon. Idaho Power, which energized the station, released video from the commissioning.

By the end of June 2019, some 2,000 chargers are to be installed at 484 locations.

Depending on location, there are several chargers at each station (between 3 to 6 chargers in metropolitan locations and between 4 to 10 at highways stations):

  • 350 kW CCS Combo chargers (with two plugs each)
  • 150 kW CCS Combo chargers (with additional 50 kW CHAdeMO plug)
Here is the list of installed station and of course the map:
  1. Gulfport Premium Outlets(10000 Factory Shops Blvd, Gulfport, MS, 39503)
  2. Brughs Mill Country Store(345 Brughs Mill Rd, Fincastle, VA, 24090)
  3. Chicopee Marketplace(591 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA, 01020)
  4. Reston HQ(2003 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA, 20191)
  5. Walmart Supercenter 1065(2400 N Hervey St, Hope, AR, 71801)
  6. Farrar Place(920 Hillsboro Blvd, Manchester, TN, 37355)
  7. Stratford Square(411 Barnum Ave Cutoff, Stratford, CT, 06615)
  8. Walmart Supercenter 91(205 Deaderick Rd, Forrest City, AR, 72335)
  9. T & T Country Store(40 Washington St W, Huntington, OR, 97907)
  10. Walmart Supercenter 5033(1300 Barlow Rd, Ft. Morgan, CO, 80701)
  11. Walmart Supercenter 1214(115 W Willow St, Colby, KS, 67701)
  12. Walmart Supercenter 664(4301 Vine St, Hays, KS, 67601)
  13. Casey’s Lebanon MO(669 West Elm St, Lebanon, MO, 65536)
  14. Walmart Supercenter 7249(500 W Mount Vernon Blvd, Mount Vernon, MO, 65712)
  15. Walmart Supercenter 331(525 N Cities Service Hwy, Sulphur, LA, 70663)
  16. Walmart Supercenter 402(1932 Rees St, Breaux Bridge, LA, 70517)
  17. Willowbrook Commons(61 East Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN, 37211)
  18. Barrett Place(800 Cobb Place Boulevard NW, Kennesaw, GA, 30144)
  19. Waterford Commons( 915 Hartford Turnpike, Waterford, CT, 06385)
  20. Walmart Supercenter 3835(5588 Little Debbie Pkwy, Ooltewah, TN, 37363)
  21. Walmart Supercenter 907(180 N Lee St, Forsyth, GA, 31029)

Electrify America also solved problem with charging station #16 at Walmart Supercenter 402 (1932 Rees St, Breaux Bridge, LA, 70517), which in September leaved driver stranded.

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There’s a couple of EA charger being installed on i80 in Pennsylvania that are waiting for certification to open

Electric Soul

going east-west across PA is basically impossible right now without a Tesla or Bolt. Looking forward to a lot more stations on I80!

Texas Leaf

EA is not managing thier website information very well. EV enthusiasts have located two EA sites in Oklahoma, one in Texas and several others around the country that are under construction but are not listed on the EA website. Still other stations that are listed on the website show no signs of construction at the site.

There may be many more stations in construction than the 43 sites shown on the website. Enthusiasts are finding these stations not listed on the EA website by guessing where they might be and then going out and looking for them. To get all the Cycle 1 stations operational or at least in construction by June of 2019 there should be a fury of construction right now but I don’t understand why EA is having so much trouble keeping thier website current.

Enthusiasts are using PlugShare to track construction progress of the EA stations. PlugShare is currently showing 72 EA stations either in construction or operational compared to the 65 shown on the website. Any help locating the missing Electrify America stations and posting information on them in PlugShare is appreciated.


They don’t hurry much now but when the E-Tron will hit the market, a lot of stations will open like magic.


I honestly would prefer they spend their resources actually building the chargers rather than frantically trying to beat the folks sitting around hitting F5 all day. If they can get the site updated daily, that’s great. But if it turns out to be every couple weeks, that’s okay too.

Texas Leaf

I agree with you except the map could be off by hundreds of locations. People and governments use the map to track the progress of the installations. If we take the map literally then it looks like EA is going to have a tough time making the June 2019 deadline but, if there are actually several hundred installs started, then the June 2019 looks achievable.

This map is influencing people’s decisions and planning. Many people are using the map to decide if it will practical to make a long distance trip in thier EV over the next year, I know I am. Also, if people know there is going to be fast chargers along thier favorite routes within a few months, this may influence thier decision to buy a new EV.

earl colby pottinger

Sorry, but at the moment I am looking to buy a Tesla or maybe a Bollinger if the deal with Tesla goes thru. I am looking because using the supercharger map I can see I can go where I want to go. If I use plug-share for other chargers I see gaps in the high speed chargers.

EA is doing too little to make me think of buying a car that will work with their systems if this is all they can show. They have the money, do they have the will?


In the restaurant business, that would be called a “soft open”, where they start limited business before they publicize they are actually open to the public.

Definitely nothing wrong with getting the chargers online for a little bit before officially opening them.


“By the end of June 2019, some 2,000 chargers are to be installed at 484 locations.”
Really, they better get busy then. I strongly doubt that they will manage that, if their current rate of installation is any indication..


I have been watching their website, and watching the plugshare listings…
I see that there are several stations along I-5 that should be open by now….
If they hurried up and opened up the stations, that paves the way for cars like the Niro, Kona, Audi E-Tron, I-Pace, Taycan and others to make the trip from San Diego to Seattle, in the same amount of time as a gasser, if the stops are well-timed….

Some Guy

Wow, that’s like 4 chargers per location, and 10 locations added in two months.
I’m not really impressed.
How many stations has Tesla added this year?
Perhaps Electrify America should focus more on putting out stalls than to press release every other 10 locations.
Tesla has way over 1000 locations (granted, worldwide) with an average of over 8 stalls, and they are just getting started in mass producing EVs.

Joshua Burstyn



They install quicker than a gas station

Eric Cote

As an aside, I hate that they’re all referred to as stalls. That always makes me think of bathroom stalls, the only other place I’ve ever really heard the term used until now. Well, aside from a vehicle sputtering to a stop unexpectedly. 🙂


Tesla seems to be installing at a much faster rate.
This is starting to sound like the tobacco commercials, doing the absolute minimum to get by.


Tesla isn’t required to make a profit and in addition, Tesla isn’t forced to do so by court settlement. These two considerations have a lot to do with why Tesla is building their stations so fast and EA is building so slow.


$1 to plug in and 30c/minute, even with the $2B free money from Volkswagen? And then spend 1 hr 23 mins just to reach 80%?
Wondering what the price is for each KWh.,
Doesn’t seem too cheap compared to the hydrogen cost today 🙂

“Volkswagen’s subsidiary installed its first statio”
Hi Mark, are you sure electrify America is a Volkswagen subsidiary? I thought this is an independent company to which Volkswagen has to pay money.


It depends on what car you have. If your EV takes only 60kW, then you get about 30 cents per kWh. If it takes the new standard of 100 kW, then you pay 18 cents per kWh. The new cars coming from VAG will pay about 12 cents. The Taycan though, will charge almost for free if you consider its 350 kW charging capability.
So, charging per minute is a smart way of avoiding idle times and over 80% charging, which takes much longer than 0-80%.


Where can I see electrify America pricing for these stations? 30c a minute for 350 kW is ~6 KWH for 30 c, meanign 6c for each KWh. That sure seems very cheap for California. If it is only time based, then basically it will be promoting its Yaycan as the cheapest to refuel. Is that good or bad?

BTW, I see in the first video that electrify america is really a Volkswagen subsidiary. Sp Volkswagen is basically setting up ts charging network with $2B and then may be it will make some profit charging the cars.


Also, in some states, they legally can’t charge for kWh, so charging per minute is the only option (besides free, of course).


Most EVs would take far less than an hour to hit 80%. The only reason he needs that long is that he has a crapola Leaf with hot batteries. Literally ANY other EV would be done in 40 minutes or less. My Spark would be 12 minutes from 20 to 80

Texas Leaf

That is an uninformed, bias comment against Leafs. There are a lot of ways to keep the Leaf battery temperature down and Leaf charging speed up. At least the 2018 Leaf, with a rated range of 151 miles, can easily make the maximum distance of 120 miles between EA charging stations, something the Spark EV can not do.


He is discussing the speed of charging, not the battery range.


I actually have no issues with the current pricing scheme. It ensures only those that NEED to charge will actually charge. Don’t have to worry about squatters staying at stations too long because it’s cheap (or free) to charge. And fortunately, all EA sites to date only have a single CHAdeMO plug (all the rest of the stations CCS only), so don’t have to worry about overheating ’18 Leafs/Teslas with CHAdeMI adapters hogging all the spots. The Bolt is currently the biggest benefactor of the EA stations.


I reached out to EA about the quality of the map on the website, and suggested they create an app for users. Much to my surprise they replied within 24 hours and said they are developing an app (although no estimated time to launch). I think they are working as fast as they can, but even with $2 Billion at your disposal it isn’t easy to create a nation wide charging network from scratch. Took Tesla years and it will take EA years.

Texas Leaf

Just to clarify, all we are talking about here is Cycle 1. Cycle 1 is just for $500 million, has to be substantially complete by June of 2019 and includes all of the currently planned 484 stations. EA hasn’t submitted the plan for where and how many stations the other $1.5 billion will pay over the next seven and a half years. The California Cycle 2 plan is out but it might be another year before we se a nation wide Cycle 2 map.


*484 locations with 2000 stations

Texas Leaf

2000 chargers, not stations. A location is a station.


And to further clarify, only $300mn of the $500mn is actually nationwide. The other $200mn is specifically to be used in California.

Some Guy

One would think that it should not be too difficult to build a 4 stall fast charging station with 1 million dollar budget from scratch, especially if you partner with other businesses like Walmart to get the space on an already existing parking lot perhaps even for free.
Also, when Tesla started out the SC network, they had a lot less than 2 billion to spend.

Eric Cote

They actively disabled pan and zoom on their map intentionally. When someone found a workaround using keyboard shortcut keys thay was quickly disabled as well. Their desire to make it so user unfriendly is bewildering and frustrating.

Texas Leaf

I think the nation wide EA network is going to be the best advertising electric vehicles has ever had. Seeing ultra fast charging stations in the parking lot every time you go to your local Walmart Supercenter is going going to be a powerful influence on people considering electric vehicles. Now the auto manufacturers need to start building affordable EVs that can take advantage of these ultra fast chargers.


Yep, I get people asking me about driving electric every couple days. They like the sound of free fuel a lot.


For some reason, I can’t get the Electrify America map (link below) to zoom … is it my problem or theirs?



No zoom on my Android device.


The map showing all of them doesn’t zoom, only the individual location maps. But then they don’t have the locations mapped on them.

Texas Leaf

The best way to see more detail on the EA map is to view the map on a desktop or laptop and cntl + to enlarge the screen.

Mister G

As usual Florida DEP is dragging it’s feet on spending VW settlement money.


The two coming north of Seattle are more than a mile off the highway.
Good for the business around them, less good for trying to get to another city.
But all good because the charging stations get more crowded every passing day.

Eric Cote

“leaved driver stranded” should be “left a driver stranded”


And the driver really stranded himself by not doing proper research before embarking on his trip.

Eric Cote

The real sign of progress will be when they start letting people pan and zoom the darn map.



Umm, does anyone even know where most of these towns are located? Talk about remote and desolate areas for an EV station. I hope they are near major highways. Fincastle, VA? I have lived in Virginia since 1980, I have never heard of this place. Apparently it is near West Virginia, and the population of the town is only 353 people. Color me perplexed. 😲

Oluwadamilare Ajadi

we gonna need fast charging centres in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria…..i’ll also like to be a distributor of of electric cars in my terrain if possible, thanks