Electrify America Launches Second Ultra-Fast Charging Station – In Fincastle, VA

MAY 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

Electrify America, in about two weeks, installed its second ultra-fast charging station after the first one at the Chicopee Marketplace in Massachusetts.

It’s located about 20 miles north of Roanoke along Interstate 81 in Virginia, at the Brugh’s Mill Country Store (345 Brughs Mill Rd, Fincastle, Virginia, 24090) and is equipped with chargers that will be supplying up to 350 kW of power.

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According to the charging stations map, provided by the Electrify America, there is already a third station installed at the Reston HQ (2003 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA, 20191).

See video of the new charger here

Brendan Jones, chief operating officer of Electrify America said:

Electrify America fast charging network

“In more than 300 communities across 39 states – many of which are small, rural towns like Fincastle — Electrify America is investing more than $250 million building ultra-fast charging stations to serve both the local residents and travelers passing through. Electrify America is thrilled to have found business and investment-friendly partners in Botetourt County and Brugh’s Mill Country Store, and we are hopeful that our investment will be a destination attracting customers, business and interest to the community for years to come.”

David Rader, owner and operator of Brugh’s Mill Country Store

“We are thrilled to offer Electrify America’s charging system. Our customers are excited that the future of personal transportation is a choice here and now.”

Gary Larrowe, Botetourt County Administrator said:

“Botetourt County is exceptionally pleased to have the first Electrify America automotive charging station in Virginia. Zero emission vehicles are here to stay and grow as electric car ownership grows. This state of the art charging station will provide local folks and the traveling public a place to energize their automobiles and enjoy our slice of heaven in Botetourt County at Exit 156 off I-81.”

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Another 3x dedicated 150/350 kW CCS and 1x split CCS/CHAdeMO setup.
CHAdeMO is being treated like the red headed step child by EA. Looks like 1 CHAdeMO per site is all they need to comply with the requirements. Good that at least 75% of these EA DCFC locations will be free from getting clogged by overheating ’18 Leafs and CHAdeMO vehicles in general. :p

Pretty sure the number of CCS:CHAdeMO models on the marketplace is also in line with that same 3:1 ratio, so it should be fine. If anything, it’s going to become effectively a “Supercharger” network for LEAF and Soul EV drivers (unless people insist on fast charging their Outlander PHEVs).

Any Tesla armed with a Chademo adapter can also use the Chademo charger. The Model 3 owners will have to pay at SC stations anyway and it is likely that when they start selling “standard” range M3s, the max charging rate will be in the 60 kW range, EA charge stations will be a viable option for them.

Except Tesla doesn’t sell a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model 3.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Unless Tesla is using a totally different charge port than the S or X for the 3 (I doubt it), then yes it will work.

People have tried and it doesn’t work

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Ouch, that sucks.
Got a link to these attempts?
I’m highly curious why it wouldn’t work………lol, that sucks.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Supposed to come in an OTA this Summer.


AFAIK a few people were told by Tesla service centers that the CHAdeMO adapter will work with the Model 3 after a future software update. But Tesla hasn’t said anything publicly.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m going to bet a CCS adapter will be the next product for the 3……..just a SWAG though.

The “Spark EV” retort will be that it will be clogged by slow-taper-charging Bolts instead.

Do they have free charging Bolts in VA? Clogging is a problem due to free chargers. If they bill by time, slow charging Bolts would pay a lot more money and unlikely to linger longer than necessary (“necessary” being the key word). But if they do get free charging in VA,

Free charging SUCKS!!!

They are going to build a charger corridor so the Audi etron quattro can beat the Tesla cannonball run. Should be easy.

The Porsche Mission E is going to take the crown.

The third one in Reston also shows online on their website.

How much does it cost to charge?

It would be nice to see where and when they plan to add sites. As Dan asks what will be the cost?

I believe that I read in another article that there is a $1 connection charge and $0.30/min charging fee. Certainly not the cheapest, but not crazy outreageous either.


Too much. It certainly won’t be at cost like the SC network. Though few will use it and abuse it, as they do the SC network, so that’s a point. So they will have lots of slots available, and people will charge and get off, to avoid additional fees. Though I think prices will fall eventually as more players move into the market, as with evgo dropping their rates recently, though Tesla raised rates, commensurate with local costs of electricity.

Charging the Bolt for 30 minutes should at least yield 25kWh while it would cost you $1+30*$0.30=$10 which amounts to 40 cents per kWh. It might be a tad on the expensive if your car can only charge at 50kW. If your car can charge at 100kW the kWh is already half the price.
It is important to charge by time do people move on as soon the taper sets in.

It’s a bit odd that the cars parked and charging can’t even use the ufcs fully.
Also both of them severely throttle the charge rate once you get around 50% charge.
Though you would normally only charge to 80% or so.
Seems a bit like overkill.

No car exists that can fully max out the station’s capabilities.

Luckily. Else those stations would already be outdated.