Electric X3 Might Be Called BMW iX3


It will be the first fully electric SUV from the German automaker.

BMW says that electric mobility is a “top priority” for the automaker moving forward. So it makes sense that the German marque has trademarked a range of “i” nameplates that preview an entire range electrified vehicles. The latest “iX3” trademark designation suggests that BMW’s best-selling SUV will be the latest on a long-line of EVs.

According to AutoExpress, BMW filed the trademark for the iX3 moniker, which joins a range of i-badged trademarks that already exist, everything from iX1 to iX9. The new iX3 moniker is expected to grace the backside of BMW’s electric X3, which is the only fully electric SUV that the company has confirmed for production thus far, and is expected to hit showrooms sometime in 2019.

BMW i Vision Dynamics

The iX3 will be joined by the upcoming i5 – previewed by the Vision Dynamics Concept – which is scheduled to go into production in 2020. BMW hopes that the two electric vehicles will help, in part, make up as much as 25 percent of its overall sales by the year 2025. Already the company is on track to sell 100,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles this year, alongside an overall cumulative sales figure of around 200,000 vehicles.

Alongside new models like iX3 and the upcoming i5, a revised version of the i3 will go on sale shortly, complete with a sporty “S” trim that adds new cues like a wider track, 20-inch wheels, and some added exterior design elements both on the front fascia and in the rear. The electric motor generates 184 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque.

Source: AutoExpress

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Where is the BEV 3 series that was supposed to be shown months ago?

I’ve not heard about that. 3 series hybrid for sure, but not BEV.

Google “all electric bmw 3 series”

Was supposed to be at the Frankfurt auto show a few months ago

It is the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept and will probably called ‘i5’ in production, because i3 is already used for their megacity vehicle.

No, there was supposed to be a BEV 3 Series shown months ago.

Vaporware !

ALl companies Begin electrification with the upper clase model,then going down to the cheapers,

Like GM with the bolt

+1 ……lol….

Smart to start with the X3, since that will put them ahead of the Model Y in a market where they can get a bit more margin

Who’s gonna put a guess out on price…

I’m thinking base model EV will come in at $49,999 with higher trims topping $60k.

BMW doesn’t have to discount on prices. The gasoline X3 often stickers in the mid $60k range. No reason a EV should cost less.

Also the 3 series and 4 series GC are very similar platforms. So all those who are wondering what happened to the promised 3 series EV, just like at the ivision concept that was at the LA Auto show.

I‘ll say 45k MRSP for the base and 65 for the fully equipped one. Or more, if they have a real M version.

The Volvo xc40 looks a lot better.

I wonder whether it will be a BEV or PHEV.


The PHEV will be called X3e

You are looking at the base version. M-Sport is better looking than the Volo in my opinion.


The Volvo will not even come close other than looks you might prefer.

Oooh! Creative name..

When it comes out you will be able to chose from the iX3 xdrive iPerformance, or the iX3 xdrive MPerformance iEnhanced, or the iX3 Xperformanace iDrive M80e

When it does come out, it will be built only at the Dadong plant in Shenyang, China.
I will not be paying USD for a Chinese made car.