Electric Volkswagen Hatch Named ID.3

FEB 18 2019 BY MARK KANE 64

New cars, new names, new logo – an electrifying future lies ahead for VW

According to German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Volkswagen I.D. (also known under the working name of Neo) will be named the ID.3 when it goes on sale.

Volkswagen already applied for trademark protection in the European Union for an entire set of names:

  • from ID.1 to ID.9 in the case of cars
  • with an additional letter X in the case of SUVs

For us, the name scheme described in the article reminds us of the BMW i sub-brand, which also gets X for SUVs (for example iX3).

However, the final decision about the name is expected in March, so it’s not yet certain this naming convention will hold.

The other news is a new Volkswagen logo, which should represent a more environmentally friendly approach and would be better suited to modern times.

We already heard about the new logo coming almost a year ago, back in April 2018.

Source: wiwo.de via electrive.com

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Cool, when are the cars available for sale?

In 2020, as they have announced back in 2016 and repeated ever since.

Reservations should start in 2-3 months and production in 8 months.

Yeah, production starts in Germany in November this year. About 2 month later, two MEB factories will start production in China, and then one in the US. There will be others after this for Skoda and probably one for Seat too.

The Skoda EV gets manufactered in Czechia in Mladá Boleslav but both the Seat MEB and Audi MEB (Q4 e-tron) will be built in the same factory as the VW ID.3 in Zwickau.

The US EV plant in Chattanooga will not go online before 2022 or 2023 I believe.

Will the capacity be large enough at that factory? They max out at 330 000 cars.

I guess we are about to find out over the next few years!

2 more years, 2 more years , 2 more years – ah yeah….

Its coming out right before the $35k model 3

“from ID.1 to ID.9 in the case of cars”
“with an additional letter X in the case of SUVs”

That sounds like a good and compact system.

ID.1 is that like a small VW Lupo, ID.2 like a current e-up, ID.3 = e-golf ID.4 =? ID.5=Passat ? what is the rest for? Electric Pheaton?
Will be interesting to see. .

You forgot the Polo

ID4 is Golf Plus

Or maybe a Jetta

Golf Plus no longer exist. It is called Golf Sportsvan. ID4 (crozz) is more like Tiguan.

I’d say the replacement for the eUp will be the 1, with an electric Polo sized car the 2. Not sure, if they will use all the numbers initially. Maybe something like the Audi A5 to the A4, will be added over time.

So maybe 1,2,3,5,7 initially, with an option for a PPE based 9.

VW won’t build anything on the PPE, that’s for Audi and Porsche (and probably Bentley). The ID family is based on the MEB.

ID.9 could be either the Buzz or the Vizzion as luxury sedan, something like the Phaeton.

Waiting for the ID.5V, then (Passat Variant)

No, the ID.2 (X?) will be a T-Roc style car currently called MEB Entry that will be built in Emden in 2023 and will be priced at ~20,000 Euros.

Up has replaced the lupo. Been driving a lupo over a decade.

1 eup
2 polo
3 golf
4 jetta
5 passat
6 passat cc
7 arteon
8 phaeton
9 surprise

Maybe some of the above mentioned will be grouped like jetta + passat or passat + passat cc and both 8 & 9 will be surprises, let’s see what future brings

Until it gets out of hand and becomes the mess that is BMW’s naming scheme. It seems like vehicle names that are alphanumeric inevitably get out of control.

A new logo from VW, innovation that excites.

Pretty sure that is Nissan’s tag line

Ok. Innovation that does not excite.

Renders That Excites?

Innovation that incites.

The doors will be non innovative, they’ll open in winter

Shame that one of the last holdouts with real names for cars has gone alphanumeric:'(

And i really started to like the name “Neo” 🙁

I will still call it Neo.

Maybe you have entered the Matrix?

It’s up to the public/customers… There’s many precedents of cases where the public started calling a product by the company-internal project name, ignoring the official name, and the company eventually gave up. If folks will continue calling Neo, that’s what’ll stick.
Actually, IIRC, that’s even true of the original VW Beetle — the official name in Germany was “Typ 1”.
Personally, I don’t like the single-digit scheme. Sure, it may seem logical when introduced, and fit the then-catalog of models, but what happens when a new model is launched that doesn’t fit in? Both Mercedes & BMW have horrific “schemes” as a result.

So you read Electrive also, Eric?

Intoducing the new Volkswagen Vapour 1. It’s so real it’s not even there.

I know right? You gotta give VW a hand. Not just any publicly traded company could falsify 10s of billions in investments, fake massive multi-billion multi-year contracts with suppliers, invest in a start up battery tech company, and make nearly 100,000 EVs this last year just as a false flag operation to make diesel great again. Over half their board must be Illuminati or Lizard People to pull off that kind of ruse.

Please don’t apply logic

Yeah – they REALLY make the Atlas….I wonder how much money they have in Vapor Atlis?

And the specs of the new VaporWagon ID.3 are………………….???????????????????

I was hoping for a BEV with a small battery and a large diesel engine

That would have better range and quicker charge times.

Another Euro point of view

I hope they do not screw up that one. For example they mention an inside as roomy as a Passat despite lenght of a Golf. OK but what about the size of the trunk ? If it is to keep same volume as the Golf (380 liters) then it would be quite a nice screw up. We have seen that already with the Bolt.

Why would it be a screw up for a Golf-sized car to have the same boot space as the Golf?

I think you’re being pretty unfair. Yes, it’s EV, yes, it’s a skateboard design. It still can’t bend the laws of space. If you don’t need an engine bay, ok, there’s three things you can do with that space, either trunk space or cockpit space or a little bit of both. I owned a Passat and the thing is huge. There’s just no way the ID will compete without going multistory.

So they are basically using the Audi naming convention?

Good. I just wish I could stick with the 3. Anytime VW wants to change their plans and offer the 3 in America I have cash on hand.

It’s also important to note that the ID.3 will not be available in North America.


are we surprised?

Why aren’t you surprised? I have a Golf but most Americans want bigger hatchbacks that are known as crossovers. So therefore VW is bringing the Crozz here instead.

At least initially it won’t be. I believe if VW believes there is a market for it in the US, they will bring them here.

So what’s the new logo look like?

Will be revealed at the Geneva auto show next month. But it’s probably very similar to the current one, just without the 3D effect.

They also said that “light will be the new chrome”, so expect it to be illuminated on future cars like they already do on concept vehicles.

Most likely the cars will be great. The names, stupid. You are not naming cookies. Who is going to keep track which is ID.1,ID.2, etc? Oh, I meant to order ID.4 but I accidentally ordered ID.6. Can I return it? “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler that that”. Einstein.

Ah I don’t care much about the name but I prefer ID.6 to ID Crozz.

I did the same, wanted an Audi A3 but somehow ordered the A6.

A number is as simple as it gets…

VW is just disparately behind . They wish they were an all electric play. So they are hopelessly running the press release into overdrive trying to hold on to any of their loyal customers before they jump ship to Tesla and any other electrics already available. The electric landscape will be very different from the old ICE. The once big companies will be average size and some medium to small ones will disappear completely. Erased from memory!

Bahahaha that’s the funniest one yet. All those customers buying Golf hatchbacks in the low to mid $20k range are going to spend $45k on a small 3 box sedan like the model 3…. and all those buying a giant SUV called the Atlas for $35k well equipped will buy a $90k model X 😂😂😂

@VWoA take my money.
Van (7 passenger) and GTe (w/5 seat belts!)

A bigger vehicle being longer, wider and taller than a smaller vehicle makes sense.
So I would expect ID.3 to be taller than ID.2 which means ID.3 is a crossover.
Crossovers have become so popular that they will takeover the entire market from shorter hatchbacks/wagons or the wagons could just be classified as crossovers.

GM is calling Buick Regal TourX as a crossover.

I wish they just use ID.? with #s from 1 to 9. So let the ID.1 be the smallest size vehicle the size of VW e-Up/ Chevy Spark while the ID.9 being the largest vehicle the size of Chevy Suburban/Ford Expedition. 9 vehicles provide wide enough choice for different customers.

We don’t need 9 vehicles the height of cars and another 9 vehicles taller than cars. Are they going to create 18 electric vehicles.

ID.1 = Up! equivalent
ID.2 = Polo
ID.3 = Golf
ID.4 = Passat?

And then there will be the X-versions, so the ID.2X (or is it ID.X2?) would be an electric T-Roc and the ID.4X will maybe be the Crozz, etc.

ID4 = Crozz =Tiguan.

I’ll add this to the stack of VW promises.

Oh sweetie clutch your pearls