Electric Volkswagen Microbus Concept To Debut At CES

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It seems that the new electric concept car from Volkswagen to be unveiled at the 2016 CES in January will be a microbus.

We already heard that Volkswagen is working on the electric Microbus, and Autocar repeats the speculation.

According to the article, the classic camper will return with electric drive (front wheel drive) and a decent range. Speculation has the Microbus using the same 2nd generation battery as found in the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron, which would mean 400 km/250 miles of range would be achievable under certain driving conditions.

“Described as a close preview to a planned production version of the Microbus to be produced at Volkswagen’s Puebla factory in Mexico from 2017, the concept is set to showcase a newly developed electric drive system among other contemporary connectivity technologies.”

If everything goes as planned, there will be both conventional ICE version and an EV version on the market.

Source: Autocar

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24 Comments on "Electric Volkswagen Microbus Concept To Debut At CES"

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I hope they make it bigger !four people ,no cargo space ,if they make it bigger this could be a real people move.

I was all excited, thinking this was minivan sized… far less excited now.

Ditto. I got really excited thinking about the possibilities.

And what’s up with the hood/bonnet?

To get the most sales they will need to make the VW logo as big as possible, a lot bigger than in the photo.

I wish they would stop calling this the new iteration of the Classic Camper, as this thing is just a small minivan and is nowhere near the size or utility of the classic.
This is an update to the Routan.

Except that the Routan was just a rebadged Chrysler minivan.

And the Routan could hold 7 people plus luggage. This one looks like a Scion xB competitor.

Make it a series hybrid, then they would sell a ton.

Ungh. They’ve been whoring that EV microbus prototype around for years– and never done anything serious with it.

Only now, it’s once again useful as part of a PR media campaign to rebrand VW as environmentally conscious. 😛

You disgust me VW Group.

There are about at 8.2 on my disgust-ometer, that is in the repulsive zone for those who use a vms.

In seeing this, I think of the BUELLI Concept I saw at Detroit in NAIAS 2014, I think it was. It was not shown this past January at NAIAS 2015, for sure!

In person it looked quite nice for a little bus! Now, how long will it take VW to get it out the gate? Will they give it 6.6 kW AC or higher for charging? Will they stick it with CCS, or will they approach Tesla to access (and help expand) the Supercharger Network?

Since CCS covers J1772 + DC, or European variations similar, they could possibly use CCS plus Supercharger/Tesla Plugs, to give them the widest range of charging options!

They would have to manage a couple connection protocols, but done right, it would be a large selling advantage!

They already said they were sticking with CCS when they announced the plan for EU and US wide deployments of 150kW stations. Hopefully this announcement at CES will include something about this push towards the required infrastructure.

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like the picture above. AWD would have been a nice touch.

“Debut”? Really? This is the third show that has shown this concept.

This vehicle won’t be the Bulli again, this is a new concept Microbus that is ‘intended for production’- apparently from learnings/feedback on the Bulli and other EVs in the product pipelilne.

The Bulli was more of a ‘hey look at our art project that won’t happen’

Too small… (Bolt seems a little bit too small as well IMO but bigger than this at least). I will end up thinking as well that there is really a conspiracy amongst large car makers to produce BEV’s that no one wants to buy…

This is rumored to be built on the same platform as the Golf, the MQB platform. That makes it bigger than the Bolt, which is based on the Chevy Sonic.

The E-Golf and Sonic have the same interior space at 91CF. Sonic has more luggage space with 19CF vs 16CF.

Posters are criticizing VW when it was the article’s author that chose to include a picture of the old concept.

Step back, take a breath.

They’ve shown a number of ‘bus’ prototypes, like this one, over the years:

VW is rehashing the same ideas over and over. This one is bigger, but this one is smaller. It’s to the point, I can’t honestly tell one prototype from another anymore. They’re so similar. If it’s not the Bulli, then it’s still likely to look very much like it.

If we keep the heat on VW after Dieselgate, maybe they’ll pinch off an EV for the masses that folks want to buy. *shrugs*

It must have 200 mile range and base price of 35,000 to get my attention.

Don’t believe VAG(Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche) and others German manufacturers lies. From 2009 Audi says that in 2 years will have A3 etron full electric with 200 miles range. Now Audi Q6 etron, Porsche Mission E and this minivan. Only lies to distract people from the best electric cars now.
Like we saw in Dieselgate they are good in lies.

Volkswagen has been taunting us with a “new Bus” since the final run of Vanagons, but instead have delivered the EuroVan and depressing Routan. At this point, I will believe it when I see one on the road. I have literally regulated my car purchasing in the past based on announcements that a new Bus was coming. I surely hope they do not release the Bulli as photoed. It appears to be impractical, with an unattractive nose and for what they will likely be priced at, I believe many will lose interest. The sharp edges and rectangular headlights should be reconsidered. I have seen quite a few prototypes and renderings since the 90’s and the best looking in my opinion is the concept photo above that Anon posted. I am still hoping for better and with a Westfalia option. If I wanted a Winnebago, I would buy one of those. Volkswagen purists want a Westfalia.