Electric Versions of Volkswagen up!, Golf & Kia Soul Take Strong Share in Norway

NOV 12 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Volkswagen e-Golf & e-up!

Volkswagen e-Golf & e-up!

Standard Volkswagen up! sales are fairly inconsequential in Norway, as the all-electric e-up! captured most of the up! sales for the brand.

The long-term average for e-up! share of overall up! sales stands at 77%, however this figure has been falling for the last five months.

VW’s second all-electric model, the e-Golf, isn’t as strong as compared to its ICE version, but one third of Golf sales captured by e-Golf isn’t bad at all.

Interestingly, after the e-Golf launch in Norway, sales of the ICE version remained at a stable level, which enabled expansion to new highs for total Golf sales.

The third electric model, which is available in both versions (EV & ICE) is the Kia Soul EV, which just like the e-up!, takes the majority of Soul sales. 83% of Soul sales in Norway in October were of the electric version (86 from 104).

Number of registrations of new Volkswagen e-Golf in Norway - October 2014

Number of registrations of new Volkswagen e-Golf in Norway – October 2014

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Nice plots!

Does anyone knows how long as the VW up been around? Oh, according to Wiki only a couple of years. That would explain the BEV dominance there.

By contrast, the Golf has been around forever. Seeing 1/3 of sales go to e-Golf is rather impressive, possibly unprecedented for an established major ICE model.

I maybe mistaken but UP is renamed LUPO

Call me pessimistic but with such high subsidies (not the right word but you know what I mean) on EVs as in Norway I would expect these cars to do so much better. Just imagine if Model S cost as much as BMW 328, there would be a 5 year waiting time for it in the US.

Right, because when making a once-in-several-years major purchase, the first thing that jumps to *everyone*’s mind is “Let’s try on that brand-new technology that’s been around in these numbers for only a couple of years, and only available for a few companies”.

So clearly, the 86% who are still buying ICE and ICE hybrids in Norway, are the *perfect* testament for the failure of Norway’s subsidies. Never mind that Norway’s 14% year-to-date is more than 3x the next-highest country. http://ev-sales.blogspot.com/2014/10/markets-roundup-september-2014.html

Don’t confuse Boris with facts, he’s just looking for a talking point. I guess anti-EV trolls never tire of derailing threads on this modest site.

Did you just call me a troll? I am a huge fan of EV’s, especially of how Tesla does the whole EV thing. Why is me being surprised making me a troll? Please get it out of your head that everyone who questions something regarding EV’s is a troll or a shorter. In my world, if Model S was priced as high as a small BMW, it should get much more sales, but in Norway that’s not happening. That’s one of the reasons why I think electrification of auto industry will take much longer than you and I would like to think.

You’re comparing A Tesla S with a 3 series car but Tesla S compares favourably to a 7 series. If it was priced to low, Tesla wouldn’t make any money for a car of that quality! What is your point?

What is the “right word” for “subsidies” please?

A better word might be “incentives”.

Model S has the same price as a 3-series in Norway, that’s why I’m comparing the two cars.


Why must you always attack everyone who has a different opinion or view point than yours? Why is a comment stating that Norway’s extremely generous EV subsidies should result in a higher EV uptake than is happening, an anti-EV internet conspiracy to you? You owe Boris an apology for your baseless accusation, calling him an anti-EV troll.

Learn to play nicely with the other kids. 😀

Well, I guess it’s a mixture of the following reasons:

– it can be very cold in Norway, so less battery efficiency, high drag winter tires and much heating

– not everyone has a own home with a charging spot (though not really needed, people want that security)

– EVs might have a bad image after all in norway, since they startet decades ago with the Kewet/Buddy and the Th!nk (a NEV and a SuperSubCompact)

– some think irrational like: I live in Oslo and I never have done that, but I want to be able to drive nonstop from here to Hammerfest spontaneously in the middle of the night

– much people don’t like the new, they want the things the way “they have always been”

Can someone provide a cost comparison EV to ICE for these cars in Norway?

@ Stephen

Here is a list in English of the benefits for electric cars from the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association:


Some things mentioned were:

No purchase taxes (extremely high for ordinary cars)

Exemption from 25% VAT on purchase
No charges on toll roads
Free municipal parking
Free access to bus lanes

The percentage of sales for the electric e-UP is greater than for the e-Golf.

In September Best Selling Cars Blog reported that e-UP sales were 79% of all UP models sold in Norway. Or about 3/4 of all UP were all-electric.

Almost 8 out of 10 Norwegians are buying the all electric e-UP version rather than the ICE.

Another interesting “under the radar” fact is that there are hundreds of used EVs being imported into Norway from other Euro countries.


Just curious how the EV’s heaters fare in the colder weather of Norway… Is the heater in the KIA SOUL EV sold in Norway, for example,the same as the model sold in Southern California? I had read somewhere that many EV ownwers were adding in aftermarket propane heaters, or were the manufacturers selling(installed) them in deference to the obvious need to stay warm?