Electric Vehicles Slowly Catching on in Spain


Searched Far and Wide for an Image of an Electric Vehicle in Spain...This Was What We Found

Searched Far and Wide for an Image of an Electric Vehicle in Spain…This Was What We Found

What’s the good news?  Well, it now seems that Spain is gearing up for the electric vehicle revolution, too.

We Always Stumbled Across This Ugly Seat Electric Vehicle That's Being Tested in Spain

We Also Stumbled Across This Ugly Seat Electric Vehicle That’s Being Tested in Spain

The push in Spain to get plug-in vehicles on the road is gathering steam thanks to some city hall bosses in the Spanish province of Malaga who put 20 pure electric vehicles into municipal service just days ago.

Though two-wheel electrics are quite common in some parts of Spain, electric automobiles and a suitable public charging infrastructure are virtually non-existent.

In fact, Esperanza Ona, Mayor of Fuengirola (a large town in southern Spain), recently inaugurated the grand opening of the area’s first quick-charge station.  So, yes, Spain is behind the times.

But there’s a catch-up plan in the works and it’s called Zem2All (Zero Emissions Mobility to All).  Under Zem2All, quick-charge stations will pop up across Spain over the next three years.  Unfortunately, this isn’t what we’d consider a grand project.  It’s just a funds-limited start, but it’s still something and that’s always better than nothing.


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if they didn’t have 26% unemployment, aggravated by their disastrous green energy policies, they might go big on Zoes.

So Seat had pirated the charging port design from Nissan?

Unlike what this post implies, the EV market is shrinking in Spain, just as the general auto market.

Last year there were sold 1.664 plug-in vehicles in Spain, making an average 138 units per month and 0,24% share of the auto market.

Until February of this year there only sold in Spain 43 units, with 0,04% share. Right now people in Spain are more concerned with other things than plug-ins, just like in the rest of Europe, by the way…

Truth is that, with the exception of scandinavian countries, EV sales are joining the nose dive that car sales are suffering all across Europe, maybe the Renault Zoe and the german offerings later in the year can buck the trend, but for now, the scenario is gloomy at best for EV’s.

The problem heres is the erratic subsidy politics, because they have to aprove every year the budget, and some times like now, the need more time to think about it.

List of the bes selling electric cars last month in Sapin:
5,Smart ED (for car dealers)
3 Nissan Leaf
2 Mitsubishi i-MiEV (for ZEM2ALL)

Thats all, and thats because the buyer now cant acces to the grants.

Disastrous green energy policies?

I desagree, Spain spend billions in renewable energies, high speed trains (electrics) and we are closing the coal and nuclear plants…

Main electric sources in 2012:
Wind enery 22%
Hydraulic power 19% (a bad year)
Coal 11%
Nuclear 8%