Electric Vehicles Sales in France Double in First 6 Months of 2013


LEAF - the best of the rest in France

LEAF – the best of the rest in France

During the first six months of 2013, sales of passenger electric vehicles are more than double what they were the previous year in France.

- If Nissan took Norway, we will took France!

Nissan took Norway, but we took France!

The YTD number of registrations so far in France amount to 4,774 units (excluding Twizy), which is 210% of the 2,271 in 2012.

Europe’s largest electric vehicle market seems to growing despite the nation’s shrinking automotive market, but remember that the growth is fueled largely by €7,000 in incentives.

The clear market leader in France is Renault Zoe, with over 750 sales in June. Second highest was the Nissan LEAF, but it’s far behind with less then 100 copies sold last month.  The remaining EVs sell in such low volume in France that we won’t bother to list them here.

Zoe and Leaf together control about 86.5% of the passenger EV market in France (Zoe over 75% and Leaf over 11%).  So, the market is polarized like in Norway, where LEAF is the king.

If everything will goes as expected this year in France, we will see well over 10,000 new electric vehicles put on the roads, plus probably over 4,000 of electric light-duty commercial vehicles and maybe a thousand Twizys.

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Wow I didn’t know that France was that big into EVs. YTD 5000 is pretty good. With all that cheap and CO2 free nuclear power to power them also.

Considering the population of France (65 Million) and US (315 Million), 750 in France is like 3,600 here. A very good per capita rate indeed.

I saw some Zoe’s and many Twizy recently in Paris. No LEAFs. They also have quite few ad hoc usage electric vehicles in 3-5 car charging spots along roads in Paris. I did a classic/old car tour and my young driver has a monthly subscription and was quite happy. Lot of building cleaning (7 yr cycles paid by occupants?) in Paris partly due to car pollution I was told.

Also saw NUMEROUS SMART cars. In some areas they can just park toward/backed_in where other cars are parallel parking. Same for Twizy.

I wonder how the Spark EV would sell in France.