Electric Vehicles Gaining in Popularity in Colorado


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

We wish it were easier to track state-by-state sales of plug-in vehicles.  If it were, then we could see where the plug-in are being sold.  Of course, California leads the way and the Pacific Northwest states are up there, too.

Public Chargers in Colorado

Public Chargers in Colorado

But how are we to know if plug-in vehicles sell well in the rest of the US?

Fortunately, every so often we come across some state figures.

This time it’s Colorado that hit our radar.

As of this April, there were a total of 1,521 plug-in vehicles registered in Colorado.

Nearly two-thirds of those vehicles are registered between Castle Rock and Fort Collins (in and around the Denver metropolitan area).

The state has over 5 million registered vehicles.

Though 1,521 isn’t bad, Colorado is really just now gearing up for plug ins.  The state just got its first DC quick charger and is working hard to install dozens of additional Level 2 units.

Federal funding is being used in Colorado to ensure the future success of plug-in vehicles, so we expect to see that 1,521 figure climb quickly.

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Unfortunately, we may be able to start tracking numbers with tax revenue from EV related registration taxes…

guys, where do you get such state stats? could you make usa map with state numbers?

Colorado has a ridiculously generous EV incentive. I have been completely shocked how few EVs have been sold there considering the incentive. Perhaps people finally discovered it and now they’ll have to change the law because it will start costing the state a lot of money if people wise up and start buying lots of EVs.

Maybe because people there weren’t comfortable having EV battery range issues in cold weather. Most EVs now have some form of liquid cooling so hopefully more people will buy them. we’ll see.

Maybe i should’ve said “liquid thermal management”.

There was some problems with those incentives there tho as they were not going to be applicable to the Volt. See this article: http://www.hybridcars.com/colorado-residents-again-eligible-for-up-to-13500-in-state-and-federal-in-alt-vehicle-subsidies/