Electric Vehicle Maker ZENN Motors Decides to No Longer Service its Vehicles or Sell Replacement Parts


Owners of the 500 or so Model Year 2007 to 2010 ZENN Motors low-speed electric vehicles will soon discover that servicing such vehicles will be an incredibly difficult task.

Needs Parts?  Oh Well.

Needs Parts? Oh Well.

That’s because the now-defunct (from making cars at least) ZENN Motors, which ceased production of its low-speed electric vehicles back in 2010, has decided to no longer provide parts or to service the electric vehicles it sold.

Effective June 30, 2013 ZENN Motors will close all of its service operations and discontinue manufacturing parts for its vehicles.

This will put those 500 or so ZENN owners in a bind, as their vehicles essentially become useless the moment something breaks or goes awry.

ZENN, a Canadian automaker, manufactured several low-speed electric vehicle variants from 2006 through 2010.  All were of the low-speed, neighborhood electric variety and most had a range of approximately 35 miles.

Most of ZENN’s vehicles serve as security for college campuses or are used in commercial-duty applications.  But soon, ZENN owners will discover that keeping their ride in working condition will be next to impossible.

Zenn does still hope that EEStor can make that ultimate battery breakthrough and has recently announced an even deeper relationship with that company.

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Brave Little Toaster

“This will put those 500 or so ZENN owners in a bind, as their vehicles essentially become useless the moment something breaks or goes awry.”

Not really, all one has to do is find another ZENN that’s broken somehow, and strip it for parts.

Of course, with only 500 ever sold, that wouldn’t be easy.


And in other new!

Zenn Motor Company Announces Agreement With EEStor for Testing
TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 24, 2013) – ZENN Motor Company Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ZNN) (“ZENN” or the “Company”), reported today that it has entered into an agreement with EEStor, Inc. of Cedar Park, Texas (“EEStor”) providing for the testing of recently produced layers of its electrical energy storage units by an independent testing laboratory that has been selected upon consultation between EEStor and ZENN.

Exciting times at Zenn and EEStore!

I’m still waiting on this from 2007…

“The first commercial application of the EESU is intended to be used in electric vehicles under a technology agreement with ZENN Motors Company. EEStor, Inc. remains on track to begin shipping production 15 kilowatt-hour Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) to ZENN Motor Company in 2007 for use in their electric vehicles. The production EESU for ZENN Motor Company will function to specification in operating environments as sever as negative 20 to plus 65 degrees Celsius, will weigh less than 100 pounds, and will have ability to be recharged in a matter of minutes.”



They must be getting really close now. I can just feel it. Stop being a doubter Jay.


LOL…. “the now-defunct ZENN Motors”

oops… see PR released April 24. defunct my butt.

Pretty sure Eric meant defunct from actually making/selling any cars. All it basically is now is an investor in EEStor, and is hoping they can make ‘that’ breakthrough…they stop building cars in April of 2010.


“ZMC is now exclusively focused on enhancing its relationship with its technology partner EEStor, Inc”

…I’ll add in a little note to make that clearer though. Thanks!

Rick Ehrlich

i love my Zenn ! now has lithium batteries, balancing system, is a superhero car. almost anything that might break, some type of generic car or golf cart part will do the trick. Also, the car body/ interior is really the French “Microcar” so in a real bind, can always get a truly unique inimicable part from Microcar.


Just so all are aware, as of June 30, 2013, I took over selling ZENN parts. You can contact me at sherryparts@gmail.com. I was the Parts Administrator at ZENN. Also, FYI, Microcar will *not* sell parts directly to ZENN owners.

Sherry B. Good