Electric Vehicle Gathering Sets World Record With 431 EVs In Montreal

APR 19 2014 BY JAY COLE 11

Although it won’t be officially recognized for a couple weeks, a sea of 431 plug-in vehicles in Montreal, Quebec have taken down the record for most EVs in one gathering.

The Montreal Event Beat The Old Record By More Than 100 EVs

The Montreal Event Beat The Old Record By More Than 100 EVs (via AVEQ)

As reported by L’Association des Véhicules Electriques du Québec (AVEQ), the event happened on Friday, April 18th.  The website also reports that no “scooters” were present, as the previous record setters in Switzerland had included.

Also in attendance, a VIA V-Trux PHEV truck, which pulled an electric boat (which was not counted in the 431 vehicle total), and a Bolloré Bluecar – along with all the usually suspects (Chevrolet Volts, Nissan LEAFs, Tesla Model S sedans, Misubishi i-MiEVs, etc.).

Says AVEQ on the event:

“People present at the event went away with unforgettable memories. It was beautiful to see this sea of ​​electric cars that filled the parking lot of La Ronde, even moving!  It often feels alone, only meeting other EVs from time to time on the road, but this time it was undeniable.

The only noise was noticeable, besides tire rolling, was the pedestrian alerts of the Nissan LEAFs. With one Leaf in a street, it’s a sweet sound.  With one hundred Leafs that follow, it gives the impression that the dwarves of Snow White were whistling while working!”

Event organizers plan on holding another event to best the record again next year.  In total more than 2,800 electric vehicles are registered in Quebec today.


A Via V-Trux (with electric boat in tow) Made An Appearance (via AVEQ)

A Via V-Trux (with electric boat in tow) Made An Appearance (via AVEQ)

Also In Attendance - A Bolloré Bluecar

Also In Attendance – A Bolloré Bluecar


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I am hoping for a day when there are ten times more on a parking lot for a good soccer game every week

Haha… That’s like a normal day on the roads into Oslo. And then there are almost no PHEV’s, almost only pure electrics. 😛

But this will be a fun story. “Remember when 400 EV’s at the same place was something remarkable?” =)

It should read usual suspects, not usually.

I would’ve loved to attend, but it’s hard to on Easter weekend. Hopefully the next event will be on a different weekend. 🙂

Was part of this great event with our Volt. It was fascinating to see so many passionate EV owners from all over. This is only the beginning. Once you own an EV there’s no going back 🙂

Watch out for Atlanta, we might bring over 3,000 cars to our event this fall

I’m glad for you if a 3,000 vehicles might be a reachable target in Atlanta, at your next automn event.

FYI: March 31, 2014, there was 2,835 EV / Plug-in Hybrid registered in the province of Québec.

Source : http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelles/societe/2014/04/17/006-croissance-quebec-voitures-electriques.shtml

In Qc, we have (1) CHAdeMO & (0) Supercharger yet but a few L2 charging station, not enough but it is a beginning…

Congrats on the new record! I agree that it can often feel lonely, and also look forward to the day that 400 EVs in one place is no longer news worthy.

I would have loved to go, but Good Friday is a terrible time to venture on a 500 mile (round trip) journey in any car, let alone a Leaf limited to max 3.3kW charging!

Thank you Brian for your moral support, yes it would have been a very long journey for you @3.3kW at the time =)