Electric Vehicle Density Map – European Union 2030


What you’re looking at is a map of Europe Union showing where the Joint Research Center (JRC) predicts that you’ll find EVs in the EU in 2030.

According to the JRC Map, London Seems to be Tops in EV Density in 2030...Likely Largely Due to the City's Congestion Charge and Influx of Electric Taxis

According to the JRC Map, London Seems to be Tops in EV Density in 2030…Likely Largely Due to the City’s Congestion Charge and Influx of Electric Taxis Like This One From Nissan

The light gray areas will be the least EV dense.  The dark gray areas, the most EV dense.

The map displays city centers in a different way.  Though most EV dense cities are displayed in green.  The least EV dense cities, in orange-red.

As Daily Fusion reports:

“A study by the JRC, the EU in-house scientific service, identified the possible lead markets for electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the European Union.”

JRC based its predictions on several studies it conducted.  Daily Fusion states the following:

“Those studies revealed that infrastructure availability, privileged access to dedicated lanes, parking facilities, adapted city centers, commuting behavior, the environmental footprint and fuel cost savings are important drivers. With the help of experts, these were analyzed at regional and city level in order to identify possible early-adopter markets for these innovative technologies.”

The map above is the result of years of hundreds of hours of work put in by JRC.

Source: Daily Fusion

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This is map of EU not Europe.

***MOD NOTE***
Yes, story title did indicate Europe whole and not EU – thanks for pointing that out. Fixed
***MOD NOTE***

The map shows that Belgium will continue to lag behind. That proves that the current Belgian policy is wrong. EV take-up needs public support. Market on its own cannot convince potential EV buyers after decades of “diesel-only” public policies.

Quod erat demonstrandum

But I doubt that Belgian decision-makers will read this.

The study is a joke…

Norway has disappeared. The country where Tesla model S and Nissan Leaf are the top selling cars at the moment.

Without Norway, Scandinavia looks like a penis.

Scandinavia = Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

But I get your point that Sweden and Finland without Norway looks like a penis (Sweden) and balls (Finland). It was often commented when the Euro coins were released 12 years ago.

When too excited Germany will be “spritzed”.

As we all agree this is not a map of Europe, I think this discussion has found a most suitable path.

Let us proceed with a discussion on the geoepigenetics. With the Finns having balls standing up to the Russians during the winter war of -39 and the post war on the edge of another occupation, this surely is mapped to their country and sisu. Likewise, the arrogance of the Swedes must be derived from their own country shaping their character.

Should we then continue to elaborate on the Swiss just being a hole and leave to the reader to define which kind. Does the geoepigenetics change? Yes, definitely. We see Norway is completely out of the map. The once proud Viking country has now gone soft left and liberal. No longer having a dick or balls like their neighbors. Will ever the heavy installed base of Tesla Model S get them back in the game?

Excellent post! But I gotta disagree on Norway going soft . . . heck, they are so strong that they didn’t need the EU.

This just looks like a map of where new technology is accepted and adapted first. It doesn’t look EV specific in any way. Especially not considering the head start The Netherlands has on most countries.

It appears that not beeing part of EU is required to have a large quantity of EV`s 😉