Electric Sports Cars To Replace Iconic Muscle Cars And ICE Supercars?


Most people still imagine a smelly, loud, gas guzzling muscle car or modern ICE supercar when the subject of fast sports cars comes up. Added to this, generally people think of electric cars as eco-friendly, reserved commuter cars, with small engines and weird spaceship-like interior and exterior features … not electric sports cars.

Tesla is changing this and others (like Rimac with the Concept_One) are following suit.

The Tesla Model S P100D boasts zero to 60 sprints in less than  2.5 seconds and near 10.5 second quarter miles. Time and time again, enthusiasts have put Tesla’s vehicles on the drag strip, pit up against the fastest ICE cars. Surprising or not – depending on your background – the Teslas often win.

Yea yea … go ahead and tell us that the Tesla may not fare as well on the long and winding race track. We know that … but it’s an everyday car. A sedan built for the road, and fit for a family, like the hot rod muscle cars of the past. It’s just as hard to imagine that a souped up Chevrolet Chevelle, while loud, powerful, and fast, could handle hairpin turns quite like a McLaren or a Lamborghini.

Electric cars are here to stay, and before long, once they are widely adopted, costs to purchase electric cars will mirror ICE cars, and cost to own will be substantially less. No gas, no oil changes, no spark plugs, more efficiency, quieter … all while being better for the environment and faster than their gas counterparts, with mind-blowing torque. What’s to lose?

The “quieter” part seems to really throw off traditional muscle car lovers and racing fans. We’re sure, if that’s the biggest issue, an inexpensive solution can make your electric car sound however you want it to sound. BMW and others are already including simulated sound enhancement in some vehicles.

With all of this being said, we can never replace the muscle cars of yesterday or the modern ICE supercars of today. There will always be a place for the gas-powered classic cars that dominate our car shows and avenue cruises, and the super fast and agile Ferraris, and Porsches that are hard to beat (even these companies are using electric motors). It’s a huge part of the history of this country and worldwide automotive innovation.

But, we are built on continued innovations, and just as innovations have brought us from muscle cars, to ICE supercars, it is bringing us to electric sports cars. Hopefully, sooner than later, it won’t be uncommon to see a gearhead with his/her limited use 1963 Corvette Stingray, well-suited for weekend drives and car shows – stowed away in the garage – while he/she rocks the commute or family vacation in a high horsepower, sporty, electric sedan.

The replacement of the ICE supercar is much the same. There will always be hardcores that are unwilling to change or to accept the reality. Never will any of us likely forget the ultimate engineering, sheer power, and of course the earth-moving rumble of these incredible supercars. But, a day will come, when the electric counterpart can live side by side the beasts that inspired it. And, perhaps, further into the future, a day will come when the electric car replaces it.

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That period has started now. ICE lovers, want “bad ass” cars that you can throw around corners, make sound and crunch everything.

Now the RIMAC with 4 motors and cooling is made for that. Yes, it has its own sound too. When you watch this video as from 7’00 it is clear why this concept beats everything existing. At 9’38 They talk about sound and why it fits.

Those Cupbangers tested 5 hypercars, of which the 918 was the fastest around the track and 1/4 mile (even the Bugatti). The Rimac beats the 918, where the 918 gets overheated and Rimac never did a drag before in his life and was not charged between the 6 races they did. The Rimac hasn’t even a launch mode.

We need more of those enthousiastic Corvette and Mustang lovers going EV, like this 1500hp mustang, beating everything:

Or this speed record breaking Corvette:

The new Rimac Concept S even tops 226mph.

Its only a matter of a years that EV technology will be the standard to beat

We forget the self-created disadvantage EVs have wearing an autonomy stigma. The real fans are out there waiting for co’s like Rimac to advance features like torque vectoring, and better motor and battery cooling.

Tesla is not a sports car. The only reason Tesla wins at the drag strip is because the drag strip is so short. Tesla has the advantage of high torque at low revs to get off the line quickly but once the cars pick up speed that advantage is lost. Luckily for Tesla that is when the race ends. If the drag strip had been 100m longer Tesla would lose every time.

That said, proper electric sports cars have the potential to really change the game but they need to be optimized for that.

“Someone out there” said:

“If the drag strip had been 100m longer Tesla would lose every time.”

Hmmm, I see your point, but your figure is somewhat understated. 100 meters is only 0.0621371 of a mile.

With the advance to the Model S100P, we’re seeing the Model S move from winning 1/8 mile races against top gas-guzzlers but losing in the 1/4 mile, to also winning in the 1/4 mile.

1/8 of a mile = 0.125 miles = 201.168 meters.

I think V8 muscle will be around for more decades and after that as historical weekend fun. I miss the “rebel yell” of my HEMI Magnum and the sheer fear with the ’70 454 ‘Vette.

Do you drive around with a Rebel flag on your truck?

You can get an EV sport car for a lot lesser price than a muscle car. Besides you spend lot less on electricity compared to a muscle car.

Already the muscle cars are slowly going down in sales. This will accelerate as more EV models start hitting the road.

Yes, EVs will dominate drag races…

But until they are lighter and can keep up on the corners, they won’t replace all sports cars.

Straight line performance is ONLY 1 of the many characteristics of sports car.

Muscle cars are straight line machines. So, they are the first ones to die…