Electric Rolls-Royce 102EX Cancelled. No Interest. None. Like Zero.

MAY 22 2012 BY STAFF 2

The Rolls Royce 102EX, better known as the Phantom Experimental Electric, has apparently died due to lack of interest from existing Rolls-Royce customers.

Rolls had proclaimed this car to be the “world’s first battery-electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment.”  The all electric vehicle put out 389 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque,  produced by 96 individual cells, with a total capacity of 71 kWh, and over 1,400lbs.  0-60 came up in under 8 seconds, and was governed to a top speed of 99 mph.

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However, according to an update by Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman, it was the cars range that had Rolls-Royce customers so anxious that, “none of their existing customers want it.”  The 102 EX was first estimated by Rolls to have a range that “should” get up to 124 miles.  Later ponderings about the car put that number as low as 100 miles.   We are guessing the car’s near 6,000lb weight had something to do with the poor kWh/mile result.

Rolls’ CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös (we had to download the language pack to display those btw) said of response to the car to Mr. Lieberman:

“The (102EX) always was a market research exercise. Over 500 people have been behind the wheel now,  all over the world. The feedback is ambivalent so far, unfortunately. I wouldn’t  have thought that. Because I’ve always loved the car from the very beginning.”  Then added later, “…there’s too much compromise.  Charging time of 8 hours: unacceptable. Range of 120 miles, Unacceptable. 120 miles is  definitely not enough.”

The one endearing, eternal thing the 102EX Rolls-Royce gave us?  The greatest electric, light up hood ornament of all time.

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Saying it was cancelled isn’t quite correct. It was never really considered for production. I know a bit about this and have talked to people involved with the project. (BMW owns RR) It was really a ‘Look we can do this!’ PR move and they also used it to get feedback from existing RR customers about what features/range/cost/charging time, etc would make them consider an electric RR. If they ever decided to make one it would be built from the ground up as an electric. This was like a Frankenstein mobile, and was hacked apart in every ay to fit the 71 kWh’s of batteries. They needed to keep it together with band aids just to get through the tour. If they were actually considering making one they would have taken some more time and properly retrofitted an existing RR so it was a bit lighter and could go further. A car that big could easily fit a Tesla-sized (85kWh) pack and get 175 to 200 miles of range it they set it up properly. I think electrics would work well for these kind of ultra luxury vehicles for the following reasons: ~The owners most always have multiple cars, if… Read more »

They should have built it. Let Tesla build the drivetrain. They will eventually have to build one anyway.