Electric Renault Twingo On Hold, Coming Soon Or Not Planned?


Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

Automotive News Europe is reporting that “Renault has been forced to re-think its ambitious electric vehicle plans.”

Chief Performance Officer Jerome Stoll is quoted as stating:

“We’re not in a situation where the market has followed our forecasts.”

“People haven’t yet reached the point where they feel the need to have an electric vehicle for full daily use. People need to feel that need to shift to electric models.”

Apparently, this means that an electric version of the Renault Twingo is either coming soon (according to Stoll) or not coming at all (according to a Renault spokesperson).

That’s a shame if it doesn’t enter production because the Twingo would make for a solid hot electric hatchback.

The spokesperson claims there’s no need for an electric Twingo because Renault already has a full lineup of electric vehicles (Zoe, Kangoo Z.E., Twizy and defunct Fleunce Z.E.)

Give us an electric Twingo Renault.  And stop renting the battery separate of the vehicle.  Do both and your electric vehicle sales we turn back to positive once again.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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Twingo is designed for electric version and it will be produced, it’s only the matter of time. If Zoe sales pick up this year, I believe we can expect electric Twingo sometime next year (when Twingo’s brother, Smart ForFour ED will also be introduced).

Looks not so bad for the Zoe now. Hope the trend continues and is not a summer bubble only.


BTW: ZOE war the most successful sold BEV in May in Europe.

That’s true. It really bounced back. I do wish Renault would stop being stubborn and offer their cars full of purchase, batteries including. The Zoe’s Chameleon charger in ingenious, for the likes of Ireland, there are well over 1000 3-phase, 22kWh chargers. It would suite it well here.

The only convincing reason Renault has to only allow battery rentals is that they can offer an upgraded battery to existing leasers.
, free of charge. The problem is, too many people are unaware of this (let along of the Zoe) and are unaware that Nissan and Renualt have a new chemistry coming in place in 2016. Only we know that. So, most buyers are told that the new chemistry is somewhere, sometime in the future, but what they do see is that the battery rental is similar or even slightly more expensive than the monthly cost of diesel.

But for Renault, the Zoe hasbeenmaking 5% of Clio sales, which to them is fine. And the poorly-aged Twizy and incompitent Kangoo Z.E. would also need a boost.

Great looking car, shame that none of the Renaults are available in the US. The Zoe (without battery renting) would give the Leaf a run for top spot. The Twingo would kill off the iMiEV and Smart.

…and the Fiat 500e, much to the joy of Sergio Marchionne…

Agreed. Anyone who likes the look of the Fiat 500e would like this and it’s most likely more reliable.

I agree, it would be a great offer.
Especially if sold very cheap, with a small battery (around 16 kWh) (at least as one option).
For those who want more, there’s the Zoe (from the company).
Should not cost more than 9,000+5,000=€14,000 before subsidies.
Should be possible.
Great to have a “familiar” car in an EV version (designed from start to be so).
Besides saving on costs, it’s quite reassuring for many, who might be wary to go the (still) “less traveled by” road…

9,000+5,000=$14,000 in US.


it is not good looking

and nothing can kill off the smart

I’d rather see a hot hatch Zoe than a Twingo.

Zoe offerings are tepid despite a nice basic design to build from. The interior needs new bucket seats with adjustable headrests, so the rear is not so claustrophobic, better colors (including, but not only, to resolve the windshield reflection issue of the dashboard), and upgraded details.

The exterior needs more color options, especially red and green, as well as upgraded finishes (for example the chrome trim seen on the Zoe preview).

The car should have better 0-60 times, to around 10 seconds from 13.

A moonroof option should be available, or a glass roof.

A GTI package as well. Even people who don’t buy it will feel better about the car if the option exists, much like VW has done forever with the Golf.

This is low hanging fruit. I did not even mention range.

If they flesh out the Zoe, then they can work on the Twingo. If the Twingo ZE is just as boring as the Zoe is now, it won’t do well either.

The French are “incroyable”.

Bless their hearts, they have tried to sell cars in the U.S. and never had any lasting success compared to the Germans, Japanese or even the Swedes with the Volvo.

1. The current doldrums for the French include the battery swapping scheme (scam) with the Renault Fluence and the now defunct Better Place.

2. Then there was the battery renting scheme (scam) with the Zoe.

3. And finally, there is the Renault “Twizzy” that is basically a recreational vehicle that comes without doors and looks like an unflattering caricature of an electric vehicle, and is basically useless except for a ride in a street legal golf cart. (and an ugly one at that).

Three strikes and your out !!

Twizy is a great and a great looking car offering a great transportation alternative, for many cities it is better than a conventional car

You’re right, I’m afraid.

Battery rental, quality issues and cheap looking interieur are preventing from better sales.

Bad marketing and unwilling dealers presenting the car on the very last page of their adverts and hiding them in the remote area of the showroom do also have their part.

I thought the Mia from Heuillier, the French body-maker was pretty good.

But they went out of business.


The French make pretty good cars.

Check out the Citroen DS, that some think is the most beautiful car eveer dsigned.

And it had air suspension (just like the Tesla Model S)

But Citroen had this more than 50 years ago.

The Citroen DS was also voted the most beautiful car of all time.


I just don’t think that what the French are doing right now with electric cars is all that great.

Renault, Dropp your stupid mandatory battery rental! I would have allready baught a zoe if i could buy all of it.
The only thing the rentalskeem does is to kill the secondhand value.
Try to convince somone to buy a 10 year old car with a 90€ monthly lease on top. You will not be able to sell it!

Your stubornness on this point has made me draw the conclution that you whant your ev branch to fail..

If you buy a house, you pay for it for many years.

But, in the end – you own it.

Not so, with French EVs where you are enslaved to “THE MAN” forever.

You are all correct.

Renault isn’t trying to sell electric cars because of one thing.

Planed obsolescence.

Car manufacturers love cars with combustion engines because they are complex and have so many parts that are always in risk of failure, that risk keeps increasing with time, specially when the warranty is over. That forces people to replace the old cars and the keep the “good” old cycle of producing and buying. This “economy” isn’t economizing earth finite resources at all, maybe capitalism isn’t an economic system…

Complaining about the mandatory battery lease on an EV website will not change Renault behaviour, if you want them to change complain in their facebook so they can stop lying saying people don’t want to buy the cars with battery. They even exploit costumers with the Twizy little 6,1KWh battery saying it would be to expensive to buy…