Electric Qiantu K50 Event! Debuts In Shanghai


Qiantu K50 Event!  - Image Via Car News China

Qiantu K50 Event! – Image Via Car News China

China has its first Chinese-built electric supercar and its called the Qiantu K50 Event! (yes with the exclamation point).

Revealed at the 2015 Shanghai Auto, the Event! will launch in 2016 at a price of ~ $113,000 (or 700,000 yuan).  That’s Tesla Model S price territory.

According to Car News China:

“The Qiantu K50 Event! is based on the CH Auto Event concept that debuted last year on the Beijing Auto Show. Production was confirmed in October last year. The company that will build the cars is called Qiantu Qiche (前途汽车), which literally translates as ‘Future Auto’.”

“CH Auto (web), a major Chinese automotive design & development company, is the largest shareholder of Qiantu Qiche.”

Qiantu K50 Event!  - Image Via Car News China

Qiantu K50 Event! – Image Via Car News China

Back to the car…

400 HP and 650 newton-meters of torque are sent from an electric motor to the rear wheels. 0 to 62 MPH comes in 5 seconds.  Range is listed at 200 km(124 miles) and battery capacity is stated to be 41.1 kWh.  Curb weight is 1,685 kg,

Additional images at source link below.

Source: Car News China

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What qualifies this as a “supercar”? 0-62 mph in 5 seconds is decent, but seems pretty far from supercar territory.

but fast for a dragon fly (hood ornament)

That dragon fly should be pointed the other way. In that orientation, it just looks like it was hit by the car.

I suspect the dragonfly is just an excuse for a logo reminiscent of Tesla’s.

The price qualifies it as a supercar.

All the definitions of “supercar” I could find include more than just price:

“We would consider the definition of a supercar to be an eye catching factory stock car which accelerates faster and is more expensive than at least 98% of the other cars manufactured in the same year.” (http://www.zeroto60times.com)

“A supercar (also known as exotic car) is a very expensive and high-performance sports car or grand tourer.” (Wikipedia)

“A supercar is a term used for a sports car, typically an exotic or rare one, whose performance is highly superior to its contemporary sports cars” (urban dictionary)

All three definitions also require outstanding performance which doesn’t really apply to this car.

So it’s a ”supercar” that isn’t, which takes obvious design cues from a Bugatti, a Lamborghini, and the VW Up! as an inspiration of name.

A Tesla Model S seems like the better deal…

It would be OK if it would be priced according to looks, range & performances. Let say around $45-50K.

How cute, it’s like a Bugatti Veyron EV kit car. Is there an option to get the VW Bug engine instead?

$113K for a 2 sest Chinese car that might match the low end Tesla in performance but only has half the range. Good luck with that.

Sorry, range sucks for the cash.. next…