Electric Nissan Qashqai Could Eventually Become Reality


Outside of the US, the Nissan Qashqai is one of the automaker’s most recognizable nameplates.



Within the US, the Qashqai is a virtual unknown.

This changes none of that.

Since entering production in 2006, Qashqai sales have taken off.  By the end of 2007, over 100,000 were sold.  That figure jumped to over 500,000 by the end of 2009.

The Qashqai is hot.

Crazy hot, we’d say.

Nissan will soon add to the production capacity of the Qashqai by making some versions in Russia.

Now comes word that the Qashqai may someday get electrified.

Remember, the Qashqai is not US-bound and likely never will be, but at least there’s hope that Europe might eventually get a crossover-ish electric in the future.

Here’s how Autocar presents the case for the electric Qashqai:

Speaking to Autocar, Nissan’s European sales and marketing boss Guillaume Cartier said such a model would not be “for now”, suggesting it could become a production reality.

An electric Qashqai could build on the technology pioneered in the Leaf and developed further in the NV200 EV. Cartier said that economies of scale are expected to reduce the cost of the powertrain.

He said that Nissan Leaf buyers choose the Leaf for more emotional reasons, but buyers or operators of commercial vehicles such as the NV200 are driven by more pragmatic issues. “There are no more rational buyers than those who buy light commercial vehicles”, he said.

Definitely not a guarantee, but at least there’s a chance that an electric Qashqai will come at some point in time.

Source: Autocar

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Is there where the cryptic 48 Kwh Battery pack will appear??

Large conventionally dumb vehicles are poorly suited for electrification. Besides this sounds more like bait for getting some attention for the dumb Qashqai (Cashcow, funny how brazen they were with that name)

This style of vehicle would be huge in my suburban area. My neighbor is having a yard party today. Over fifteen CUV are there, three sedans, two pickups. This size model with EREV of sizeable battery would be huge.

Agreed! I would trade in our minivan today for a CUV such as this or a minivan as long as they had some reasonable EV range plus EREV capabilities.

The Qashqai is also a top seller in China with over 100000 units annually.

comparing the Leaf and a EV Qashqai, i would buy the second, as long it didn’t had a compromised trunk compromised like other EV’s (Yes, Focus Electric, i’m looking at you).