Electric Niro Plus More Plug-In Kia SUVs Coming Soon


Kia Niro

Kia Niro

2017 Niro

2017 Niro

A couple of Kia execs seems to be hinting that the automaker will soon electrify most of its lineup.

Chief creative officer Peter Schreyer spoke in regards to the look of the Niro hybrid, a sport, compact SUV. According to Schreyer, the light electrification of the Niro has proven successful and this is prompting the automaker to more seriously consider expanding electrification across model lines.

Kia’s chief operating officer, Thomas Oh, says that the Niro sales success is already beyond expectations, adding that “many customers want small SUVs including those looking for eco-friendly cars.”

According to Oh, a Niro EV will likely come soon and it’ll be sold alongside the current hybrid model, much like how the IONIQ will be offered in multiple electrified formats.

Oh commented:

“This year globally eco-friendly cars are around 2 million vehicles, with electric vehicles just 100,000 by 2020 we expect eco-friendly to rise to around 600,000 with 42% hybrid, 32% plug-in hybrid and 27 percent electric… that is a significant increase and it makes sense to combine the technology with vehicle types that customers want to buy.”

Source: Autocar

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If Chevy created a hybrid crossover Cruze it would sell well, but their marketing people think they know better, but don’t.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Chevy has the Bolt for this. If extended range thoughts, then Voltec size into the Bolt, but with 200+miles, the intent is pure EV

That is the same “we got it covered” mentality Chevy marketing might use. ASK the customers what they WANT…don’t guess.

Somehow I think GM has focus groups already. Just because you want a specific vehicle doesn’t mean that vehicle has wide-spread appeal. (For the record, I like the idea!)

Focus groups are ONE tool and sometimes an inaccurate on depending on how they are done.
I don’t have an idea for ONE car, the people have ideas for many. Focus groups designed to tell you what you want to hear are not helping.

I have seen some nice looking KIA crossovers, and actually thought to myself, “If only the next LEAF would look this nice.”

It is good to see another EV in the pipeline…
The established big auto will be needing them…
I think when the m3 hits the road in mass and the general public sees them and rides in co workers cars that will be the point when the ICEs days are can officaly be counted down…

I have no doubts that the Our EV is the easiest packaging, as engineering goes, but traditional Auto OEMs, need the volumes that keeping the ICE brings them, and see adding Electric Drives with the ICE as in Hybrid and Plugin Hybrid, as part of their volume solution, while they get their EV act figured out!

Kia Soul EV let them see there was interest in EV’s, and the hybrid Nitro, showed them interest, now let’s see if they can make it better, as a BEV!

While at the movies today I saw a long format commercial for the Kia Soul which prominently featured the Soul EV. That’s a first EV ad for me in a theater.

For my household, the biggest competitor to the Model 3 is the Kia Niro.

But it’s annoying to hear about the ‘sales success’ of the Niro, when it’s not even available yet in the US.

When the Niro finally arrives, it may cause me to cancel my Model 3 reservation. Its utility and operating costs may be better than the Model 3, not to mention other factors.

PS: I’m referring to the hybrid, not the mythical electric Niro.

The Car and Driver article mentions that a plug in hybrid model will be available in the Niro’s lifecycle. Not sure why they did not just go straight to a PHEV model opposed to a standard hybrid.