Electric NIO EP9 Breaks All-Time Nurburgring Lap Record Just Set By Lamborghini

MAY 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 38

The NIO EP9 set a new Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record on May 12,2017, improving its previous result from October 2016 by 19.22 seconds to 6m 45.900 s (six minutes, 45.900 seconds)!

On May 12, 2017 NIO EP9 Breaks the Nurburgring Nordschleife Lap Record – 6m 45.900s

And we are not talking a personal best, or for plug-in vehicles, the time of 6:45.900 is the all-time record for any other production car.

…so, faster than the prior record-holding performance from two months ago by more than 6.3 seconds by a Lamborghini Huracán Performante, that turned in a time of 6:52.01.

What does it take to be the best, apparently 1 MW worth of power on tap (1,341 hp) , and of course all-wheel-drive (details). And you can purchase one for only 1.48 million USD.

“The EP9’s 1-MegaWatt of power is equivalent to 1360PS (1342 bhp) and the vehicle has a top speed of 313kph (194mph). The EP9 accelerates from 0-200kph (0-124mph) in 7.1 seconds. Previously, the EP9 has broken or set new track records at four world-renowned racetracks.”


Gerry Hughes, Head of Performance Program & FE Team Principal, NIO said:

“In October 2016, we aimed to set a new lap record for an electric vehicle with our NIO EP9. In the inclemental weather that the Nürburgring Nordschleife is known for, the EP9 completed two laps of the 20.8 km (12.9m) ‘Green Hell’, one of which was in 7m 05.12s, beating the previous EV lap record, making it the fastest electric car in the world. The EP9’s new lap record is 19.22 seconds faster than its previous lap time. This is a fabulous achievement for NIO and I am very proud of the team that has worked tirelessly to achieve this accolade,”.

Padmasree Warrior, CEO, NIO, U.S. said:

“As a company, we were born to push limits. Setting and breaking records with our EP9 is for the sole purpose to show the world that we have the automotive and technical expertise to succeed in the global automotive market. Our vision is to be the best of the next generation of car companies by producing the smartest vehicles in world,”


Quick specs on the NIO EP9:

  • two-seater fully-electric supercar
  • 1 MW peak power delivery at wheel / 1,360 PS equivalent with AWD with 4 x inboard motors, 4 individual gear boxes and torque vectoring
  • Max speed, gear limited 313 kph (195 mph)
  • 0-100 kph 2.7 seconds
  • 0-200 kph 7.1 seconds
  • 0-300 kph 15.9 seconds
  • 427 km (265 miles) range using 2 lithium batteries, indirectly water cooled
  • 45 minutes Battery charge time (battery changeable)
  • 1735 kg total weight, Batteries = 635 kg (both), All carbon content = 364 kg
  • Dimensions: 4888 x 2230 x 1150 mm
  • Quarter mile time 10.1 seconds/249 kph

Below: NIO EP9 Gallery

Hat tip to Alex!

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Congrats to NIO and Peter Dumbreck. Another world record held by EVs. In 10 years time, I wonder if ICE vehicles will be able to hold onto any record, other than pollution generated. We live in exciting times.

This recent record set by an EV is great.

A big hurdle will be when an EV will go faster than the Top Fuel Dragsters… 0-100 mph in less than a second I belive. Hopefully that’ll convert legions of ICE fans to EV… Not that any street legal car should have such capabilities of course.

That could be doable now with the right investment. A 7ish MW drivetrain would cost a lot, but it’s far from impossible. The thermodynamics should also mean that the electric car that does it can do multiple runs without an engine rebuild, unlike the current top-fuel cars. 90% efficiency vs 25% means only 700kW of heat to dump vs 21MW!

Ferrari, Lamborghini, feel the burn. They had better scramble to keep up instead getting all snooty about their “glorious IC engines”, whose be-all-end-all pro argument seems to be the noise pollution (not to speak of the real pollution) they blow out of their exhausts.

Now that’s more like it. Awesome to see an EV that can silence some of those “EV’S are only good in a straight line” argument’s from some of the gas heads.

EV performance goes into their design so some can only be good in a straight line IE Teslas or if they were designed for true high performance they can be good on a track without overheating….

FYI this is not a knock on Tesla so keep your panties on…

Tesla Model S did a 8:50 on the Nürburgring (which is fast):

8:50 certainly is not hypercar fast around the ring.

And the fact that Model S is considerably quicker to sprint to 100 km/h illustrates very well how accurate it is to say it’s much, much faster in a straight line than it is cornering.

Of course neither is relevant to ordinary car buyers. Many like a quick car, but not a race car. And relatively speaking, good performance (or more specifically power and torque) is much cheaper to offer with EV propulsion than with ICE. This is especially true with a large battery back. A car like the Bolt would only be slightly cheaper if they had chosen a smaller inverter and less powerful motor, like in A LEAF; in an ICE the cost difference between a four-cylinder 1.6 liter engine and a 3-liter V6 is much bigger.

So for normal drivers EVs will make performance much more affordable. And they can go around corners faster than anyone should anyway.

Even the Leaf motor isn’t small; you can put 200bhp through a Leaf motor and it won’t saturate. Of course, that only emphasises your point that additional power doesn’t cost more in an EV if you have the batteries to support it.

It’s pretty amazing that you can come from nowhere and develop an EV that beats everything from every other manufacturer that has been doing this for decades. Clearly EV is the way forward, I doubt there is anyone among the old gang that doubts that now.

That like saying performance is the highest priority of car consumers, when it reality, I think very few people ask how much horsepower it has (or even understand what it really means), or ask how fast does it go. The look of the car, the price, does it meet my needs, etc., are far more important.

The gearheads though are a different story, as they will spend time arguing about the sound of the exhaust of a car over another, as being so important to them or how many horsepower it has, etc.

Not all consumers of course but this car competes in a special category of cars for the very rich. The people that are willing to pay for Koenigseggs, McLarens or top end Ferraris. These people have more money than sense and they are willing to spend a considerable amount if the car is top performing. It’s a cut-throat business and being run over by an EV is certainly going to affect them.

The best part is that because its an EV it will be perfectly fine driving around in a 30mph speed limit – unlike a highly tuned ICE.

I encountered a Masserati in heavy Boston traffic the other week revving like crazy through gaps in traffic. That poor clutch…

1 Mw under the hood.
I knew that was doin’ my lap time some good!

Yeah! China is catching up!

“Fascinating captain!”

Awesome. This is so much better than the Porsche 918’s 6:56, since that plug-in is more engine than (tiny ~7KWh) battery.

Congratulations, to Nio’s EV!

Id say they won the nurburgring.

If someone asked me, would I like to race around this track in a 911 or this car, well, it’s not even a contest. I think the 911 would provide a far more enjoyable driving experience than any EV could.

But out on public streets, again it’s no contest, as the “driving experience” has a much lower priority to me, and so I would prefer an BMW i3 or Bolt.

There’s no reason someone can’t someday destroy weight balance, put most of a battery behind the rear axle, double the width of the rears, and reattach Moby Dick’s wing. Fun yes, but even Porsche recognized the 911’s shortcomings when it came to the ‘Need for Speed’.

You do you.

> You do you.

No. I don’t think so.

Doubt that a vibrating box with 4 wheels offers a better driving experience. The vibrations are the most annoying thing for me in a motorcycle or car no matter how good is the handling and obviously if this car made that time, the handling is not a problem.

i3 and Dolt lolololololololol

How is that a production car?

In the sense, you can order one, and they will produce it for you.

It’s not. Their press release very carefully phrases around that. It has a faster time than any production car, and they say they intend to produce some, but it’s not actually in production. It can’t hold the production record for that reason.

From my perspective though, that’s more about the company and the market than the car. The car itself’s not some open-wheel racing special, it is designed to be road legal, so it’s playing mostly the same game as the production cars (which are limited production, very niche cars themselves).

If NIO had put out something like a souped up Formula E car and made the same claims about it, comparing it with the production cars, that would be disingenuous. I don’t think this is that.

Nice! A no-compromise EV race car. That’s how it’s done.

From “Green Hell” and back by a green car!
Too bad that Rimac did not broke the record befor NIO.
Anyway, now the ICE is worth any steampunk tech.

WOW!!! This is what a startup electric car company should do (take note Faraday). Well done, NIO. ICE is dead.

I came here, I was like, ok, yeah, they broke the EV record. What was that? 10 minutes? Yeah, big deal. When I read 6:45,wow, I think I don’t yet believe it. Well, well done. Sure, this stuff is not really important for an everyday car but it’s definitely a lot more important than 0-60 in I have no idea how many seconds. This is really something, at least in Europe.

Even an overheated P85D under reduced power has done it in 8:50.

Havent seen a P100D attempt it yet. It probably would finish marginally faster.

We should have Rimac Concept One to race Nürburgring. Rimac has better performance than Nio EP9, but it is unclear which has better track performance. As Concept One is designed to be more like a street legal car.

Concept One couldn’t touch the EP9 around Nürburgring. The EP9 is much more a race car and also higher power.

I find it incredible that Model S, with its 2.3 second 0-100 km/h sprint, is nearly 20% faster than this car at 2.7 seconds!

One would think with a megawatt at their disposal they could accelerate even faster. Maybe it’s down to the higher to speed? Perhaps if they did like Rimac and had a two speed gearbox they would be even quicker? Or would the added weight cost more than the quicker low-speed acceleration wins?

In any case, it’s awesome that an EV has this record. Of course it doesn’t matter for regular cars. But street cred is important for branding, and this is a big step towards becoming accepted among hard core petrolheads. Few things are as convincing as a ring record to prove the ultimate car performance.

Back when I read motorcycle magazines, they’d occasionally test a true racing bike. Their 0-60 times didn’t even beat mid-range street bikes. It just wasn’t their goal.

The model s is specifically designed for 0-60 and that only. Its gear ratio is set for that. It also overheats quickly with any sort of repeated use. Whats the model s 0-100 mph?

Nice, Loving it!