More Electric Morgans Coming In 2019


Morgan Plus E

Morgan Plus E

Morgan Motor Company is gearing-up to launch the all-electric EV3 (Morgan 3 Wheeler) in 2016.

As it turns out, Morgan will not stop there and intends to launch more electric and hybrid models starting in 2019.

The company announced a new £6 million ($8.6 million) investment to develop new platforms and to expand facilities and its workforce.

According to Autocar, Morgan will be supported by several companies/organizations:

“With funding from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre and support from fellow UK companies Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology, Morgan is investing £6 million into its Malvern factory to enable the development of these new powertrains.”

It’s too early to guess about models that will be electrified – below you will find Morgan’s currently available car models:

Morgan cars

Morgan cars

Source: Autocar

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Electric motors allow small manufacturers to avoid Federalization hassles. Morgan has often had to change engine suppliers in the past; Triumph, Fiat, Rover, Ford, BMW.

The Aero 8 is the logical EV due to its adequate aerodynamics.

I love retro cars with charm, chrome and curves. Clean electric drivetrains are icing on the cake.

The wheeler combination e the worst of two wheel with the worst of four wheel to get an in r edible essy and highly dangerous end product. What not to love about this?

Why the negativity about this wheel configuration?

If you’re going to have a 3-wheeled car, the configuration of two wheels in front and one in the back is the most stable, and the one least prone to tip over when cornering. It also eliminates the need for a differential.