Electric Mitsubishi eX SUV Confirmed For Production

MAR 5 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Mitsubishi eX Concept

Mitsubishi eX Concept


Mitsubishi’s UK boss Lance Bradley confirmed from the Geneva Motor Show to the Autocar that the pure electric eX Concept is actually scheduled for production.

The timeframe for the introduction is set “by 2020“, so we hope to see it on the road in 3-4 years.

By that time, Mitsubishi probably will have expanded its plug-in hybrid offerings.  The delayed entry with an all-electric crossover is explained by the need for a mature charging network.

“The commitment is to return to full EV when the infastructure is mature. Full electric power is very much part of Mitsubishi’s future.”

According to the article, 250 miles (400 km) range is expected and the “concept can already manage that distance“, a number that is at odds with the eX’s 45 kWh battery.  Therefore, we assume the 250miles/400km range is based on the optimistic Euro/NEDC scale and the real world range would be more like ~140 miles.

Separately, Mitsubishi confirmed the eX will be offered as AWD.

The meaning behind the name eX?  “electric X (cross)-over“.

source: Autocar

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If they can deliver this for under 40k and about 150 miles of range before incentives, I think this will be a huge success.

only if they release it within a year, any longer and the specs will have to be vastly improved.

They will have some time to rethink those 45kWh, but apart from that and the a bit over the top styling, which of course is necessary for a concept car, it would be a pretty perfect idea.

I’m thrilled to see Mitsubishi moving forward with BEVs.
Hopefully the architecture will allow for larger battery capacity. By 2020, an EPA rated 150 mile range vehicle that’s over $27K (before incentives) might have a difficult time.

Rich, I agree they should have at least an optional 200 mile range as 15kwhr more will only cost $1500 in 2020.
Hardly worth having to discount it by more than that to stay competitive.

I disagree, because Mitsubishi is a little behind on cell cost compared to Nissan.

Therefore i estimate cell prices by 2020 to be around:
Tesla – 100$/kWh (best case)
Nissan – 150$/kWh (good case)
Mitsubishi – 170$/kWh (average industry)

Then add another 30$/kWh for packaging, frame, surounding structure to the cell cost.

Suddenly the 15kWh would cost Mitsubishi another 3000$. Add Mitsubishi’s margin (15%) and dealer margin (10%) and you arrive at a little less than $4000. That seems not like much, but some will opt for less if the difference is $4000.

Three to four years is a long ways off. If Mitsubishi sells the eX in US the way they did the Outlander PHEV it might be much longer. But maybe I’ll be ready to move from the Bolt by the time the eX comes is available.

Not to mention the way they ‘sold’ the i-MiEV! MW EVBitz.uk

I really don’t see the charging infrastructure issue really. There’s quite a few, and NL is decently covered. No need to wait for 2020 for this theoretical charging network.

For other countries your mileage may vary.

Outside of a few progressive areas . . . the non Tesla charging infrastructure of USA is terrible.

Can anyone explain to me the reason to have/quote Euro/NEDC range estimations, based on the fact they aren’t even close to being real? It’s one thing to fudge using a yard instead of a meter, but using a measure that’s 40-60% wrong seems idiotic. By that measure, 1st gen Leafs’ range is 120 miles, but 70 miles is the reality..

better quote NEDC than nothing?

Whaaaattt? Mitz is gonna make a long-range EV cross over in the relatively near-term time range?

It looks like the simplicity of the iMiEV and the success of the Outlander PHEV has emboldened them. Wow!

Yup, Mitsu lost a lot of credibility in the Outlander PHEV USA non-release. What about this trend of rear-hinged rear doors. While I love the cavernous entry points, what happens when coordination with the kids fails and the rear door is slammed onto the already-closed front door? Looks like an expensive fix on the i3 and similar cars. I want to see idiot-proofing interlock that prevents the rear door from hitting the front.