Electric Mini Test Mule Spied Charging Up


It looks a whole lot like the three-door Mini Hardtop but can plug in.

There’s a reason for this though. It’s just a mule.

The photographer catches the little EV while it’s charging at a picturesque spot in the Austrian Alps, and there’s even a glimpse inside the cabin.

Mini still covers this test mule in camouflage, but the closer look provides a better look at the design. In large part, the styling is largely the same as the standard three-door Hardtop. The biggest tweak is at the nose where the designers block off the grille, except for two rows of holes in the center. This element might look good with two-tone paint to match the roof and further Mini’s vaguely retro aesthetics. The rest of the concealment appears to cover up the existing body. Unfortunately, this one lacks the aggressive side sills and revised rear bumper from the Mini Electric Concept . The four-spoke wheels are a clear nod to the show car, though.

The interior also appears to carry over from the current Hardtop. The only major changes might be to the steering-wheel-stalk-mounted gauges. The engineers cover the area on this test mule, but what’s underneath appears smaller than on the combustion-powered version.

Drivetrain details about the electric Hardtop are still a mystery other than that the components come BMW’s Dingolfing and Landshut plants in Germany. Rumors indicate that it uses a single, front-mounted electric motor. BMW allegedly intends to use this setup as the basis for an i1 model, too.

The Mini E will go into production in November 2019. Later, the company will reportedly launch a second EV, but it will be exclusive to the Chinese market as a joint venture with Great Wall Motors.

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Oh geez, front wheel drive.
Not going to be as good as the i3.

Bla blubb

Why, do you live in an area without paved roads?


Odd for them to charge by the normal Schuko plug instead of the Type-2 EVSE below it. That doesn’t make much sense. Unless they want to precent people from seeing how fast this could charge (3 phase 11 or 22kW).

I do see the bottom part for the CCS plug, so one can hope.


I guess you have to test all situations. Also the single line at some remote Austrian alpine cabin might see a lot of variation in voltage. Charging should be robust even when confronted with sub par infrastructure.


Love it

Ron Swanson's Mustache

That could be a lot of fun.


Is an emergency hammer for the windows required for BMW mules? It has one so the company probably has a policy of including those. It is actually the most interesting part shown here.


yes, mandatory for all test drives. also fire extinguisher under the seat