Electric Mini E Not Entering Production Until November 2019

FEB 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Mini presented the all-electric concept at the 2018 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto but we are still around two years from its market launch.

Mini Cooper Test Mule

According to Debra Tovell, Product Manager of MINI and BMW Group Canada, production of the electric Mini will begin in November 2019.

“2019 has always been the year when the all-electric MINI was expected, but now we find out that deliveries may just start by the end of that year, or maybe even during 2020.”

That probably means first deliveries to consumers in North America will begin in early or mid-2020.

That’s a lot of time from now, especially considering that there are test mules out there already clocking mileage.

The delay could be because BMW Group will introduce next-generation powertrain and batteries by then and wants those components to be in the Mini BEV.

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Mini Electric concept

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The Liepzig court deferred its decision on German city diesel bans, today. BMW could end up running for the bunker.

You mean they caved in to pressure.


I drove a mini from 2005 through 2016. I kept waiting for a Diesel in the US or an electric vehicle. I hoped the Mini-E would go into production, but sadly no luck. Went to a BMW i3, and going to Tesla M3 at some point this year. I wish Mini had a vehicle I could buy.

After VW lied to the U.S. about diesels and the medical community published true data, not doctored by the car industry, about how damaging diesel particulates are to human health, the sales of diesels in the U.S., and even Europe, have fallen. The American people don’t like liars and they like killers even less.

I would wait for the electric mini; lots of low end torque without all the smell, noise and costly complicated maintenance.

“like killers even less”

I really wish that were true, but we seem to think that killing children in schools is perfectly acceptable, because we are unwilling to do what’s necessary to prevent those slaughter by eliminating the 2nd amendment, or going back to a proper and sensible interpretation of the 2nd amendment not pushed by the NRA lobbyist and gun industry err, “hired guns” with politicians in their pockets.

September 11th, 2001 should have taught most that other things besides guns can be lethal!

Also trucks in Crowds, can mess up lots of people fast!

Is it only the guns that we fear?

Trucks (and airplanes used as human-guided missiles) did not kill 15,594 Americans in 2017 alone.

Guns did.

The problem with far too many mass shootings and murders with guns in America isn’t mental health. Other first-world countries have mental health problems just as bad as the U.S. does, but they don’t have even 1/10 the rate of gun deaths we do.

So let’s quit pretending the problem isn’t that guns are far too common and easy to get in America. It’s literally insane to pretend that’s not the problem, and that is the mass insanity — not a few lone crazy people — which is killing many, many thousands of Americans every year.

Extremist right-wing politicians are now busily trying to convince us (once again) that the solution to too many people having guns is to arm even more people with guns. They have become perfect puppets for the gun manufacturing lobby.

It’s far past time to call this promotion of the gun industry by its right name:

Evil. Pure evil.

Quite so … and uniquely America will be made great again by being the only country arming their teachers. There goes the noble idea, I am sure the rest of dumb world will try to copy ….

These two off-topic post wreaks of the typical Russian propaganda Putin has been so kind to destroy the internet with.

“The American people don’t like liars”

Uhm… there is almost not a single day on which the elected president of the US tweets a lie…

Irony intended…

” The American people don’t like liars “

Going by what’s coming from that guy in the White House, I could have thought otherwise.

Mini sales are falling and they wait.


Could be they are simply waiting until they are confident in the tech. They are also planning a year without the X5e. It stops production this Jun and the replacement will not start until next Jul.

Well, our current Mini lease ends in March 2020, so that should be ok with us. Seems like there’ll be plenty of competitive EV options by then (but that’s what I thought about 2017 in 2014 too!).

MINI fan and customer here as well. Though, mine was 2009 with 135K, with a somewhat wonky track record with after warranty reliability. Could not wait another 2-3 years and since I’d be buying used, it was time to move on understanding there will not be electric MINI for me for looong time.

Good news is, that while it was great cool car, we don’t really miss it which you’d think would be a no-brainer if I tell you that we bought brand new Kia Soul EV. It’s boxy, quirky and slow to 100km/h … yet somehow it is irrelevant when overall experience and cost is considered.

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