Electric Mini Confirmed For 2019, Will Likely Be Built In UK



BMW hasn’t made an official decision, but Oxford plant is the frontrunner.

BMW could build its electric Mini in the United Kingdom, if sources quoted by Reuters are correct.

Officially the firm has yet to make a decision, but sources close to the company have said that BMW bosses in Munich are leaning towards the firm’s Cowley plant as the best site for assembling the new electric vehicle.


The German manufacturer has put together a rival construction site in the Netherlands in anticipation of the impact that Brexit will have on the movement of components across borders.

The electric Mini will have a motor, battery and associated components made at various BMW plants in Germany

BMW could be angling for something similar to the alleged ‘sweetheart deal’ when the government announced a £390-million ($506 million at current exchange rates) investment in low-emission and driverless cars around the same time that Nissan decided to keep its U.K. manufacturing facilities in place.

The electric version of the Mini hatchback will go on sale in 2019, and an announcement on the construction site of the new car is expected at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Source: Reuters

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So will this be any good? Or will it just be another clunky conversion with poor aerodynamics, short range, and high price?

BTW, can you change the site somehow? It often loses focus of the text box while I’m typing. It keeps refreshing things and acting so SLOW.

Someone out there

I’m sure it will be the latter. Probably a 17-20 kWh battery with ~80 miles of range and cost $10k more than the regular Mini.


Not only Tesla, but also Brexit to kill German automakers…


It’s rather killing Britain, the germans are only preparing how to get out if the sinking ship can’t be saved.

Martin Winlow

Yep, that’ll be why employment (data released earlier this week) are up by 2% (for instance).

Someone out there

Hardly. Brexit will be an excellent boost for Britain as it will allow them to trade outside of the EU much easier. At the same time the EU is limited in the damage they can do to Britain because of international trade law. This “brexit will ruin the economy” narrative is just propaganda from remainers.


Utter nonsense.

Artful Dodger

And if BMW Motorsports makes a hi-performance version, it shall be called “Mini-Me”.

Get in my belly, little man!

Four Electrics

MINIs are exceptional cars. I have high hopes for this model.

Martin T.

Good on BMW only German manufacture with some brains – perfect package for an EV.

I think they will sell well in UK and even France.

So a Good call.

Martin Winlow

Slightly puzzled by this news. According to just about every national newspaper here in the UK, the decision was made 2 weeks ago. The body is to be made at Cowley (Oxfordshire) and the electric drivetrain somewhere in Eastern Europe, IIRC.


Mini has lost 10 years on the EV arena….

What a pity – quel dommage.
Responsability in front of global warning. Anyway, 2019 should be better than never.

Lou Grinzo

Perfect example of news that leaves me with mixed feelings.

I’ve never owned a Mini, but if an EV variant fit my requirements and timing (I’m looking to replace my Leaf in about 6 to 8 months), it would be high on my list. So I’m happy to see the EV flavor is coming.

But 2019? When do we plug heads get an announcement along the lines of, “Company X today said that the Bazooka EV, previously announced for 2030 availability, will be in showrooms within 12 months”? It seems all the news is about a Clarity EV with an absurdly low (in 2017) range, Mitsubishi delaying their PHEV US availability for 743rd time, Fiat-Chrysler claiming EVs cause STDs, etc.

I know, I know — the market is sorting itself out, battery prices continue to drop, the revolution is getting REALLY close — I’ve made these arguments repeatedly. But it sure is hard to wait some days…


Development takes time and it’s mid 2017 already. So 18 months isn’t too bad.

I think many car makers are adopting the Tesla strategy, hyping up a car that isn’t even developed yet. I don’t think it’s good idea, but they do it.

This Mini on the other hand wasn’t hyped up in any way. BMW only made a statement about when and where it will be built. No fancy prototype, no advertisement, no public statements about price, range, or other promises.

Mark C

It’s a BMW family member. I hope (but doubt) it will be a good bit less expensive than the i3. That’s a sweet car, but IMHO, too much money for what you get.
Hopefully they won’t put custom made, buy them only at your local Mini dealer tires on it.