Electric MG Dynamo Gets Driven

JUL 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

Autocar recently had the chance to test drive the MG Dynamo at the Silverstone circuit, UK.

As it turns out, the Dynamo, which is MG’s version of Chinese parent company SAIC Motor Roewe E50, received a positive opinion.

The interior is fine, the exterior look good and acceleration to 31 mph takes just 5.3 seconds. Autocar assumes that with right price it could be good selling car.

Some drawbacks are that the floor feels unnaturally high due batteries underneath and there is not much space for legs. Also, the trunk with a high loading lip is so small that it almost doesn’t exist.

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

Here is a summary of the test drive report:

The ride, for instance, is excellent. The surface we tested the car on was pretty uneven, but the MG soaked it up with little complaint and plenty of aplomb. It also felt good in the corners, resisting roll well and possessing plenty of grip, with well-weighted steering that offered more feel than expected. The EV concept’s kerb weight of slightly more than a tonne probably helps here.”

“As with all EVs, maximum torque is available instantly and the modest 0-62mph time is probably less relevant than the car’s 0-31mph time, which is an impressive 5.3 seconds. The MG concept certainly feels quick enough for zipping about congested UK conurbations, although the regenerative braking effect is minimal when lifting off the throttle.”

“MG claims a range of between 50 and 71 miles. If this doesn’t sound a lot, it’s because the manufacturer says this is a ‘realistic’ range for someone who is driving the car with lights, wipers, the heater and radio on in winter months, draining the battery quicker. It’s also more than adequate for most UK commuting needs.”

Some spec data:

  • 0-62mph 14.6 seconds
  • Top speed 81mph
  • Economy 50-71 miles
  • CO2 0g/km
  • Kerbweight 1080kg
  • Engine Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • Installation Front-mounted motor, front-wheel drive
  • Power 70bhp at 8000rpm
  • Torque 114lb ft
  • Gearbox CVT
MG Dynamo

MG Dynamo

Check out the full review at autocar.co.uk.

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0-60 in a quarter of a minute, 60 mile range, and no storage at all. That’s how you get people excited about EVs.


You sell it for half the price of a leaf and it would become one of the most exciting vehicles released this century


How much do the E50’s sell for in china?


I presume quite a lot. Somewhere in the $30,000 region. Think of it like the old i-MiEVs that were once sold in Japan, mainly sold to fleets (its only significant sales month was last year). It did not make any noticeab;e sales this year and did not experience the massive growth many native EVs saw this year.

Like the old i-MiEV, they weren’t produced at a scale what we would call mass produced, and like it we would expect a new version with a lower price tag.


Pretty much. Many people who are not familiar with EVs just expect that if they get a car hbalf the range, they expect half the price. That’s excluding any other advantages that we know EVs hold over ICEs.

That’s why NEVs are phenominally popular in China. What I really don’t understand is that they were impressed by its acceleration! 5 seconds to 30mph is not something to write home about! A Twizy does 0-30mph in the same amount of time.


I have always maintained that the battery costs are over-hyped, so no I do not expect a car with half the range to cost half as much but what I was (am) hoping for is a cheap EV to hit the market, and I mean really cheap like regular super-mini cheap but that can still drive anywhere a regular super-mini can. IMO a cheap mass produced super-mini will completely change the face of the EV market, even if its 0-60 and recharge times are horrible.

What I am hoping is that this MG will be that car, judging by the fact the high voltage cables are held in place with orange duct tape I might be in luck.


The name dynamo does seem to be a bit of a stretch for something that is slow as molasses in January.


And it’s even slower in January…

Rick Danger

Exactly ffbj, what a waste of a good name.


It will be an amazing upgrade of golf cars.


Lots of potential here. Needs more range [at least 100 miles] and a lower price or the Leaf-or-Spark will eat their lunch. Nice body design, I like the pics. Keep going!