Electric Lotus Evora Blue Lightning Hits The Road, Snaps Necks – Video


Speed Academy has now presented its road ready, all-electric Blue Lightning – a converted Lotus Evora, equipped with a Tesla Model S powertrain and two Chevrolet Volt batteries.

Blue Lightning: Lotus Evora powered by Tesla electric motor and Chevrolet Volt batteries

After about five months, Blue Lightning is almost fully ready, and all that remains is a month or so of track tests, as racing brakes and power steering are still on the to-do list.

Anyway, some ≈460 hp has been measured on the dyno, making the acceleration of this tiny car … uh, violent. It literally strikes the neck.

In the background of the video, the Star Trek sound is via the electric powertrain (which hopefully is dampened somewhat in the future).

It Drives And Has CRAZY Acceleration! – Lotus Evora Electric Car Project EP04
The Lotus Evora Tesla powered electric car is alive and running and it’s so fast! We go for a ride and experience neck breaking acceleration while learning about all the details of the electric car project.

Previous stores on the build are here, here and here.

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15 responses to "Electric Lotus Evora Blue Lightning Hits The Road, Snaps Necks – Video"
  1. Nebula1701 says:

    With the range it sounds like they are two Gen 2 Volt batteries.

    1. BenG says:

      Yep, I’d say so. 200 km range =~124 miles. That would be tough with Gen 1 batteries even with the lighter weight.

  2. BenG says:

    Awesome project. That thing is nuts. Can’t wait to see it finished up and on the track.

    And if they can later upgrade to a Performance version of the motor it will be even badder.

  3. Kdawg says:

    Any predictions.. 0-60mph in X.X seconds?

    1. GeorgeS says:

      I’m thinking they will have to limit current draw on the packs at the begining of the accel. So a tad slower than the P100DL

    2. SparkEV says:

      2.75 sec. RWD Corvette does 2.95, but this thing has more weight in rear and help traction.

      1. ffbj says:

        Seems about right. 2.72

  4. Foo says:

    The video screenshot is plainly wrong.

    This car is insanely quick — not insanely “fast”.

    The Space Shuttle is insanely fast.

  5. jim stack says:

    Very nice. How does the EMF levels look from that motor right behind your back? The EV1 and Tesla Roaster are the only electrics I have measured high level on.
    Don’t worry it just affects your blood corpuscles and sexual organs .

    1. sveno says:

      Very strong EMF does create stress in the body true but you’d reach those levels only when you really hammer the car and not under everyday driving when the motor is at around 20kW or less at highway speeds.

    2. Aaron says:

      The only part that’s running with A/C current is the motor, and it’s enclosed and shielded. The amount of EMF you would receive is likely about as much as your clock radio on the night stand.

      (Seriously, if your clock radio has an old style magnetic-core transformer, you are taking in some serious EMF levels, according to my three-axis magnetometer.)

  6. ffbj says:

    Fire all photon torpedoes, maximum yield, full spread.
    Aye, Captain.

  7. John says:

    What a joke! Too expensive and low tech

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      You’re right, but not for the reasons you intend.

      A joke at it’s most successful is curious, thought provoking, and fun. And this qualifies, as most custom, one off performance cars do.

      You finding it “too expensive and low tech”
      suggests it might be joke that you simply aren’t “in on”. No harm, no foul.