Electric Log Sets Guinness World Record


World's Fastest Log

World’s Fastest Log

Star of HGTV Canada’s Timber Kings, Bryan Reid Sr., received a Guinness World Record for the “fastest motorized log.” Yes, you read that right!

Reid partnered with a New York-based turbine company to make the venture a reality. The record was set by the “Cedar Rocket” at a quarter-mile track at Wild Horse Motorsports in Arizona.

The body of the car was carved out of a 240-year-old Western red cedar. The whole car weighs in at 1,000 kilograms (2500 lbs.); a quarter of which is battery weight. It sits atop a Mazda RX-8 frame.

The “Cedar Rocket’s” power comes from two 20-horsepower electric turbines. It maxed out at 90km/h (56mph) for the quarter mile. Some additional punch is provided by a 35-horsepower, direct drive electric motor powering the differential.

Following a North American tour, Reid plans to return to the Barrett-Jackson auction next year, where he will auction the rocket and donate all monies to veterans’ charities.

It’s a frickin’ log. A log that rips down the tarmac. What could possibly be any cooler?

Check out video of the electric log car at the source link below.

Source: The Province

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11 responses to "Electric Log Sets Guinness World Record"
  1. BraveLilToaster says:

    What’s an “electric turbine”?

  2. AlanSqB says:

    Please place all jokes about logs, skid marks and splinters below:

    1. sven says:

      If it was my electric log, I would build a log cabin garage to park it in.

      When I cruise down the strip on a Friday or Saturday night in my electric log, you know which song I’ll be blasting on the radio.


      1. sven says:

        I wonder if action log comes in a drag racer log action outfit.


      2. AlanSqB says:

        It’s better than bad, it’s good.

    2. fotomoto says:

      I wonder how man LEAF’s were harmed in the making of this log……

  3. M Hovis says:

    I want to know if Steven is the evil or the good twin, which will effectively give us the answer about Eric.

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      No comment

  4. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…”

    Does this give new meaning to the term “drag” racer? 😀


  5. Goodbyegascar says:

    Call me a tree hugger, but I love EVs.