Electric Lamborghini Aventador Spotted in China


The first ever purely electric Lamborghini has hit the streets of China and here it is in all of its glory.

It's Got Them Scissor Doors Too

It’s Got Them Scissor Doors Too

This miniature Lamborghini Aventador was hand built in China for the sole purpose of transporting a child to school.

The electric Lambo reportedly cost only $817 to build.

For that $817, this Lamborghini turns heads as well as the real deal.

Top speed is claimed to match that of a typical bicycle and range is an impressive 35 miles.  5 lead acid batteries are on board.

It’s built from stainless steel and as you can see in one of the images, the interior is a bit on the sparse side (obviously done to cut down on weight).

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this electric Lambo isn’t road-legal, but that hasn’t stopped the builder from using it to transport his grandson to school.

No Problem With Headroom

No Problem With Headroom

Source: China Smack

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You mean using it. Wonder how much it cost to develop?

Who said NEVs have to be boring…

If ZENN had built something like this instead there would be one in every garage by now! 😉

Kinda reminds me of these:


I think the company that made these miniature electric replicas, couldn’t sell them for 11k, each.

“transport his grandson to school.”

ya thats safe…. but its safer than a smart car right? LOLOLOLOL

the minds of humans, gotta love them

It’s got the BMW i3 skinny tires.

…and a -5 star safety rating.

hahah…. :))


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