Electric Lada Debuts At Moscow Auto Show

AUG 29 2012 BY JAY COLE 3

AvtoVAZ's Lada Kalina EL

As many readers are keenly aware of, the name of the website here is InsideEVs. And as such, we feel we have a commitment to pass along at least the bare minimum of information about each and every new plug-in vehicle that comes along.

Therefore, we excitedly present, the El Lada…or officially the Lada Kalina EL.

It Burns The Eyes

The car was developed internally by the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ, and is based off the Kalina station wagon.

Apparently, the engineers don’t work all that quick at AvtoVAZ,  as the concept that will be shown on Wednesday at the Moscow Auto Show is based off the last generation Kaline platform.

We could probably talk a little more about the car and how it came to be, and throw in a few old Fiat Lada jokes (couldn’t help ourselves), but we will just get to the specs and be done with it.

The electric Lada has a 60 kW/82 hp electric motor, powered by 13 kWh of battery found under the floor. The little car zips, or at least accelerates in some fashion, to 100 km/h in about 13 seconds.

AvtoVAZ claims the car has a range of 150 km (93 miles), which our readers will all realize is completely unrealistic, because it is not 2008, and people actually own and drive electric cars now… that is, unless all the roads in Russia are now downhill. We would estimate a real range of about 50 miles.

Fortunately, AvtoVAZ will never have to make good on those range claims as they aren’t actually going to sell any EVs to the public. The company is loaning out the cars (estimated up to 100 could be made) to a taxi company in Stavropol after the show circuit is done in the fall for data collection.

The El Lada is priced at around 1.25 million rubles or $38,725 in US dollars, which again means nothing because you can’t actually buy one. Personally, I would have priced the car at $1,999.99, and really got people talking.

AvtoVAZ does expect to have a mass produced EV on Russian streets by the end of this decade. And I look forward to writing about it again then.

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Im sure this car will get the Russian people excited for electric cars at the auto show this week! Only 31K!!!

I think you perhaps meant to say “bare” minimum instead of bear minimum. You didn’t mention anything else related to Russian bears….

No idea what you are talking about.

The article clearly says “bare minimum”…and I, in no way, went back and adjusted the article after you posted. Heinous allegations, heinous!