Kia Soul EV Test Drive in Seoul – Video

JUL 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 20

Kia Soul EV Comes To Canada This Fall As The "Affordable" Range Champ

Kia Soul EV comes also to Canada in the Fall

Kia Motors recently released a video from the test drives of Kia Soul EV.  However without finding or allowing for any weaknesses for the car in this video,  we really have to call this a comprehensive presentation rather than a review.

Anyways, it’s good to see more video action of Kia Soul EV.  The first units will be delivered to customers in the next few months.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t note that the Kia Soul EV is now also being offered in non-blue coloring – check out the new color combinations here.

Fore more info see here.

“With low noise, good performance, great handling and style, the eco-friendly Kia Soul EV is the future of driving.”

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Nice promo video listing features that Volts and Leafs have had for years.

The only feature that they don’t have, though, is the single-passenger A/C. That’s an interesting idea.

I do that by closing the passenger vents and using a lower fan setting. Low tech solution. 🙂

120 mile range that’s real?

No way! Don’t fall for it, man!

EPA rating will be 92 miles when they get around to officially announcing it.

Video says 212km in Europe, presumably NEDC, so 92 mi EPA sounds about right. Of course, you probably have a source for your figure, right?

I’m guessing it will be hard to get even that in the real world. It will be interesting to see how bad it does on the highway.

200 kilometers equals 124.274 miles.

The English dude said “200 km or more.”

Price is thirty something thousand according to Car and Driver.

$31k or $39k is a rather large difference.

fyi: Nissan advertises 200 km range for LEAF on the European drive cycle.

So, it is a compliance car or not?

It’s vaporware right now. Compliance car would be a step up from current status.

A compliance car would be one that only has sales in the USA, as this is the only country that demands that manufactures produce a compliance car. If the same car is sold anywhere else in the world it is not a compliance car.

I think it legitimate, in that they plan to market it worldwide. In S. Korea of course, in the U.S. CA, OR,WA, will get it first. That’s my take at least, for what it’s worth.

@Alosnso Perez: It is odd that you would so stay in consideration of the fact that on this very page 2 articles are highlighted which completely contradicts your statement.

The pack is ~27kWh, right? That is very interesting, seeing as the Mercedes B-Class Electric has a *significantly* larger pack capacity and yet has basically the same range.

I hope they can ramp up their production a bit more quickly, and start selling Soul EVs ASAP.

Add to the eGolf to the mix, and things will be getting more interesting later this year.

note: KIA Soul EV has DCFC, unlike the M/B B-Class which has a 10 kW max.charging.

It is better to compare a batteries “useable capacity” vs. “pack capacity” when looking at range. Different manufactures can set different amount of non-usable capacity based on the battery chemistry and pack design. (Kind of like video monitors including bezel in screen dimension, not just the viewable area)

Electric Car Guest Drive

I’m looking forward to seeing the Kia Soul EV on the road, if only to have another EV option. Fortunate that this one fills the entry level crossover gap.

Even better that it promises to stretch range another 10-12 miles. At very least it sets the bar a little higher.

test drove an ICE soul a few years ago and liked the field of vision it gives to the driver. Wife didn’t like the body style. As a micro van EV it may be a big seller in the US IMHO.

80KW motor, so slightly slower than the Leaf since it is about the same HP but weighs a bit more.
Eh, I have my eyes set on a red used fully loaded Volt in my future, with train horns under the car by the exhaust